Pokimono: Mothim Rao Picture


AGE: 18
VILLAGE: Thunder Mountain
JOB: Explorer
ATTACKS:Silverwind, Theif
LIKES: Archeology, Paleontology, Anthropology,... the secret combee civilization, treasure, treasure hunting, i spy, being sneaky, being a stick fingers, bribing people.... exploring..... moths, butterflies, bugs....ant lions.... intelect, plants, fields, sand, desert areas, kunai, honey... gold... mayflies.... lamps, lanterns, fires, electrical lighting... Mythology, ghosts,ghost stories..... chicks......... ?
DISLIKES: Ice, cold... twerps.... THE PO-PO!
PERSONALITY: Hes actually awfuly sweet and nice; he just has a nasty habbit of stealing things that could be sold for a fourtune or could otherwise be helpfull. He offten bribes people to get what he wants. Most people are suprised that he is an explorer and archeologist because of his age. He is really a prodigy.
HISTORY: He moved here from a desert region in persuit of some secret ancient civilization.

Yepyep there he is derp. The whole theif thing is kinda like a joke. Alot of Mothim's pokedex entires talk about him stealing honey from combees because he is based off of a skull-marked moth. They can just walk into a hive, eat all their honney, and walk right out!
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