Terrance Picture

Quote: "It's TOON TIME, FOLKS!"
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Ability: Elasticity, Ninjutsu and Heavy Weaponry

Bio: Terrance Mangaka AKA Toon Man is the leader of the crime-fighting team, Adventurous Advance Trio from the fictional planet Toon World. Despite his appearance and squeaky voice, he is not a cartoon character. He has an IQ of 300, but he doesn't use his brain much, though he can rarely use it. He has trouble remembering someone's name and how it needs to be pronounced (ex. mistaking the name Sephiroth for Sefailoth, and Tifa for Taffy). Terrance even lacks the knowledge about mythological legends on Earth (ex. vampires, mummies and werewolves, etc.) Terrance once got on Earth and saw a mermaid, but the mermaid left quickly because he "saw a lady in the ocean singing, I asked her why was she in the water. Then, she threw a clam at me for no reason! What did I say to her?". He prefers to use brawn rather than the brain. Terrance is extremely reckless, even going as far by being beaten by thugs as he protects a rare ring once. Because of all those events, he has scars all over his body, including an odd scar on his left arm which glows a bit. He has a habit on calling someone by a nickname rather than their name, although he does call them by their name in some rare occasions. Terrance has very bad rhyming skills, inventing words that doesn't even make sense to make a rhyme. He loves music, and singing. Sometimes he performs a whole song. Terrance performs odd and awkward stunts. Once, he reached a building by swinging poles with his tongue. Terrance can't tell which way is left or right. People often points out which is left or right. He often flirts with girls, only to end up being slapped or beaten in a comical fashion.He mutters "Okay, ouch!", or "I'm okay!", when he is in real pain. Sometimes, he yells "Toon", when he becomes sent flying. He never swears. Instead, when he curses, the words are "censored" with non-swear words like: "What the fudge!", "Oh, shrimp!", or "Holy crud!", for example. He has good handling on lots of weapons. Blunts, bladed, or even explosive weapons. He is also a ninja. However, he only knows few skills nad lacks common sense on hiding around places such as trees, which he fails to hide due to standing on a weak branch. Terrance is very sensitive about his head. He is very good on disguises. However, his large head is what exposes his identity. Despite this, he may make disguises that completely hides his identity. If someone insults about his head, he will release his rage, and attack that person and force said person to apologize him, or that person will be either beaten, or suffer school bullying. He is very respectful. Even polite to royalty. Terrance is considered a hero. Despite this, he doesn't seem to consider being one for an odd reason.
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