Vanessa, Host of Khetmari (KCOC) Picture

This is the debut of Vanessa, and good heavens am I proud of this piece. I love it so much! In this artwork, she is mostly herself but her eyes and hair are starry because that is the appearance of Khetmari's hair and eyes. Here's some basic information on her:
NAME: Vanessa Reye Valentine
AGE: 14
RACE: Caucasian
HOSTING: Khetmari, the Goddess of Tides and Forgotten Lover of Anubis
HEIGHT: 5' 3.5"
WEIGHT: 122 lbs
STYLE: Emo and rocker
No, she isn't a real Egyptian goddess, I made her up.
NAME: Khetmari ("Ket-Marr-Ee")
TITLES: Forgotten Lover of Anubis, Betrayed Goddess of Tides, Misfit Among The Aged, Secret Goddess of Aspiration
BIO/REALM OF INFLUENCE: Though originally named the goddess of the tides, she was quickly erased from Egypt's system, leaving her the only teenage goddess in Sunny Acres, she herself not even remembering herself fully. Her passion to remember and have a purpose brought her to secretly be the goddess of aspirations. Lastly, she lightly has a bit of power over amnesia, due to even she herself forgetting what she was for some time, along with the whole of Egypt and its gods. Even her previous lover, Anubis (the god of the dead and funerals), has long lost her.
She has only recently been rediscovered, as she finally decided that taking up a host was the only way to leave the depressing Sunny Acres. She took over the body of nervous and softspoken Vanessa, seeing her fit. This causes Vanessa to have some of the same troubles as Khetmari, as both are new to the hosting system and Khetmari has taken over more than she had meant, whilst Vanessa has accidentally taken too much in. Neither can see the actual host of a god, but instead the god inside. Furthermore, Khetmari sometimes takes over Vanessa's appearance, whether it be just one feature such as hair or eyes, or both and her skin. Lastly, Vanessa is hard to console and easily hurt, unless whispered to in the ear. It has been theorized that this soothes some part of her soul.
HAIR:Exceedingly long and night-sky-like. Black with pinpoints of stars.
EYES:Refer to hair, except exclude the length part.
SKIN: Ocean blue with white at the fingertips, toes, and underneath the eyes. Various shades of blue also smudge and mix in with the base blue.
PARENTAGE: Unknown. Theorized to be Nut when fertilized by a human man (rested in the same river as the man bathed).
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