GL's Influence Map Meme Picture

Just a little fun, doing a small meme like this. I was surrounded by influences but my main ones were these...

1. Tetsuya Nomura: The main man behind Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and The World Ends With You. I love his artworks, it's a balance between reality, anime and sci-fi! With his hands at work, he never cease to amaze me with all the creativity that he had.

2. One Piece: Simplistic artwork yet the story is outrageous, funny, epic and gritty to the core. Oda-san is an amazing storyteller, with plot twists and unexpected sob stories behind the chaotic world of Grand Line.

3. Kuroshitsuji: Fell in love with the series the moment I took the manga on my hand. Sebastian may be perfect, but his sly and devilish nature contradicts to the cool and young Ciel had robbed my heart. Very Victorian, fantastical and downright gothic.

4. Disney: Okay, so I like Disney, big deal. First, Disney had a storyline aimed to audience of all ages. Their animation so far is smooth, coherent, alive and they're not afraid to experiment anything. If can, someday, I would love to see any Disney's animated movie again... in 2D.

5. Teen Titans: Okay, so I was going to put "Batman" in there but I decided to use my favorite show instead. Unlike any others, Teen Titans had less plot holes, direct storyline, interesting episodes and unforgettable characters that act throughout the story. Oh, and plus, the anime-like animation.

6. Yoshitaka Amano: Again, he's also the man behind the illustrations of Final Fantasy. But don't take him as a minor illustrator... his artworks were beautiful and inspiring. I've always wanted to buy one of his artworks, I'm quite a sucker for aesthetic pictures hidden inside Amano's work. It was a line of fantasy and mythology that can only be presented by an artist such as Amano.

7. Kaori Yuki: Beautiful, stunning pieces of artworks. I've never seen such detailed artworks like her... not to mention her twists on fairy tales, angels and Celtic mythology. All dark and eye candies to her fictional boys. Especially the costumes.

8. Fairies: I was fascinated by fairies ever since I was a childhood. Since then, I tried to draw them and put their mythology inside my story. One of my unfinished works is set on the Celtic mythology which was aimed at fairies and their legendary fascination to humans.

9. Abingdon Boys School: I have known them since after I listened to their single, "Nephilim" when I was watching the "Folklore" game trailer at Singapore. I listened more to their songs and they become one of my favorite bands since then. Their songs can be techno to dark ballads that played like a story and sometimes, I like to listen to their songs when working on something.

10. Rose: Why rose? Why not lilies or petunias? Well, for me, roses are a symbolic representation to beauty and elegance. Their colors can be different, on the way you can interpret it. To me, white roses meant purity and snow while red roses meant dark, sex and beauty. However, the favorable dark concept that I like about them were the thorns on the rose's stem. It's symbolically have a meaning that no matter how much beauty how put up to, you still have "sins" on your heart.

11. Super Dollfies: Cute, pretty and better than Barbies. You can customize it, pose it and maybe, putting them on your own line of clothing... like Gothic Lolita! Oh, and by the way, I was fascinated by their porcelain faces.

12. Gothic Lolita: I'm a fan for Victorian styles, like the way that the Gothic Lolita cosplayers had brought to. It was dark, black and cute at the same time, making it the popular Japanese styles in Harajuku.

There are many more influences that I can add but I'm running out of space. So, in the mean time, please enjoy this.
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