Promo pic 1 from my book saga Picture

Here is a "promo pic" I made from the main character of my book saga "The Soul Tamers", with the first book called "When Worlds Collide".
The translation of the quote (in the picture) is the following:
"I'm sorry to inform you, but, my soul was sold to Lucifer himself. I'm nothing more than a empty shell living his days as someone normal and ordinary... I am a mere puppet of fate."

And down here you can read the information about Adriel Muñoz:

Name : Adriel de Castilho Muñoz
Age : 24 years
Birth date : July 22, 2010
Occupation : Advertiser
Affiliations : Lisandro Butragueño Muñoz ( Father ) , Margarete de Castilho Muñoz ( Mother ) , Solaris de Castilho Muñoz (Sister ) , Uriel de Castilho Muñoz ( Twin brother - Missing ) , Mariano Butragueño Muñoz ( Uncle ).
Preferences : Design, graphic design , music , football , arts , peace and well being of Solaris.
What detests : Facing the past , to see those he loves in danger , spinach.
Description : Advertising in Creative Agency , hides from his true colleagues a troubled past in order to restart his life in his own way . His new life changes completely in the week that he will complete 25 years of age, where he will discover through iconic characters of Christian mythology that is the centerpiece of a universal conspiracy. Bearing in mind its current importance , it takes courage to face his past , reconciling with all the people who have left scars in your heart ( and your body ) to be able to take a step forward in its evolution as a man and “Soul Tamer”.

Soon I'll publish some informations about my saga.
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