HoO OC: Lili Ivy Picture

Lili is, despite her creative nature, is a daughter of Hermes and is smart, meschievious, strange, and in the end a kind and caring person. She usually tells new people she doesn't really care, even though she does.
She is good at taking things and messing with people. Diagnosed with a large amount of ADHD, she gets distracted rather easily, but focuses on things she's intersted in. She has a large love for fantasy and thngs of the paranormal kind, like mythology, ghost stories, and fairy tales, which helps her in battle.
Her hobbies include reading, drawing, and causing chaos around the camp with her pranks, an example of one being dropping a can of red paint onto Drew while Drew was wearing all white. Man was it awesom.
Side notes:
Don't touch her earring. She made it by hand for cosplay as Alexander "Sasha" Hell, and only takes it off when showering, sleeping, and battling. Touch it and you won't see the light of day.
Don't look in her bag, you'll be scared for life.
Age: 14
Height: 5'9"
Bag color: (forgot to color it ) Prussian Blue
Catch phrase: Booyah!
Famous puher worst pun: Did you use GREECE on the TURKEY?
Creepiest sentance: touch that earring and I'll make sure you burn in the underworld personally.
Crush/lover: she has a crush on Leo but doesnt tell anyone because of trust issues
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