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    Pierrot : As with most ringleaders, Fyodor sees him to be almost like a jack of all trades, and he probably thinks that Pierrot knows everything there is to be known. (Don't disillusion him, he has alot of faith in Ringmasters.) He seems to forget that they're practically the same age. He thinks Xavier is less scary, however.

    Madame Tigre : Fyodor thinks this circus is just full with scary people! Being used to freaks and such, Fyodor is under the impression that Lee Yuen has alot more to her. He trusts Renee more to not accidentally tell her animals to eat his insides, however.

    Gemini: He likes the twins, because they are not scary. In appearance, atleast. He thinks they are adorable, secretly.

    Ty: A challenger appears! /shot Um. Fyodor, being a grade A Arachnaphobe ((He seems to be afraid of everything.)) is scared to tears with the thought of there ever being a showdown between his rival juggler. But, he will be strong for his Cirque! He's not quite sure how, if he makes it past the curtain without fainting, he is going to beat Ty. This phobia has also made it hard for him to get to know Ty, but according to Pierrot and to other Cirque members, he's actually very nice (But Fyodor will take his chances elsewhere).

    Jake: He is the most adorable thing he has ever seen, next to Serafima. Fyodor, having a healthy sense of humor, almost burst into laughter when he was told Jake was the strong man, but he felt bad about it afterwards.

    Karolin and Tobi: Scary people abounds! Fyodor thinks very highly of Robin Hood, and draws parralells between this hero and Karolin. He admires her for this, but thinks she could do with being less lazy. Fyodor smokes as well, but he tries not to do it in public.
    Anything with the word "Vicious" in their title is certainly not very appealing to Fyodor! If ever there is a shrill scream from the audience or a crowd when Tobi is released, besides small children and women, it is also probably from Fyodor. It wouldn't be very suprising when he faints if Tobi snapped at him.

    Raven: Now, Fyodor is completely and utterly (unlike most of this cirque, he's noticed. He must be out of fashion.) straight. But this doesn't mean that he can't think that Raven ER Roy, is probably the prettiest boy he has ever seen. He observed Raven from afar, thinking he is the coolest ever (but he thinks Xavier is a better magician), and later can be seen trying to mimic the way he walks or his hand movements and slight gestures.

    Wolfe: More scary children! Does this torture CEASE! Though she is scary in appearance, Fyodor likes her childish personality. He likes children. However, he thinks she isn't ready for circus life and responsiblities, as he does with most children. He isn't sure what age she is (Though the writer is aware she is sixteen!), but he thinks she isn't any match for Renee.

    Siren: Reminds him first of a mythological bird in South East Asia, rather than a Siren. He has never met her personally, but he thinks her singing is beautiful.

    Ali: Being extremely superstitious, Fyodor expects witchcraft or evil spirits to be haunting this one. After seeing him, Fyodor is reminded about the old books on spirits and ghosts that he has under his bed, and will set to reading all he can about this. He will sneakily see if Xavier has any books he can read, and then casually bring up the subject later. "Oh, um, do you know if you have any, um, books on, what's the word, evil haunting something?"

    Milly: Fyodor has absolutely no comment on this one.

    KIDDING He's somewhat entranced by her, but he can't tell anyone that. Rival cirques and all that jazz, y'know.

    Momo: Like a child who has just seen someone else with a new toy, after seeing Momo, Fyodor really wants a new Clown circus member in the Cirque D'Horreur. He thinks she has a wonderful attitude and is very mature for her age, and dreams that their clown (if ever they get one) will be exactly like her.

    Vincent: Scary children! Scary children! Though secretly none of them are as half as scary as Saevus, except maybe Tobi. When he gets past his appearance, Fyodor thinks Vincent is a little immature. He thinks he is too young to be getting all these piercings, but he doesn't know Vincent's whole story.

    Grin: He thinks Grin is a little creepy, and suspects him of cruel intentions. Big-Brother mode activates at this point, and he will be very wary of him around the girls in Cirque D'Horreur, though he's sure the majority of them can take care of themselves.

    Patches: OhdearGOD HE'S AS CUTE AS JAKE. Fyodor cringes a bit at his performances, but otherwise the previous statement sums up his entire impression of him. They've never actually talked, however, both of them being too shy. Fyodor is completely unaware that Patches is a 'tsukumogami', but he probably knows what that is.

    Raphael: Having at one point in his life coming across the game World of Warcraft (He accidentally bought a book in this series, much to his chagrin when he discovered it was a fictional book and not a detailed documentary of monster sightings), he can't help but relate Raphael to Nightelves. He keeps these thoughts to himself, however, having great respect for Raphael, him being among the oldest of the two Circuses.

    Kara: He hasn't decided who is scariest among this top three, Saevus, Tobi, or Kara. Kara being covered in blood almost all the time, Fyodor can atleast confirm that she is indeed scary, and it's not just him this time.

    Author Note: PHEW! JAJ That was alot! Um. Anways, Fyodor is something of a 'fraidy cat, and he seems to have this obsession with maturity and children. Despite being scared of almost everything, he loves to read about paranormal things (though, granted, we're not really sure what is paranormal to him, considering he lives in a Circus.).

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