Crow Call City of Heroes Reference Sheet Picture

This is a reference sheet for my City of Heroes character, Crow Call. In City of Heroes, she was a Dual Blades/Willpower Scrapper. Crow was my first real character on Virtue Server in City of Heroes, the first I ever roleplayed, my longest running, and certainly my main and favorite.

Heroic Name: Crow Call
Secret Identity: Jessica "Jessie" Bearpaw
Species: Demigod/Mortal Hero ("Hero" in the original use of the word)
DoB: 8/25/1990 (Age at CoH's closing: 22)
Height: 5'3"
Hair: A long mane of lustrous and sleek blue-black hair that extends to mid-back.
Eyes: Deep brown
Build: Crow is a lithe dynamo of a woman, though hides most of it under her costume. She is highly athletic with extremely well toned muscles, and in general her physique more closely resembles that of an Olympic martial artist or other professional athlete than the classic superheroine underwear model build. Out of her costume, her body is toned, taut, and firm.
Physical Appearance: Crow is a short, super-humanly athletic young woman of Native American and Hispanic heritage. She bears no scars, and indeed, besides her diminutive height, she appears to be a paragon of human fitness. Her skin is a dusky shade of brown. She tends to move in a very animated, intensely energetic fashion, with a bit of a swagger, as if she would rather run than walk and shout rather than speak. Her trademark expression is this devil-may-care cockeyed grin, and indeed, she grins when she fights.

But most of all, Crow is short. At barely 5'3", Crow Call is almost always one of the smallest people in the room, and frequently dwarfed by both more amazonian heroines and her opponents.

Clothing: Crow Call's jacket is reinforced leather and her boots are heavy black leather motorcycle style stompy boots, perfect for stomping heads. Her blue cloth pants are tucked into her boots. Her outfit should be a little closer fitting than it appears in the reference pictures, though not formfitting. Her signature item is her extremely long white silk scarf, the twin tails of which hang down to nearly her ankles. The scarf is highly animated as she moves about, flowing and following her movements like twin contrails.

Powers: Simply put, Crow is a Hero, in the ancient Greek sense of the word. She is, thanks to a dash of mad science and a twist of fate, the descendent of the original Crow Call, Caitlin "Kate" MacBrehon of the early 20th century, and from the ancient demigod-hero Cu Chulainn and thus the god Lugh. She could be thus considered a demigod in her own right, like other ancient legendary and mythological heroes such as Gilgamesh, Perseus, Odysseus, and Sigmund of the Volsunga saga.

The thing is, most of the ancient heroes did not possess much in the way of earth-shattering superpowers, at least compared to your typical flying brick Superman type. Like many of them, Crow is relatively limited in comparison. Her main powers are from her literally super human body. She's strong enough to rip a car apart with her bare hands or leap atop a five story building in a single bound, fast enough to run down a horse on foot, tough enough to shrug off hits that would flatten a strong man, rarely tires, heals easily from what should be mortal wounds, so forth. In all things except actual height, she is larger than life and absolutely fearless.

Think a notch or two above Captain America and you're in the right ballpark.

Personality: A two fisted adventurer, archaeologist and explorer, Crow Call is headstrong, impulsive, and always trying to indulge her curiosity and love of a good fight. Imagine a female, short, college age Indiana Jones without all that pesky impulse control, and you're on the right track. She is driven, almost compelled, to seek out adventure and glory, and feels confined in when surrounded by mediocrity. Like her strength, her personality and passions are larger than life. She is outgoing, loud, sarcastic and smart-mouthed, and her emotions are incredibly intense. She speaks rapidly with a peculiar mix of both modern and archaic slang, odd references, neologisms, made up terms, and vaguely Midwestern terms, dubbed by some "Crowspeak."

It's also possible she just enjoys being weird for her own amusement.

She grins when she fights and has a right hook that can shatter a man's bones.

She is something of a trouble magnet, or at least, tends to be around when everything goes to hell. Her presence and lack of impulse control is very often connected to that, which suits her just fine. Now things get interesting.

In-Game Bio:

Jessie Bearpaw, an archeology student from Oklahoma studying at Paragon University, volunteered for what was supposed to be a "routine" scientific experiment. Instead, she was injected with a chemical cocktail intended to resurrect a fallen magical hero by overwriting her memories and genetic structure. The results were... mixed.

While Jessie has access to many of the hero's memories, they're fuzzy and indistinct. She distinctly recalls, however, encountering the raven spirit that was bonded to the late hero. Her interests and personality have shifted since this event, her already boundless curiousity merging with a new spirit of adventure. The once bookish girl is now headstrong and given to diving into dangerous situations. The fact that the procedure has augmented her strength, agility, speed, senses, and endurance to superhuman levels does nothing but embolden this young adventurer.
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