ReDesigned Greer Grey! Picture

EDIT: So I just realized I fucking misspelled Grey on the ref sheet -_- It's not supposed to be Greey, but I cant find a way to fix it due to the gradient background. Just ignore it please.

So I toned down Greer's Colours because I felt he should fit his name's color a bit more and the rainbow socks were meh and I just really wanted him to be more dull and such. His back story is also changed slightly.

Name: Greer Grey

Nickname: Socks (he has a sort of love-hate relationship with the name)

Age: Young adult

Height: A bit taller than average stallion

Weight: A bit underweight

Personality: Greer is a very quiet pony. He is soft spoken but can have a very short temper. He is startled very easily by being grabbed though is one of the few ponies who is never startled by loud, sudden, noises. He is usually very tired and distant. While he usually is pretty quiet, he can occasionally get loud and cheery, under the right conditions of course. He loves iced coffee (especially caramel flavored. Fuck you, it's manly as hell.), most kinds of sweets, drawing, and asking/answering questions. He hates when people mistake him for a girl due to his tiny body build, being called boring, people insulting his socks.

History: He has a very normal background. He was born in a small town just outside Manehatten. His family moved a lot from the big city to the country before soon settling down in a small, rural, town called Ponyville. As a colt, he always took an interest in how the various creatures around them looked and moved. Namely dragons. Whenever he saw a picture of a dragon, he would try to recreate it. After a while, he learned to draw other things and now is a graphic artist. He got his cutie mark earlier than other colts and fillies and kinda bragged about it a bit. He got it in his first art class in school when he continued to ask questions through the entire class and basically missed it showing up. After that, he kept asking questions for his art teachers and now can answer nearly any art question you have. The tablet pen represents his artistic talent and the question mark is how he can ask and answer questions like nobodies business.

Tldr; He's a really tired, irritable, and coffee-addicted graphic artist.

Fun Facts!

-Greer Grey got his nickname of Socks after he had to wear mare's high socks as a dare. He ended up liking them and now wears them everyday. Their also to be funny and ironic.

-He owns a corn snake named Euryale, after one of the gorgon sisters from mythology.

-He has gone a full week without sleeping before.

-If you buy him iced coffee, he will be your friend in a heartbeat.

-His favorite animals are skunks, bats, and snakes.

-He has never cried over a death.
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