Stallin City - Nano Picture

Name: Nano Nakao

Alias: Ima

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height/Weight: 5’3’’/126lbs

League: Supreme S Alliance

Power: Her voice. Part of it is kinda like Sirens from Greek Mythology; she’s able to lure others in with her singing, and she’s able to control/throw her voice very well so she doesn’t accidentally hypnotise/lure/whatever someone she didn’t mean to. Doing it on one person or two people doesn’t take much concentration, however, if she’s doing it on three or more, even the slightest prod or poke would make her fumble and lose the connection.

She’s also capable of temporarily deafening others (by screaming bloody murder), but she can’t control who it affects—if you’re in range, say goodbye to your hearing… for a bit. Obviously, those closer to her will lose their hearing longer than those farther away. (I’d say longest would be 20 minutes.)

She’s also also capable of making others angry/sad/etc. depending on the song she sings. She doesn’t do this very often; it doesn’t tend to work much, and it affects her more than others.

Weapon of choice (if any): Hand-to-hand.

Likes: Mint flavoured things.
-Reading (mainly sci-fi), writing (mainly sci-fi)
-J-pop, Indie Music, and Instrumental Tracks (like those in movie trailers.)
-Handheld games that are calming and not frustrating (like Harvest Moon, Nintendogs, etc.)

Dislikes: Men
-Bananas, oranges, watermelon, noodles
-Rap, dubstep
-Cowboy and sunflower hats
-Romance stories/movies

Strengths: Good at listening to orders.
-Adept at hand-to-hand.
-Can get things done quickly (with varying results, depending on the job).
-I'll add more later. My brain is failing and forgot again oh my god hgjfk

Weaknesses: Very very distant and defensive around men. Has extreme troubles working with them.
-Tends to bottle her emotions.
-Can get things done quickly (with varying results, depending on the job).
-I'll add more later. My brain is failing and forgot again oh my god hgjfk

Personality: Generally a quiet, quiet girl, keeping only to herself. She speaks in fragmented or very short sentences, as she doesn’t see the point of something long-winded that can be as easily said in 18 less words (this make sense?)… also it’s definitely not just an excuse she uses in case she messes up the English language! Of course not! (she can write, read, and speak it fine—she just finds it difficult to structure sentences right while she speaks… did this make sense?? Oh god, why do I suck at explanations fml)

She’s also very much reserved around others, but will barely ever speak a word to a man, and is always fidgety and tense around them. Is a very hard worker when it comes to something she enjoys, but if she dislikes it, she waits until the last minute and the result will be… well… not bad, but mediocre at best.

Background: Raised in Japan until she was 14, Nano lived with her mother and very abusive father. He was so abusive, I won’t explain anything that happened other than the fact he was very very abusive! (read: I am too lazy to explain) After her father died from sudden medical problems (I forgot what), Nano and her mother decided to move because they got bunches of money (from either the father’s will or the lottery. I forgot. (I think lottery)), and they ended up in Stallin City. (Also Nano’s dad made them study English because reasons I forgot okay.)

Nano’s mother resumed her job as a nurse in a nearby hospital, while Nano herself entered a new school with new people and new everything. She secluded herself from everybody… which was hard when a couple of random girls (and the odd guy) would squeal and speak broken Japanese to her. She always sat in the corner of the classroom, when one day, random groups were assigned for a subject’s big-ass month-long project. She was grouped with a ‘normal’ girl, Heather, (as ‘normal’ as one can get), and three boys. The girls and one boy, Ted, were forced to do the entire project while the other two slacked off and did nothing. The three workers ended up turning into really good friends, until the other two boys quickly converted Ted into making the girls do the rest of the work.

One day, a week or so after the presentation (where the girls secretly removed the boys name from the project, along with a note explaining their lack of help), Nano and Heather were watching a music channel, and singing along, at Nano’s house, alone, since… working mom, ya know. The doorbell rang, and, expecting pizza, the girls jumped to their feet, cash in hand and rushed to the door, only to be greeted by Ted and the other boys, who looked furious after (finally) finding out what the girls did. Before they could react, the girls were shoved back inside, the door locked, and… you can probably figure out what happens next.
Also, their pizza was 30 minutes late. Also cold. But they didn’t get it because the pizza-deliverer ended up calling 911 because the door was wide-open for them to see the scene. (the neighbours are stupid or don’t care)

Nano wakes up in a hospital, and days pass as she recovers. She didn’t hesitate in telling the police who did it, but the boys have disappeared. She goes to visit Heather when well enough, only for the girl to just stare at her blankly then look away. The day before being admitted to leave, Ted popped in. He was in tears and apologizing rapidly, saying he didn’t mean for that to happen, and he didn’t want that to happen, and he really truly loved her and he hoped she wasn’t mad with him and he didn’t mean it it wasn’t his fault it wasn’t!

The moment he’d entered the room, Nano pressed the call button for a nurse. When he forcefully kissed her unexpectedly, she was pressing that button like no tomorrow and she was crying and gripping onto the nearest nurse like no tomorrow.

When she was finally released, Nano found herself singing or humming songs much more often—but never the songs she and Heather were singing the night of the event. And blahblahblah stuff she ended up ‘hypnotizing’ another project partner when she was 18 when she was singing and then found out she had the S gene yadda yadda can you tell I’m getting lazy this went on longer than I thought haha whoops.

Oh and then… yeah.

Joined the group somehow.

Forgot how.

I’ll remember later.



Oh, she also learned hand-to-hand combat somewhere in there.
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