Kiriban for Midnight-Cobra Picture

There was blood on the wind. Cedric sniffed the air. Leaning against the wall on a dimly lit street corner while smoking a cigarette, he turned his nose upward, catching the scent. Someone somewhere in St. Turner was dying. He chuckled. The only downside to that was, he wasn't doing the killing. Another scent caught his interest, a faint tinge of foreign soil. He smiled, thinking How interesting. Who knew I had family visiting tonight?

Atop a nearby roof stood a tall, thin young man dressed in dark, baggy clothes. The body of a woman lay at his feet as he licked the last vestiges of blood from his clawed fingertips, sighing "Ah, that hit the spot. Nothing like a snack before a hunt." He cocked his head and smirked.

"You can stop spying on me," he said, looking at the shadows across the rooftop, "I'm not a rogue moving in on your territory. I'll leave as soon as I'm done."

Cedric materialized out of the gloom. He eyed this new vampire suspiciously. His hair was long and greasy, he didn't look very imposing, and his eyes were pale and soulless. Pretty unusual for most Nosferatu.

"What's your name, kid?" he asked, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow.

"I've gone by Yuri for the past 150 years. And judging by your scent, I'm around 800 years older than you...Don't call me kid."

"Okay then, Yuri," Cedric said with a slight roll of his eyes, "What brings a geezer like you to my neck of the woods?" Yuri sighed, walking over to the gargoyles adorning the roof's edge.

"I'm hunting a faerie. Tracked it to this city. I’ve got it cornered in that warehouse down there."

Cedric just stared with a blank face.

"A...fairy. What, like pixie-dust, wear-green-miniskirts-and-speak-in-jingle-bells fairies?"

"No, a faerie. A goblin who uses a sparkling shroud called Glamour to appear beautiful and entice humans so it can feed on their blood, similar to an angler fish with its lure.”

“Wait wait wait,” said Cedric, “You’re telling me that fairies are real? And they’re living incarnations of Twilight characters?”

“Quite. They’re actually quite dangerous to normal humans, but pathetic compared to us. And it’s funny you should mention that,” Yuri chuckled, “Since the faerie I’m after has been calling itself Edward Cullen.”

No way.”

“Sadly true. That…book is more repellant to our kind than the Bible. So you can understand why a faerie prancing around calling itself a vampire, and Edward Cullen at that, royally pisses me off.”

“Vampires have a reputation to keep, an image to maintain,” Cedric nodded, “We can’t have fairy twats staining our fearful name.”

“Although, you gotta admit the faerie’s scheme is pretty damn clever. In this day and age, all you have to do is put glitter on your face and say ‘I’m Edward Cullen’ and flocks of teenaged girls will prostrate themselves at your feet and beg you to bite them. An endless food supply.”

“Then it’s not just reputation, it’s competition. We can’t let faeries steal our food.”

“No we most certainly can’t.”

“What are you gonna do to this faerie when you find him?”

“Dunno yet,” Yuri smiled as he walked over to the ledge, gleefully torturous ideas running trough his mind, “I think I’ll rip his arm off and beat him with it, then see where I go from there.”

“Sounds good…” Cedric grinned, leaning anxiously over a Gargoyle and ready to leap to the streets below, “Can I help?”

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