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Project Who 50: Platinum Series - Graham Williams

There's a certain tragedy to poor old Graham Williams, primarily because he died relatively young - merely 45 years old.

He's also one of the younger producers, starting at the age of 32, and taking on a job which he really didn't particularly want; he'd just created "Target", a gritty cop show, but the BBC didn't want Philip Hinchcliffe to produce Doctor Who so they gave him "Target" and moved Williams onto Who, and told to make it lighter.

Williams was keen to give the Doctor more direction - hence the Key To Time series - and he was also keen to redirect it more towards children: keeping on the character of K9, and removing a lot of the darker horror elements that Hinchcliffe and his script editor Robert Holmes had introduced. Williams had two script editors - Anthony Read, who was very keen on mythology (hence "Underworld") and then, of course, Douglas Adams, a man who was one of the greatest science fiction writers ever.

The funny thing is that Williams desire to make it for the children was very much in tune with Tom Baker's attitude towards the series, and yet Baker treated Williams horribly, to the point where Williams ultimately had to leave the programme. Baker regrets it now, happily...

But without Williams we wouldn't have things like the Key To Time series, "City Of Death", Romana (both Mary Tamm and Lalla Ward), K9, and almost Shada.

RIP Graham.

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