Fairy Tail OC: Charon Dimstar Picture

Name: Charon Dimstar
Alias: Maharathi
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Blood type: O positive
Age: 23 years old
Height: 5’8”
Appearance: Charon is an average, thin man with pale skin. His hair is medium length, enough to cover his eyes slightly, and is always slightly messy. He wears and eye patch over his left eye. He wears a brown, loose jacket over a black tank top and fitted jeans with two side pockets for the little knick-knacks he likes to pick up.
Personality: A care free, lazy man, he’d rather sit back and take a nap then take missions any day. Having basically no sense of time, he’s always late to every mission and event going on in the guild. He likes to sit in the quietest corner and drink milk while observing the people around him. Even though he has this little habit, he is shy by no means. He likes to pry into other people’s business and is cheerful to the point of annoyance. He likes to over exaggerate and often blows up small stories or incidents into something much more- even legendary.

Affiliation:Fairy Tail
Guild mark location: Left Shoulder blade
Occupation: C-Class Mage
Base of Operations: Fairy Tail
He's mentioned having some living family: a mother, father and four siblings, but their names and locations are unknown.


Magic type: Requip
Magic name: Storm of Swords
Magic abilities: He can requip different swords, daggers and bows with different abilities, and can do it in rapid succession. He is more effective with swords then anything.

Heartseeker: A slender bow that requires a strong arm to pull back the string. With enough magic, it rarely misses its mark.
Longinus: A broad sword that needs to be wielded with two hands. Especially effective against demons. Able to absorb dark magic in small spurts.
Vajra: A long sword with the ability to absorb lightning magic. Also, if struck against something enough, it will create its own electrical charge.
Gandiva: A bow that can fire multiple arrows at once.
Tyrfing: A sword said to be imbued with the flames of hell itself, it can burn through most anything…. And sometimes burns the user’s hands if wielded for too long
Singing Sword: A sword that lets off an eerie note: it actually vibrates in response to its wielder’s magic and can slice through most anything- save for dragon scale.
Mjolnir: A dagger with minor electrical charge, it can be thrown and will return to the hand of its wielder.
Basilisk: A long, thin, sword that actually will break into smaller parts and act as a whip. (Charon isn’t so good with this one…)
Enoch: A seemingly normal blade, one it slices something, the object will actually explode. Cannot work on normal humans or demons, but can slice through inanimate objects and use them as bombs.


Charon doesn’t like to talk about his past. He has, on occasion, mentioned an estranged mother, a mediocre cook of a father, and four siblings he never talks to. Charon often makes up bits and pieces from his past: one day, he might have been raised by wolves. The next, he was a member of the royal family of Fiore. And yet another day, he could have been born in a small log cabin.

But one thing is certain: on occasion, he will gently hold a plain, gold band ring. A simple ring that won't even fit on his finger, Charon will hold close to him with a sad, mournful look on his face.


>Napping in the sun
>Reading a good book
>Drinking milk
>Staying at the guild and watching others
>Cooking (Little known fact: Charon is actually a very good cook. He never forgets a taste and can make almost anything he has tried once. If he hadn't become a mage, than perhaps he could have been a Chef?)
>Picking up little trinkets he find on missions (By some, he is viewed as a hoarder, but Charon calls it a 'requisitioner of fine objects.')

> The dark
> Birds
> Anything paranormal-Zombies, ghosts, vampires, etc (especially ghosts.)
>Being called 'Sharon.' (It's freaking CHAIR-AN.)


Note: The name Maharathi is derived from Hindu mythology. It is a title given to warriors capable of taking on 60,000 men at once, mostly due to his mastery in weapons.

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