RoD Round 2 - Part 3: Learning Creativity Picture

As the sun rose above the horizon in it’s dawning light, the kingdom itself woke up to the brilliance of the new day. Sunlight reached the bedroom of the hybrid fairy and drags her sleepy head out from her dreams. Stretching out from where she laid still half asleep, mutter out “Morning Stitch, Morning Dani!”

The silence that follows immediately woke her up from her sleep. She sat up, scanning the room to search for them but only to remember that she was here in Corona on her own as herself and not as the Traveller. Her child and her companion are safe and sound in their homes and are not in anyway harmed. Sigh in relief she flopped back onto the bed, frowning a bit now.

“I miss them so much that I’m starting to worry when they are both perfectly safe.”

Dismissing her worry, she decided to get ready for the day as it best to be bright and early to start the lessons then to be late.

After she found her way to the kitchen shown from yesterday tour for breakfast she open the double doors that led outside the palace and sat on the railing glancing out towards the courtyard. This place was where she is going to meet Rapunzel to start the day, as it was the easies place to find. She noticed for the first time of the large sun symbol outline on the stone floor. It wasn’t that the symbol; the emblem of the Kingdom that drew her attention to it but the lingering emotions left here by this world’s soul. The feelings of pure joy and happiness. She couldn’t understand why and the only thing she got from the emotions is a whisper of a name for the reason why Corona is so happy.

“Good morning Moirae

A cheerful voice pulls Moirae from her thoughts. She holds onto the railing and leans back, tilting until she faces Rapunzel with a smile of her own though upside now. With the way she position herself made her head spin but she didn’t care since she like to perch herself on the balcony railing. If she had the choice she would be sitting somewhere high and dangerous like the rooftop of the palace for her own thinking. But for the sake of Rapunzel’s sanity she would keep herself close to the ground.

“Morning Rapunzel”

Rapunzel came over with confusion in her expression as she watch her student finally sit back normally on the railing as she stood beside Moirae “What are you doing?”

“Looking out at the courtyard and I have a question for you”

Rapunzel tilted her head a bit in surprise “Question?”

“Yes, Can you answer it before we start the lessons. You don’t have to but I’m just curious.”

Moirae look over to Rapunzel and waited for some confirmation, which she got in a nod.

“Sorry if this sounds intruding but what happen here exactly … in this courtyard? Had anything important happen that had you involve. Corona seems to be happy about you and this place.”

Rapunzel seem to lean on the railing pondering when with a jolt she remembers what happen here and look at the seriousness in Moirae’s face before replying. “No, no. It’s all right … besides it’s common knowledge. This is where I’ve met my parents for the first time after 18 years and they welcome me home … 18 years my parents and the kingdom were sad because I was lost to them. Once I was found there was the celebration for the Kingdom to rejoice for my return at long last and went on for a week.”

Moirae had a pensive look as she notice that there was more to the story then what been told but she wouldn’t pry. Rapunzel is lucky to find her real parents and accepted her for who she is but the question is what happened in the 18 years she was gone. She noticed that up close of Rapunzel’s badly cut brown hair. It looks like the same colour brown hair she found in the tower. How curious that is.

“And who is Corona?”

Eyes widening in surprise at that slip up she winked at Rapunzel before she let herself slip of the railing and onto the ground in a crouch before standing back to look up grinning “That my little secret.”


“To learn the virtue of creativity is not about some art and craft skills. It can bring beauty into the world in whatever way as long you can enjoy it. To make you and maybe everyone around feel better then it was before. It about being free and letting go the rules of society and just to be truly you no matter what lays ahead.”

Moirae listen intently as Rapunzel explain her virtue as they walk into town

“Since you have pass the first lesson it time to move to on-“

“The first task?” Moirae look over at the brunette in shock “But I didn’t do anything yesterday I just arrived and-”

“Of course you arrive but the sometimes the destination isn’t important but the journey.” A soft smile came to Rapunzel as she remembers her dear friends “My friends at the Snuggling Duckling became your first task and with Maximus as your guide you couldn’t have miss it.”

“All I was doing was singing about my dream…” she pauses at that though, dreams mean everything to a fairy. The reason to why they exist in the first place. Not born from a baby’s laughter but from the essence of people’s hopes, dreams and desires and with a bit of humanity to keep it all in the balance.

“Of course, dreams are a gateway to the imagination, a way to reach the impossible and make it real …”

Her eyes lit up, as her student understood what the lesson was about. Rapunzel was please at this and continue to listen to her talk. It was fun to see Moirae talking about her own virtue and her own take of it but most of what she says was like she repeated it from a book, just knowledge.

“Anything to do with creativity starts off as an idea, a dream or a wish. No matter how simple or complex it is, you have something to strive for. If I didn’t genuinely have one …”

Moirae left her sentence to trail as she stop walking and face Rapunzel in confusion. She only shook her head as she replied.

“You wouldn’t have fail … the task was to know how serious you are about learning about my virtue, the Virtue of Creativity. As such let get down to it shall we since we’re already here.”

Moirae look around to find that they left the busy streets of the town and were closer towards the residential area of the kingdom. In front of her were old, rusted, iron gates that reveal through the bars of a large manor with a nice front yard but what surprise her was the sound of children within. The yard was scattered with playing equipment as a fairly old sign hang above the gate, which says Sunshine Orphanage.

Lesson 2: Being Yourself and seeing it with New Eyes

“An orphanage?”

Rapunzel who was already at the door of the building turn around to answer the question to only see Moirae still standing at the gate; her face expressionless, as she was lost in her thoughts.


The sound of Rapunzel’s voice startled the bluenette from her trance as she briskly walked towards the princess, grinning sheepishly.


Moirae hope that her apology would stop the princess from asking more. That part of past is something she didn’t want to bring up this morning and she was spared when the door of the manor open up to reveal a woman within her late forties, with her long black hair tied up in a bun in a simple olive green dress as she smiled at them.

“Good Morning, Your highness and to you miss.”

“And to you as well Madam Merra.” Rapunzel smiled brightly and Moirae gave a little wave in respond “Good Morning and the name is Moirae.” Merra allow them to step inside and started to lead them to their destination.

“I’m glad you came, the children are excited to see you today. As it not everyday they get to meet their Princess”

“I’m glad to hear it. I hope they don’t mind my helper”

“No the more the merrier, I say. Wait a moment and I’ll introduce you both”

They reach a large double wooden doors which where they stood can heard the sound of children playing within. Madam Merra quickly slipped herself in and they waited. Rapunzel grinned with excitement it wasn’t her first time visiting here but coming here would be the next task that Moirae needs to complete.

“You can come in now” a muffed voice came through the doors. Moirae grab onto the handle and open the door wide. She was greeted to the sight of children ranging from the age of 2 to 14 year old within the large playroom.

All was silent in the room before they chorus a good morning to the Princess and then introduce Moirae to them and started to discuss the plan on what going to happen for the rest of the day with herself and Moirae. The fairy watched the children get excited and couldn’t help herself but to smile at the sight.

“Okay then all of you on the right side of the room follow me outside while you guys stay inside with Moirae to help with mural”

With this said all the children from one side of the room walk themselves out, smiling and cheering as Rapunzel usher them outside. She whispered in Moirae’s ear as she walked past the bluenette smiling.

“Don’t worry. Just be yourself and you can use magic if you wish.”

Moirae tense up at that before she shook it off as she now had gained the attention of all the kids in the room.

“Well it seem like we’re all painting today. Where are we painting again?” Moirae asked the children sheepishly “In the playroom” a young boy with brunette short hair answer her.

Looking around the room she laugh a bit as she saw on the main table cans of paint, brushes and old material covering.

“Oh right, silly me. So before we start is there any question you would like to ask me?”

The kids just look at her though there was a girl leaning against the wall scoffing at her compare to her other friends. The younger ones seem to bounce as they yelled out their questions and some of the older ones were just as eager without the energetic movement.

“Why your hair blue?”

“Is it really blue or is it just paint”

“You have pretty stars on your face”

“Did you draw the stars yourself?”

“Woah, hold your horses. One question at a time, please.” She kneeled in front of the young ones and pull her hair in reach of the kid’s hands for their curiosity “Yes this it my natural colour and stars under my eye is real just like the freckles on some of your faces. The reason why this is, you want to know...”

The kids nodded and lean closer to her and Moirae pull a grinning smile at them “it because I have magic.” The kids ahhh and giggled, seems she hadn’t lost that parental touch yet with the kids but with the teens that a different problems. She gathered the supplies and let the kids get their brushes and colour of choice and all but one.

“Come on, pitch in. There a lot of space to cover up.” She walks over to the girl that scoffed at her before, holding up a brush “There’s no limitation just make it beautiful”

Moirae sighed at the non-action and simply put it in the girl’s hand and close her fingers around it before walking towards the others.

Most of the day she watch the kids paint and them making her help paint things which look like weird blobs beings and other were of animals and far of places of forests, beaches and anything that exist from within a dream. Turning around she saw the stubborn girl just staring at the patch of blank space. Moirae decided that enough is enough and approach her.

“Hi again, I’m wondering if you need any help, little lady.”

“No I don’t and my name is Janette, not little lady.”

“Okay then, so Janette need any help with painting?”

Janette ignored Moirae, dip her paintbrush in a random paint colour and started painting thick brush strokes carelessly across the wall. It was just a scribble of mess nothing real there. Just doing it to get the attention of the bluenette away from her.

Frowning now she just watch the girl before using her own paintbrush and add features to the aimless paint mess. Adding things here and there turning it into something beautiful. Which got Janette attention when she turns around to see the result of her misplace frustration destroyed.

“How can you be so cheerful? How can you just smile and tell us what to do when in the end everyone is alone here. Alone, uncared and unloved. Not like you who have a caring and loving family”

Moirae who was just about to add another detail halted and turn to face Jeanette, expressionless “So that what it all about then. You don’t see the bright side of things of this situation”

“There is no bright side to this. No one will adopt me! I’m too old. No one wants teenager just the babies and toddlers”

The fairy just look at the girl before she painted a lonely figure on the wall “I was the same as you, alone until I found family but unlike you I had no memories not even a name yet I had hope. They’re out there waiting for you. I just know it.”

She painted the rest of the family to go with the lonely figure and push her magic through it making the lonely figure being brought within the family for a hug. Jeanette just watch the unbelievable happen, the painted figures were moving to react what Moirae is saying.

“Probably you were adopted young”

Jeanette painted another figure on the wall, a lonely child. Not to fill the empty space but more out of curiosity to see that magic happen again. Moirae then painted an older child next to it and brought it to life again in which both children brought comfort to each other.

“Yes that true but it doesn’t mean you have to wallow in anger or grief. You can talk about it to others and help them as well. I bet you’re not the only one who feels like this and you can comfort each other when things like this can get you down”

Jeanette turn the older girl determined as she stopped painting and said “Why are you here?”

“I’m hoping that I can get my memories back but it your princess that decides whether I past the test or not”

Moirae answer her truthfully there no harm in telling someone about her quest but her answer didn’t bring a positive reaction to the teen beside her.

“You have family and now you’re chasing down memories of a family that simply abandon you. Can’t you just be happy that you have a better family now? I would love to have what you got”

“I need to know why? Who am I?”

“Everything that happen to you is who you became to be. No memories of anyone are going to change that. I learnt that the hard way.”

Moirae look at the mural without doing anything as the last statement cause her to stop and think. Jeanette is right about that but it still doesn’t stop her wanting to know her past.

“Thanks for the advice, Jeanette. I’ll keep that in mind”

Jeanette’s frown turned into a smile as someone for once is listening to what she had to say and not ignoring her just because she an orphan.

Jeanette and Moirae took a step back and saw the mural that they both created, neither of them were artists but they’ve done a fine job as it had feeling behind it. Though the creatures that were on the edges of the mural were beginning to look funny and weird. Moirae suspected that Jeanette wanted to see more magic.

“Okay now you are just being silly” she smiled none the less but the noise she heard from behind her became suspicious loud and turn around to only received a large, pink paint splatter across her corset.

She now looks at the kids who had started a paint battle during her small talk. “Alright, this has gone fa-”

Paint now dripped from her left cheek and left Moirae flabbergasted, as it was Jeanette who did it.

“Okay that it. This means war!”

Moirae smirked and unleashed her fury on them in this battle of the colours, all of them laughing throughout and somewhere during battle did Rapunzel and the other children came and join in the chaotic fun until everyone was exhausted. Every one of them was a mess but the walls were left untouched thanks to a bit of magic.

Looking around the playroom it would have gave the Matron into a fainting spell if she had seen it but the only witness to this were the ones who cause this.

“We’re all dirty, the Matron won’t like this at all” one of the kids exclaimed when finally having the strength to look around.

Moirae and Rapunzel went around helping and checking on the children to see if they were all right from the colourful fun, and they both saw the worry in them when looking at the state of themselves and the room. Moirae had an idea and the Rapunzel did say that magic is allowed.

“I can help but only if it keep a secret. A secret only for you guys”

All the kids nodded and waited as Moirae grinned and close her eyes to focus. Her magic dance on her finger tips as her star marks and eyes glowed a soft blue once open. She sent it swirling into the air as trails of shooting stars that forming into shapes of animals and heroes alike as swirl around the kids and the only adults in the room to clean them all up from the mess from the battle like it never happened.

The trails also touch the walls letting it sink within the paint and the creatures painted started to awaken and move on the surface making it seem like there was other world beyond this room.

All of them were astounded by this display including Rapunzel who just watch her student being playful with her own abilities. Rapunzel was happy that she slowly coming out from hiding that side of hers, the side that makes her complete. Being here has given Moirae a chance of having a different mindset and free of any responsibility that she had burden.

While being surrounded by children Moirae slowly loosen up and started to act more her age and started to see the wonder in things that she had forgotten. She enjoy it as she felt nothing can pull her down as children’s innocents is something quite remarkable …


Lesson 3: Creative Thinking leads to out of this World Solution

It was at nearly sundown did they leave the orphanage not because it was a part of the task Rapunzel set for Moirae but more for the fact that Moirae didn’t want to leave just yet. She decided to do some storytelling for the children about her adventures and used magic as part of her theatre dramatics. Moirae like the fact that she using her magic for something that wasn’t related to battle affairs but for the pure enjoyment of doing it to bring smiles all round. Though it did leave her tired and Moirae felt happy that she was able to cheer them up.

Waking up the next morning was the same as the yesterday. She still needed to adjust to the new situation without being with her travelling companions though being with them for around 15 years really made her miss them. Getting ready for the day she ventures outside to see that this time Rapunzel waited for her at the courtyard to start the second lesson for the day which is in the town again. Maybe she can pop into a bookstore for a book on this world’s legends and myths.

“I know I said creativity doesn’t mean art skills but it does help express what you can’t find in words and put it into practice.”

Rapunzel said to Moirae as they walk down the cobble path to town again and while doing so waved to some of the folks of the town. This brought to Moirae attention that something was up as she saw that the town folk were busier then normal, rushing about in a hurry but odd enough they are smiling most of the time and the town itself had decorative items hanging making it more festival then normal. She wonders how she could have missed this but then again she sometimes miss the most obvious things without realising it.

“Rapunzel what going on here. Are you going to celebrate something? It looks like it going to be a big shindig with all the flowers and fancy things”

“This is all for the royal wedding that happening at the end of the week….” Rapunzel smiled sheepishly at her “My wedding actually.”

“Wow so it a wedding…” Moirae stop in her track and just stare gobsmack at Rapunzel “Your wedding!Your special day!Why are you here with me teaching me your virtue when you need to plan for your big special day.”

“It’s because I wanted to. This is also an opportunity for me, as I get to met new people from other far off places and teach them all I know. Now let get on with the lesson”

Rapunzel began to lead her towards the some of the decorators that volunteer with for this task when a sudden crash and a rush of flapping wings was heard nearby. Even from where they stood the sounds of yelps and screams was heard as well besides the initial sound.

Following these sounds through the town had led them to a large open courtyard in which had shown to both of the girls of collapse bird cages that now acts like fallen domino pieces. All the cages were empty as the doors were broken and unhinged on impact leaving it feathered residents to fly free around the courtyard in confusion and fright.

The white doves would slowly move from here and soon into the streets of the town, if nothing were done to fix this situation at the present moment.

“What happen here?”

To the bird keeper and their four assistants that were now getting to there bearing were startled as they saw the Princess and company stand there watching them from this mess that they weren’t supposed to see.

“Your highness!” Most of them stood to attention once they realise they stood before their princess and bow low before they continue doing what they left off. Moirae who stood beside her just watch the birds; their beauty of flight and purity as all the bowing is just getting to her, even if this attention was for Rapunzel.

“I’m Javier, the one in charge of this and I’m sorry that you had to see this but we’ll get this sorted straight away for the wedding, your highness.” the man who was in charge of birds stated but winced when some of his men who were putting the cages in it proper position for only to topple over once more.

“Javier the cages are broken, the latches have snap during the fall and the base of the cages have split apart. They need serious repairs”

“Now we can panic, the doves are escaping!!!”

“We have no time to reorder another 100 doves for the wedding. We’re doom!!!”

These exclamations expanded in their panic as they told Javier about the situation in which frustrated Moirae to no end with them all. Men were the same no matter where they come from and need some common sense knock back into them, very quickly indeed.

“Gentlemen, please calm down!” Rapunzel tried to say over the top of the men’s voices once she saw that the problem was going nowhere but no one heard her but Javier.

Moirae simply walk towards the men that were making the most ruckuses and literally slap them out of their hysterics. In which cause outrage in them as it left a red hand mark on their faces but Moirae was in no mood for this.

Moirae stared down at them not listening to their reaction before sighing “Your princess wants to talk to you and all you been doing is complaining. Please be quite and listen to her”

“Thank you Moirae. Now Javier how important were the doves for the celebration?”

Javier frowns before responding, “It the signal that comes after gong that would released the lanterns. This chain reaction happens after you come out of the church happily marriage.”

Rapunzel nodded in understanding and paused to think of how to handle the situation while Moirae watch the other men chase the doves around in their attempt to catch them in which all end up as a failure due to the fact that the doves kept on flying out of their reach. It was quite amusing as it causes her to grin at the sight.

Javier saw her grin and became angry “This is a serious matter, miss. And if you think it so amusing then why don’t you join them in capturing the birds”

“Javier, I don’t think she means to disrespect you-”

“Rapunzel, its okay. I’ll deal with this.”

Now looking back to the man, she shrugged at him and gave him her honest smile, “Sure, why not. It looks like you need all the help you can get.”

Now that she commit to helping them she glance around the courtyard looking for any advantage in setting traps if needed. She reached the cages at last and saw that the metal netting had completely rusted around the edges of the door frame and around the latch; and of the wood being old that it better to get replacements then to fix these cages at all.

“You need to replace these cages though…” she place one of the cages upright and focus her magic “…on second thought maybe not” and with a single touch of her hand, the magic spread out and immerse itself into the wood as the wood and metal reinforce itself and almost became brand new again.

“How did you do that?” Javier came towards her and examined the cage all over once he saw within his own eyes how it reform back as good as new.

“A bit of this and a bit of that but all in the purpose of using for the good of others” was all she replied as she continues to fix the rest of the cages back up to it almost as good as new standard.

After she finish the last cage she turn round to realised that she gain the attention of not only Javier but the rest of his helpers from her magical fixer upper.

“Okay now since we’re all paying attention now. I’ve some ideas to recapture these birds again. It may or may not work but who’s with me”

The men just look at each other but they’re having no luck with this so they nodded. Moirae grin as for once she had helpers to aid her with her plans.

“Now here what we do”

Rapunzel who was left at the entrance saw that Moirae wanted to aid them and attempt to recapture the birds. Maybe this can be part of her lesson today, the situation unintended but perfectly suited. If she uses her creativity well enough to solve this situation.

So with only her wits and creative thinking at hand, Moirae advise one of many battle plans that she and the five men would attempt as such one of her idea started of with the use of nets, butterfly nets. Only half of them ended up with butterfly nets waiting at one end of the courtyard as the other part of team was running round and pushing the doves towards nets in which had worked but the method barely capture some of the birds and seeing how many they need to capture quickly.

Another idea was food bait that would lure the doves into a false sense of security and let a net drop over them. The doves with all their similarity to pigeons outsmarted them, as they were able to steal the bait before the net that would hang above was place. In all fairness they should have set the net up first and then bring out the bait.

Altering the environment to fool the doves into believing that it night and could sleep with the use of her magic, as much as it was good plan on paper, when doing it live the doves escape once the shadow it upon them. Many ideas came and went but it fail in the long run and it didn’t help that most of the birds were now beginning to migrate upwards and outwards. Which was frustrating Moirae to no end; as no matter what she throws at the doves they won’t cooperate. There were only several doves to show off the work, which is pitiful as there were, more outside of the cages then inside them. She and the other men decided to take a short break and hope that after that one of the ideas would work.

Rapunzel is sitting on the wall ledge taking her time eating cupcakes that she didn’t have at the beginning of the day. She eventually had to leave Moirae and the other so that she can find the new comers and give out the first lessons in creativity for them to complete, she managed to see some of ideas that came from her student to capture the doves.

“I’m beginning to hate the doves.” Moirae frown as finally went over to Rapunzel and took one of the cupcakes from the basket and basically devour it all from sight. Rapunzel simply handed her another one before finally standing up from where she sat.

“As much as some of the plans were amusing Moirae, try to think more creativity now. More then what was attempted in the past couple of hours even if that dive was quite impressive to catch that stray dove. Think outside the box and use everything to your advantage.”

Rapunzel grabs the basket and walk towards Javier and his helpers and gave them a cupcake each for their hard work so far.

Moirae sat there twirling the cupcake in hand, eating it slowly as she let what Rapunzel sink in. Somehow the doves can be captured but how is the question. Staring at the doves once more she knew that they these creatures have an internal homing signal because eventually after the ceremony they will head back to their place of origin ready to be use again; that the only cool thing about them is their homing signal.

Moirae was about to move off from that thought when she immediately grinned and rush off to reach Javier to ask him some completely important question that would decide whether her next plan would succeed.

“Javier where do the doves go after they been released from their cages?”

Javier turn to stare at the now eager girl confuse, he though that she had given up with what happen before their break but still he answer her question.

“They go back to the aviary which is located the other side of the kingdom but waiting for them to reach there would take days and time isn’t what we have in spare.”

Javier replied and just as he was about to turn round to continue eating his cupcake when Moirae asked another question.

“I know that but what make the aviary special to the doves. You have trained them so what did you use? Sight, smell, sound what?”

Now curiosity peak, Javier pay full attention to her, cupcake forgotten “Yes they been trained to follow the scent of ocean flowers and scent of bake goods to reach home.”

Moirae didn’t stop smiling but grab his hand that held his half eaten cupcake like it was gold “That brilliant! Now can you focus on that scent and on whatever else the doves use to reach home.”

Rapunzel who had just finish handing out the last of the cupcakes to the helpers when she turns around to see Moirae talking with Javier and holding up his cupcake like it was gold.

“I don’t see how this would help with the problem.”

“Just you wait. I’m going to work a little magic” Moirae place her hands over his and while he held the cupcake; she focuses her magic within, as the small piece of dessert is become a vessel for something more.

The cupcake glowed with a soft white light and it started to flash like a signal, as it became everything that Javier described to call out to the doves in the surrounding area.

It spread out far into the courtyard and beyond which called to all the doves in the surrounding area to flock back into the courtyard. Most were able to land on the ground and circle around the signal and some landing on the cages and the people or any other surface that available.

Moirae grinned as her plan finally work and it didn’t matter that there was a dove making a nest in her own hair because the situation had finally been solved.

“What is this? How did you?”

Moirae who close her eyes to focus open them to stare at Javier to respond but instead startled the man because her irises were glowing from her magic.

“I said I was doing a little bit of magic but the catch is we have to stay put or the spell will break and the doves will scattered.”

Javier snapped out of his stupor and nodded. He turned to face his helpers and yelled at them for their attention.

“Alright men you hear the lady. Get to work and do it fast as I would like to move from here.”

All the helpers stood to attention as they rush around gathering the doves in their arms and placing them back into the cages. It took a while but in the end all of the birds were place back into their homes.

“That was not the plan I had in mind but it fits the idea.” Rapunzel said as she watched the scene as Moirae finally let the spell go once she got the okay that the birds had been caught and place back in their cages. Covered with feathers and hair tangled from their claws, she panted as collapse to the ground. Holding a spell that link the mind is exhausting.

Javier and the other made sure to double check all the cages were secure before they sighed in relief that the crisis had been adverted. Rapunzel went over to Moirae, looking worried

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, just need a couple of minutes to regain my energy back but other then that I’m perfectly fine”

Moirae smiled at Rapunzel to reassure her that she fine before she stood up and dusted herself from the dust and feathers and tried to mange her hair back to a state of normality. When she did she saw that Javier and his helpers stood before her and gave her their thanks.

“Really, no need to thank me. I’m just glad to help that all” Moirae tired to waved off the gratitude she received from the men but it didn’t work. Rapunzel took this as her cue to save her from all their praises.

“I say on her behalf that she is thankful for your gratitude but now we must leave. Good day to sirs! You have done a wonderful job with the doves. They are perfect for the wedding”

Rapunzel drag Moirae by the arm away from the men as she said this and they bow towards her as they bid her farewell. They both walk out of the courtyard, happy to help those men recapture all of the doves once more before Rapunzel left her in the capable hands of the town folks who were in charge of the decorations.

In which she spent most of the day carried paintbrushes and craft materials when ask for it and during one of her run that she saw a trio of people talking to Rapunzel. Instantly she recognise them from the Heroes Ball as they are Keiori, Rainy and Haru, some of the members within her own virtue group. So at last they started to arrive here and though curious to talk with them she needed to complete this task for the town people that were in charge of the decorations. So there is no need to bother them at the moment.

Later she saw Kenichi and Wandises walking in opposite direction doing several different things for their lessons so it seems like the rest of the Virtue team had arrived at Corona at last. The problem is who is going to past this virtue first and move onto the next round of the race.

Being active for most of day she had managed to gain a small break from her task so she enter the local bookstore in town and she spine read her way towards the mythological section. Humming softly she read some of the blurb of each book that had a mix of different things of other kingdoms away from Corona or stories that been rewritten countless times that it nothing like the original until she stop at a very old brown book with gold engravings.

Pulling it off the shelf she flick through it wrinkled pages entrance by the illustrations and the stories until she came to a familiar image of a golden flower that shone like the sun. The story how it was created from the light of the sun to bring joy and miracles to other through it powerful ability of complete healing but was lost through the ages was quite extraordinary. It reminds her of the light that guards and protects her home world from darkness.

Smiling to herself she brought the book up to the counter, a bit heavy once she started to carry it but magic would fix that issue once she paid for it. The old man who was simply reading a novel looks up to see the new girl that his friends talk about he didn’t really see what the fuss is about even with her abnormal hair.

“Well I haven’t seen that book for a while. So what do you like about it?”

He asked her this since this book hadn’t been sold since it arrived at this store years ago.

“I like the story of the golden flower the best. It’s a precious treasure that could be found and share for all if there was any information to find it”

“My dear it has been found.”

“It has? Really? So what happen?”

Moirae immediately became attentive to the old shopkeeper’s words

“It was about 18 years ago and the kingdom held onto the story as their only hope to save the Queen and the unborn child as the Queen was gravely ill. The kingdom spent their days searching for it and once they found it, they made the flower into an elixir and it restore her health and her child, the Princess Rapunzel was born. A healthy beautiful child she was with golden hair and eyes of her mother.”

“Golden hair but I’ve seen her and she’s a brunette so how is that possible?”

“The magic of the flower was in her and this very reason that she was stolen away, a month after she was born”

She gasps as the pieces began to fall into place … the tower, long brown hair, Rapunzel and the golden flower. Well that certainly isn’t coincidence that they are all connected.

“Wow, thank you for telling me that.” She smiled and payed the man in full and let him keep the change. Now that she had the book for her collection she had put it away in her satchel now or she won’t stop reading it as it hard to put down a good book especially a new one well it still old with yellowing but it a new find and that all that matter to her.

She spent the rest of the day helping people out and adding her own ideas or opinion wherever her own curiosity becomes too much to stay out of the situation and accepting failures that come when it didn’t work. Also it meant learning to move on and think of better creative ideas. Other then that she had fun with Rapunzel and her people as for the first in a very long time that she didn’t needed to hide or be someone else to have fun.

With this though she decided to bring her own joy to them to thank them and as dusk came she fiddle away brilliantly on one of the musician’s violin when she pass the group in the plaza. She pours everything that she has into playing the music effortless; tunes and melodies she learnt from other realms and some of her originals freely sounded from its strings as it played through the rest of what left of the day. Bringing smiles to the people that heard it and soon started to dance their own merry jig to it.

Looking at the sky after her main performance in what soon turn into a small party, she sat at the fountain and pondered at why she can’t do things creatively enough for the virtue. She can physically do the things and even bring them to life but she didn’t know what was missing from the equation. In everything she did that impresses all the others had brought smiles to their faces though she couldn’t really enjoy it as if it’s missing something.

Rapunzel who enjoyed the small party that came from Moirae’s musical surprise notice the lack of a certain bluenette in the crowd from the party and search until finding the girl sitting at the town’s fountain alone. Lost in thoughts as paint drip from her brush that tuck behind her ear, leaving paint drops in her hair.

She sat down with her and watched the stars together on this beautiful night both comfortable with the silence between them. Rapunzel observes this for a while and didn’t realise that time had flown by until it became late and both girls walk back towards the palace while the bluenette went off to sleep Rapunzel went to search for Maximus. It time for the final task and she needs his help once again to help. Not only for her but herself, she going back to the one place that she escaped from.

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