//FINALLY COLORED THIS... I thought of an ailias too. you kno2, I was originally going to make him blonde but than I was like... "TOO MANY BLONDES, BLONDES IS R GIRLY MANS" and I made his hair red.

Okay, alot of the features on this guy reference to physics...I dunno know why i'm making fucking science references I JUST AM!!!
Oh, i'm also gonna do some (if not all) of this in-character
For commentary's sake, his greatest fear is himself. He has this paranoia that he'll loose control of his power and suck up everyone.
You know his swirly eyes. It's a reference to physics/geometry about portal and how they are commonly potrayed as spirals in correlation with entropy and all of this other physics crap.

Name: "I'm... Yuri Leo Aventis... Lee is fine."

Alias: The Freak

Age: "i'm 16. SOME people think i'm a 13 year old girl...but i'm not!"

Gender: "Male. Remember it."

Height/Weight: "umm... 5'5" and approximately 150lbs"

League: "I'm with Grey. Him, and all his hero people."

Power: "Umm... *lifts up shirt* See that thing in the middle of my stomach that looks like a muscly demon hole? well, if I make it open up i'll basically you'll get sucked into it. As far as I know I'm a living black hole but i'm not sure if it leads anywhere or anything...Just remembering that I have it gives me nightmares..."

Weapon of choice (if any): "I have a crowbar..."

Likes: Candy...i'm really into mythology, horror movies, card games too... gambling... cleaning...

Dislikes: vegetables! I HATE vegetables...flies too... And messy rooms. Oh, and also when people think I'm a little girl!

Personality: "I don't talk to many people I don't know. People say I am very ecstatic... That is LIE! Look, I am gonna have to see it to believe it because, as far as I know, that is SO not true. And they say I'm a neat freak! AND I AM NOT. What? Is there something wrong with being tidy? SOMEONE has gotta take care of these things! They also say I'm prone to panic, which is also a lie because I am PERFECTLY CAPABLE of handling myself... maybe..."

-Awesome cleaning powers
-Capable of taking his own initiative in tough situations; surprisingly brave for his age and general look.
- Very friendly and sociable
-encouraging as well....but than again that could be a bad thing too.

-Shockingly his morale is a bit bent; despite his idealistic nature.
- His power, even in it's general nature, is hard to control without committing some sort of reality bending mass murder.
-Has a tendency to act very bossy, kind of like he's in charge. It's honestly because he cares but it's likely to get him in bads with some one.
-His eyes kind of make him stand out in a crowd.
- He sometimes takes interest in the wrong people

Background: "well... It came around a little after I hit 13. I just woke up and I saw this huge thing in my stomach so I call my mom. Than she starts freaking out...She starts ranting on me being the child of one of the gods...
About my religion... It's not very orthodox. You see, I was raised to believe and worship the same gods that the... Aztecs did. I uhh... I'll just...carry on...
Anyhow, she starts saying that I'm the son of a god. She says that my gut hole is a direct link with the gods themselves. So, she starts telling to 'feed the gods'.
I find myself being dragged out with her. My mother tells me to use my powers as I suck people into who knows where...They were only your average crooks and alley rats but I felt guilty. I felt that I should find another way to use my ability. This 'revelation' caused me to run away from home...predictably...
So, than I met Grey and I joined his people i'm here."

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