Proxy Blood - Yarrow Picture

race: Gill-man
age: 56
height: 5'11"
weight: 203 pounds
homeland: Oki-Chubi, Tegesta

Few things make this grizzled aqua-rancher smile. The sudden and inexplicable disappearance of humans accomplished it. His participation in the Struggle isn't for his own victory, but to make sure whoever does win will leave his people's waters alone.

When he wins, he simply retreats to his lake, without a hint of pride. His only edict is that Gill-men will rule all fresh water from now on. Other more industrious finheads experiment in creative flooding, netting themselves more space to expand in. Some move across the globe, (mostly) peacefully coexisting with kappa, frogmen, and the like.

That hook is made of seasoned cast iron, in a bronze fitting. Gill-men's use of fire is part of what makes them unique
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