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Hey, guys Fireemblemspider here and welcome to another one of my Top 10s.

You know what my favorite game is of all time? … Come on, go ahead and wager a guess… Come on, I know you are out there… Forget it, I’m just going to tell you. Fire Emblem!

Yes, Fire Emblem. One of the best games I’ve ever played. Started in Japan in 1990, Fire Emblem was incredibly successful right from the get go. With its difficult gameplay, immense story, fascinating characters, it was a huge success. It was one of the first games to feature the combined elements of not only tactical based games, but RPG elements as well, making a unique and satisfying experience.

However, if you lived in America, you probably never heard of Fire Emblem back then. That’s because the company that made Fire Emblem, Life Experience, later renamed Intelligent Systems, felt that Americans wouldn’t enjoy the tactical adventures.

However, in 2001, most of us got our first look at Fire Emblem’s world, with Super Smash Brothers Melee. It came in the form of Marth and Roy from the title as well as one of the best pieces of music in Melee, which I didn’t know at the time came from a Fire Emblem title.

While we were still unfamiliar with Fire Emblem, their addition to the game did not go unrecognized. Fans wanted to know who these characters were and wanted to play the games that spawned these characters. However, Intelligent Systems was still dubious, since rumors had floated around that the Nintendo of America was going to scrap Marth and Roy from the final cut of the Americanized game. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

A game that was widely popular in Japan, which was developed by Intelligent Systems, was that of the Wars series. A tactical game, not unlike Fire Emblem, but strangely different. This game was a critical success in Japan and in 2001, they released a game called Advanced Wars to the Gameboy Advanced. This was Intelligent Systems’ big gamble. If Advanced Wars was not successful internationally, then no further titles would be released and other games they developed, like Fire Emblem, would have never reached the states.

I thank God every day that this game was successful. Not only was it universally praised, but it was highly addictive and incredibly enjoyable. This was because of the tutorial that guided you in the game, so even people who were unfamiliar with the game’s mechanics could hop right in and start war.

This was the game that brought Fire Emblem to the U.S and around the world in 2003. And ever since then, Fire Emblem has been a success, not only in Japan, but around the world.

Unfortunately, I was introduced to Fire Emblem very late in the game. Like many people, I was introduced to Fire Emblem by Super Smash Brothers Melee. And frankly, I didn’t care for the characters. And it’s one of my many, many, many regrets. In 2006, however, my older brother brought to me a game that he enjoyed. It was called Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

At first, I was skeptical. I had played tactical games in the past, such as Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics. And the results on my part were… less than successful. I am ashamed to say that I cheated those games out of the proper respect they deserved by cheating the game. However, my brother convinced me that I would enjoy it. And I’m glad he did.

After 15 minutes of this game, I was hooked. I could play this game all day and not feel guilty or bored by it. Food? Forget it. Bathroom? I can hold it. Sleep? Screw it, I’m playing Fire Emblem. The intense difficulty always had me throwing the controller in anger and yet it still kept me coming back to it. This was the game that taught me the value of being a tactician. For one wrong mistake and you could lose a character you spent so much time investing your interest and experience points on, forever. This quality of the game made me use my reset button on my GameCube a lot.

But what is this all leading up to? Well, Fire Emblem has a huge freaking cast of characters. And almost every single title is set up in a different continent, a different world, or a different location. While some games do possess some of the same characters from previous games, most of them introduce us to an entire new world, with its own mythology.

And that is what we are here to talk about, the characters. Each game as their own set of characters, some of them good. Others… well… you know.

But what are some of my favorites? Well, before we get started, let me set up a few ground rules.

1: Only two characters per class. I know some of you are yelling “Bull!” right now, but if I didn’t have this rule, you would see a lot of Lords on this list. And let’s be honest, that’s not fair.

2: I will only be using characters from Blazing Sword on, since those are the games I have actually played. I’m sure there are many great characters in the games prior to Blazing Sword, but I have not actually played any of those games, so unfortunately, I miss out on those characters you love.

Speaking of which, it is highly unlikely that I will have your favorite Fire Emblem character on this list. I’m sorry, but there are so many freaking characters in the game that it’s just impossible to please everyone. There are so many excellent characters that many of us love/hate for different reasons. All I am asking you to do is listen to why I love a certain character that you may disagree with before you start hurling stones.

3: No Avatar character from Awakening. Cause let’s be honest. That’s cheating.

Now, before we get started, I would like to introduce you to my honorable mentions. They are… (in no particular order)

Inigo (Awakening)

Raven (Blazing Sword)

Cherche (Awakening)

Hector (Blazing Sword)

Natasha (Sacred Stones)

Shinon (Radiant Dawn)

Maribelle (Awakening)

Ephraim (Sacred Stones)

Eirika (Sacred Stones)

Elincia (Path of Radiance)

Now, without further ado, let’s get started. This is my Top 10 Fire Emblem Characters

Number 10: Lethe (Path of Radiance)

Oh, yeah. If you know this character, you know we are starting off strong. For those of you who don’t know, Lethe isn’t a human, or beorc, as humans are dubbed in the game. She is what is called a laguz, a human-like creature with qualities of animals or beasts (such as wings, whiskers or cat-like ears). They also have the ability to transform into an incredibly powerful animal form. There are three different races of laguz in the game. The Bird Tribe, which is comprised of hawks, ravens, herons, and eagles. The Dragon Tribe, which is comprised of… well… dragons. And the Beast Tribe, Lethe’s race, which is comprised of cats, tigers, lions and wolves. No bears though… Sorry, dumb joke.

Like many of Lethe’s race, she is stronger than a human (beorc) and has a longer lifespan. However, unlike humans, she is not disciplined in any weaponry. Instead, she relies on her beast form, a giant cat, which she uses to tear her enemies to shreds with her teeth and claws.

She was the first laguz character introduced to us in Path of Radiance that we had full control over. And man, was she powerful. She was one of the first incredibly powerful units that joined my army. So much so, that I always had her in my party. She was quick, agile and deadly.

As a character, I find Lethe very interesting. She is a harsh character, who constantly speaks her mind and often doesn’t mind offending others. She has an incredible distain for humans and only offers to assist them because of her king’s orders. And while she is offered by Ike, the main character of the story, to be free of her services, Lethe agrees to stay with Ike. She proves her loyalty and devotion to her friends and would constantly stand up for them. She has a high sense of honor and duty and is completely compliant to the orders of her king.

She was a great asset to my team in Path of Radiance. … And then the nerf happened. The laguz, in Path of Radiance, I admit, were a bit overpowered. But … in Radiant Dawn, they are practically unusable. I’m sure a lot of you are going to call ‘bull crap’ on me, but I found the laguz got shot in the foot in Radiant Dawn. Unless you had a certain item or certain ability, these laguz sucked.

Oh, well. Regardless, Lethe got me through a lot of tough situations and battles in Path of Radiance. She has an interesting character and is a great unit in my army.

Number 9: L’Arachel (Sacred Stones)

This is just a fun character, who is always full of life. L’Arachel was orphaned when she was young, when her parents went on a journey to banish evil from their land. Now the princess of Rausten, she follows in her parent’s footsteps, wandering the land to destroy the evil that plagues it.

Traveling with her companions, she eventually runs into Princess Eirkia and Eirkia’s brother, Prince Ephraim, and agrees to join their cause.

Every scene this character is in is just absolutely delightful. This character is so bubbly, energetic, and full of herself, that I cannot help but laugh every time I see her. The characters react to her so well that she just cracks me up. And no character is better at interacting with her than her two traveling companions, Dolza and Rennac.

L’Arachel is already a very egotistical character and Dolza plays into that perfectly. She thinks of herself as an ambassador to justice and Dolza feeds her fantasy with his energy as well. And then there is Rennac. Rennac is a theif who only wants to be paid for the job he does. However, L’Arachel only believes in a good deed being its own reward. This creates some really comical scenes. Between Dolza joining her mad quest and Rennac moaning and whining how crazy she is, I laughed many times.

But not only is she a comedic character, she is also a very sympathetic character, building her friends up when they need her most. She also has the strength to carry on her parent’s legacy of protecting those weaker than herself. This makes for a very relatable and caring character. It’s a joy to see her positive energy used in a way that not only makes her feel better, but everyone around her as well.

She may not be memorable on the battlefield, being a low class healer near the end of the game, but in her dialogue, she will always be remembered. She’s funny, kind, full of herself and she always puts a smile on my face.

Number 8: Nephenee (Radiant Dawn)

Many of you may disagree with this choice, but I freaking love Nephenee. She is a strong, well-rounded character that many players seem to overlook. Her speed is fantastic, her strength and defense are solid. She’s just a great addition to any unit.

Nephenee is part of a group that is captured trying to reclaim her homeland from a hostile enemy. However, thanks to Ike, she and her fellow soldiers are freed and agree to aid Ike and his companions.

While she is portrayed as a simple, but kind farmer girl, she has expressed shame in her heritage. She has low self-esteem and often belittles herself. She is often silent, but that is only to hide her country accent. She has a large family and is shown to be caring of it, but wants something more with her life.

A reoccurring joke in the game is that everyone wants to set her up with someone and her responses, combined with her low self-esteem, are pretty funny. I know that might seem cruel, but her reactions are just funny and she is always a fun character to read about. She may not be the best out there, but give her an A for effort, because she is out there trying her best.

Nephenee is a great character and I wish they would have expanded her character in Radiant Dawn, but sadly our support conversations in that game were shot. I understand that there were a lot of characters in the game, but those supports are what I looked forward to! Not some slapped on one sentence crap! Oh, well, Nephenee was great in both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, where she once again raised her lance in defense of her homeland.

A completely under-rated character that has more to her than meets the eye.

Number 7: Soren (Path of Radiance)

This character has a deep backstory and there are a lot of spoilers for this character and his deep history. If you have not played Path of Radiance or Radiant Dawn and discovered his secret and you would like to, I ask you to skip forward. I will let you know when the spoilers end.

Spoilers!!! Spoilers!!! Spoilers!!!

Spoilers!!! Spoilers!!! Spoilers!!!

Soren was born under the rule of Daein, with Queen Almedha , the Dragon King’s daughter, as the mother and King Ashnard, the ruler of Daein and the main antagonist of Path of Radiance.

Soren, for unknown reasons, was taken from his home and raised by an unknown woman who treated the child poorly. However, at the age of 4, Soren was adopted by a man who mistook him for a Spirit Charmer, because of the strange mark on Soren’s forehead. What it actually was was a branded mark. A branded mark appears when a child is conceived by the union of a human and a laguz.

After learning the sage’s magic, the sage passed away, leaving Soren without a home. Force to starve in the streets, it wasn’t until he was found by a young Ike, who gave the child his food. This kind act forced Soren to follow Ike to Crimea, where he was taken in by Ike’s father, Greil. And while the character never discovers his true origins, he simply doesn’t care. He only wants to aid the boy who saved his life.

Spoilers End here!!! Spoilers End here!!! Spoilers End here!!!

Soren is a cold, distant, and often incredibly rude character. But he is certainly an interesting one. He prefers his own company to the company of others. He mocks others and has no issue addressing whatever is on his mind. However, thanks to Ike, he does mellow out by the end of the story, even if it is just a little bit. He often uses logic when making tactical decisions and puts aside other’s feelings and emotions when deciding what is the best course of action.

Regardless of these qualities, Ike often relies on this character for his brilliant tactical mind. This, accompanied by the event that happened years before the game started, made Soren completely loyal to Ike, to the point where he claims that Ike is the only friend he has.

Soren is a powerful character on the battlefield, but he is flimsy. Being a mage, he’s susceptible to damage. But when he’s allowed to dish it out, can he dish it out. He’s one of the most powerful mages in the game, with the potential to be a magic powerhouse.

A complex character and an interesting logical thinker that contrasts Ike’s brashness, Soren is a fan favorite … for more than one reason… Some of which I disagree with. Regardless, Soren is a great character and he’s got some great lines. Even if they are all insults.

Number 6: Kellam (Awakening)

Okay, this character cracks me up. I love this character! This was one of the funniest characters in Awakening.

He’s the biggest guy in the biggest suit of armor you can find and yet he is constantly ignored by everyone. In the one of the first scenes you see with this character, he is out with your troops and he is trying to get the enemy’s attention. He is out there flailing his arms around, hopping about, yelling at the top of his lungs and the enemy won’t so much as look at him. His allies even forget he is there.

That scene was so funny; I knew I had to keep an eye on this character. And the best part was, he was just getting started.

Kellam comes from a large family with very little to its name. As such, they are forced to share everything they have. However, Kellam was often selfish and didn’t care to share with anyone. This became so bad that his entire family just started to ignore him. It is unknown when Kellam started to change his ways, because in the game, he’s actually a really nice guy. However, it is hinted that it could possibly be because of his relationship with one of his brothers, who still contacts him. When his brother’s family is force to abandon their home due to the current war, and his wife is expecting a child, Kellam joins Ylisse’s Shepherds and aids your party.

But not only is Kellam a great character as comic relief, but he is great on the front line. But many players, ironically like many of the game’s cast, ignore this character. I can’t imagine why. He’s got a solid defense, good attack and is a great support/pair up for a character that needs a bit of a boost in attack or defense. Yes, his speed does leave something to be desired, but what do you expect when he’s hauling around that enormous armor?

Despite him being completely forgettable to many players and the game’s history itself, Kellam will always be a strong part of my army. Whether be for his abilities in combat, or ability to appear and disappear into thin air.

Number 5: Olivia (Awakening)

Okay, background time… Yes, I know you all hate me, but bear with me.

When I first heard about Awakening’s Avatar feature, in which you were able to build your own character, I was sold on the idea. And then, on top of that, your character got to marry one of the characters in the game. And then, on top of that, you could download any character from previous games!

So naturally, I thought, “Holy cow! I get to pair myself up pathetically with the fictional woman I always dream of pairing myself up with! This is like a pathetic, useless fan boy who lives in his parent’s basement’s dream come true! Now I can play out all my pathetic OC fan fiction fantasies!”

Then I found out, that the downloaded characters can’t be married with any character in the game. Now, I was pissed. I still wanted the game, but man was I upset. So, I bought the game and went through several characters to see if I could find the one who interested me the most.

Lissa… No

Miriel… No way.

Sumia… Nope

Sully… Oh, hell no!

Why are all these women just not speaking to me? I guess I’ll just be a lonely, lost, loveless loser. Much like real life. Why can’t I have an imaginary woman tell me she loves me so that I can feel better about myself?!

Then she came.

Like her skill as a dancer, she danced right into my heart.

Okay, enough with the pathetic fan boy bit. Seriously, though, this character won my heart.

Olivia appears to your party after a very emotional scene. As such, I was already an emotional wreak, but when this character showed up with her kind words and gentle demeanor, I was sold. She appears and aids your party no questions asked.

It turns out Olivia is under the employ of Basilio, the former ruler of a friendly nation. Long before the game starts, Olivia was performing in the streets when a greedy noble saw her and claimed her as his own. However, thanks to Basilio, Olivia was spared whatever sick fate he had cooked up for her. Instead, she got stuck with my sick fantasies… Come on, you all were thinking it!

Ever since that day, Olivia swore her loyalty to Basilio. This character was one of the kindest characters in the game and possibly in all of Fire Emblem. Olivia was kind, gentle and always willing to help others when they needed it the most. She’s incredibly shy and has low self-esteem issues. However, she will do everything in her power to make herself more useful, even if that means wearing herself out.

A kind character that is easy to get along with because of her shy and humble demeanor? This kind of reminds me of another character I like? … But who?

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