Lord Sir Estaban de Medich Picture

Estaban is, as you all know, the main character of my book "Eye of the SunFall" and the savior of earth. He is what he is: the human embodiment of my emotions

Name: Sir Estaban de Medich
Current Age: Aging stopped at 30
DOB: September 26th, 1986 (Lybra)
Rank: Lord
Weapon(s): Dante (katana), Virgil (tanto), Sword of Atlantis, Lybra of the Rose (Current)
Eye color: Glass-blue
Hair color: Midnight Black
Spouse: Opa de Medich
Quote: "Never underestimate humanity!"
Theme Song: "Away from Me" by Evanescence
*Desired voice actor: Seth McFarlane OR Josh Groban

Estaban is the protagonist and hero of Eye of the SunFall. He was chosen by the many gods of Mythology to destroy Jehovah and take back the world that belong to them. Estaban is also the only living heir to the throne of Atlantis and all of its power. Estaban is the God-ian Oranos: Titan of the Sky and the first king of the gods.

Estaban was born to Peter and Willow de Medich, a Romainain priest and a German nun. He was rasied to be proper and respectful, and also to be a great swordsman. His skills saved him and his friends during the SunFall Massacre: A attack from an ancient undead cult of Gaia that came to life and attacked his high school. It was here, that Christa asked Estaban to kill her so Gaia wouldn't destroy the world that humans abused and Jehovah ruled.

20 years later, Mike awoke as the God-ian Kronos and declared revenge on Estaban for Christa's (Gaia is his mother) death. Although Estaban succeded in defeating Mike, Estaban lost the last of his friends along with his love Tatiana and their son. During this time, Oranos told Estaban that he must find other God-ians and kill those who would do harm to others, or else he would never die and see his family and to see which ones were prepared for "the coming war"...


200 years had past since Christa's death and Jehovah had finally surfaced before Estaban, declaring his death and the destruction of all mythology and any god or mortal that got in his way. After a tough journey, Estaban along with the proud souls of Mike and Christa, defeated Jehovah with the help of all the surviving gods. During the battle, Estaban had learned of his heritage and taken up the powers of his city along with the powers of the Fairy race: the ancesters of the Atlantan people. Estaban had proven to Jehovah that the greatest enemy of any god was not another god, it was the human race, for without humans, a god gets no worship, thus, no pwer to stay alive. Without the human race, gods die.

Not allowed to die, for his mission to judge the gods was not complete, Estaban went back to earth, only to meet the true love of his life: the mermaid Opa. After marrying her only after five days of knowning each other, his life was getting better and Opa had given birth to an egg. Because of the strange mixture of blood, the egg wouldn't hatch. After preforming a ritual with the help of the fates, Estaban and Opa sacrificed their life energies to the egg, giving it life.

Cause of his great dead i ndestroying Jehovah, Estaban is now know as "The Legendary God-Slayer" by the human race. His defeat of Jehovah is either loved or hated by the humanity. People either believe Estaban did it to prove that humans are the most powerful race on the planet and we should not be worshipping some god and we should be believing in themselves. While others call him "the greatest murderer in human history" and the name "Estaban" is now a taboo. While it may seem like the world will end without God's help, Estaban knows deep down that humanity is more powerful and stronger than any god. It is here that Estaban coins his most famous phrase, a phrase that will never be forgotten as long as the human race lives:

"The most powerful being in this world is not God, the Devil, or any mythological deity, its Humans. Never underestimate humanity!"

Estaban lives on in a peaceful afterlife; his family beside him, his beloved forever in his arms, and his decendents helping guide the planet to a bright future. Free of godly dictation, the human race will look to their greatest ally: themselves. All thanks to a single man who beleived he did the right thing; not for the gods who guided him, but for the human race he loved...
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