Scales of the Art Picture

Eileen Prince (married: Snape) once more,
this time for Blackbirdx Contest on Strenght.

And oh, yes ... she's dreaming. Afloat atop of the things she cares about. No people are present ... she's a lonely misfit.

A 'little' fictitious backstory might come in handy... sorry it's an extra long version ...

"Since Eileen had always been a nerdy little bookworm that didn't relate well to people (as a side-effect of her uneven, whimsical temper and steadfast irritability, possibly), I guess the single things she was comfortable with were mostly beloved objects and maybe her pet screech owl Asmodaios (named after a Demon of Wrath from Jewish Mythology - maybe that's why he looked quite acerbic!) - and her son, of course.

Eileen's strenghts were connected to anything intellectual or logic. These were positive traits she shared with her son Severus. Even in her later life she stuck desperately to anything connected to knowledge, especially since her husband forbid her to do so.

She cherished wisdom of any sort - and probably power, when it was associated with it. She had a secret knack for manipulation. Therefore she had been sorted into Slytherin House and probably got under T. M. Riddle's mischiveous influence. Some people believe that the latter forcibly fathered her son (see [link] for reference). It might serve as a reason for her visibly mounting disinterest in males of our kindred. Yet another explanation is plausible: she wanted to become a healer for both wizard and muggle diseases. The young healer in training met Tobias Snape and most probably fell in love with the sombre, (in her eyes) 'mysterious' muggle of unknown profession and dubious descent. The rest is probably known to you and shall not be dwelled upon. Who would have guessed in a trillion years Severus would become 'the bravest man' the Chosen One knew?

Although she loved her little boy, Eileen couldn't count as being of the maternal type. Consequently Severus used to act a tad obsessive on people who were simply friendly or showed outright affection for him - neither his mother nore his father had ever openly shown any for him. She cared for him still.

Eileen's weakness was based on her temper and occasionally an extreme unwillingness to see any other obligations but her own. That made her act pig-headedly. Eileen selfishly pursued her every whims then, getting into fierce fights with Tobias. She seemed erratic and without determination, which definitely wasn't the case. Eileen worked excessively hard to gain a living for her family whenever Tobias got fired - or Severus was in dire need of additional funding.

Other drawbacks could be traced back to her justified pureblood pride, fascination for uncommon or even dangerous topics (she was into poisons, banned potions and illegal curses) and her fatal love-hate for her muggle husband Tobias. The decapita curse was her making ... Since her mental abilities were tremendous, she was at least potentially dangerous - and even dared to teach her Dark Arts knowledge to her minor child. Thankfully, she as well included strict ethics of the severest kind. So her little lad didn't become a threat to society until he was recruited and warped by Lord Voldemort, to Eileen's eternal dismay.

When her son came of age, Eileen left her husband after years of neglect, baleful accusations and reciprocal hostilities to start a new life. Yet she was too worn down by then and only succeeded in establishing a little bakery in Diagon Alley. Eileen Prince died impoverished and lonely at Merriweather, UK. She reached the age of 81, outliving her estranged son. They never reconciled."

[excerpt from: 'Family is more than a Sentence. A Biography of a Family of Potions Masters, Necromancers and other (un-)usual suspects' by Ancilla Prince - Aquila]

All characters - apart from Asmodaios and Ancilla - property of J.K. Rowling. Thus the horrible fake book as well. Goodness, Ancilla. Get an editor!
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