Gaia Spawned OCs Picture

decided to use the gaia tektek engine to create my undrawn oc's lol. from left to right top to bottom we have...

Bastion: he is a ordinary human from the Kingdom Come universe of DC. as a normal human he has no abilities until one day he finds a beautiful looking woman who is being chased by meta thugs. while trying to defend her he is critically wounded and the woman makes him a deal. to make him a monster to teach them a lesson of what its like to be pushed back in exchange for 1 years worth of servitude. now Bastion finds himself able to turn in to various mythological creatures giving him various abilities.

Marcus: hales from DC's prime universe New Earth and is the newest member of the Titans. Marcus was created in a lab years before joining and is a perfect blend of man and machine everything about him is all bio technology. to sustain himself he only needs to bask in sunlight to 'feed' and is able to levitate and bend light to his will and even generate it. though he finds himself wondering about his humanity as he doesn't know how to act human so by joining the Titans he hopes that one day he will find what it means to be human and break from his robotic nature.

Six: is a wild west outlaw from the good old days. he runs a crew of bandits who rob trains, banks, and coaches. he gained his nickname by how he carries 6 pistols with him at all times. he is what you call a 'gentlemen' outlaw and has a set of rules for his crew. he treats women with respect even if a tavern whore and if he sees a man strike one he puts a few rounds of lead in them. constantly on the run free do as he pleases.

Joesph Jackson Montague: is my supernatural oc. Jackson to his friends is a hunter and goes around killing anything supernatural that harms innocent people it be demons, ghosts, ghouls, poltergeists, or vampires. his truck filled with death gets it done. though cursed with 666 to be used as a key to let a powerful demon free from hell he finds himself also on the run from allies of the demon who would kill him the last remaining 23 times and with the final death free the demon.

Ian: hails from DC's prime universe. his half thanagarian and atlantian nature gives him a warriors heart with the strength of an atlantian. he is the only male to be ever born on paradise island after the amazons took his thanagarian mother in. when of age he decided to head to the sea to be on his own and protect the seas his own way after his mothers passing. armed with only a broken nth metal sword which is still usable as a dagger he uses his atalantian powers of strength, stamina, durability, and communication with sea life to find his own path. it wouldn't be long until a beautiful princess from a far world would find him worthy of being her mate takes him to her world similar to paradise island where he is given a whole new world to explore and protect with a powerful warrior princess as his soon to be bride.

Henry Hyate Hanzo: is my Ghost In the Shell OC. Henry is a former navy seal member and cop who was eventually fully cyberized after his service. after losing his family in a divorce he struggles to balance his new job as a member of a elite anti-cyber terrorist squad member similar to Section 9 and to raise his only son while balancing his own private life which involves beginning to involve a female hacker who is wanted by his own unit.

Enrik Dark: belongs to a online comic i read and enjoy. Enrik is a human/elf vampire born to a family over the seas far from the Empire. born to a vampiric nobleman he longs to break himself away from how his father is abusing his power. refusing to feed like a vampire in stories he asks and pays willing people to medically give blood to him and goes over long periods of time from feeding. he enrolled in a university filled with humans and various non-human races believing that if he broadens his mind and has a strong mind he will be able to control the animal urges that is his vampiric nature. he is calm and collective and enjoys drawing, more specifically women after he has made love to them in the after glow of it and never turns down a woman who asks to be in his sheets. he considers himself a male version of a nymph in a way as women desire him and he grants them what they want but lately he finds himself bedding his illusions and enchanting professor and has begun a secret relationship with her.

Ebin: is my Underworld OC. Ebin was a simple farm boy who had no problem with lycan or death dealers until the day his sister, her husband, and a priest were murdered the night of her wedding by a lycan after they paid death dealers what silver they had to protect the wedding. barely surviving by using a silver cross he defended himself and ends up killing again his sister, brother in law, and priest after they begin to change with only the loss of his left eye. praying to god for vengeance he sets out on a crusade to rid the world of lycan and death dealers alike considering satans minions and abominations to god. armed with pillaged death dealer weapons and weapons of his own creation he sets out killing them one at a time.... and himself falling for a female death dealer in the process

Durin Stormcrow: is my Elder Scrolls 4: oblivion character. he is a battlemage who travels where he can and aids the people against minions of oblivion while on a search for his brother who has turned his back on the order and joined oblivion. his journey to the north finds himself aiding the barbarians there and gaining the heart and anger of the 1/2elf 1/2 orc barbarian warrior princess after he saves her from enemy barbarians stealing her honor.

Davin: my Marvel 616 mutant oc. Davin is a irish young man who cannot recall his life prior to 4 years ago and has ventured across the states trying to find something of his past while having a bloody good time so long as he gets a pint now and then. with his power of earth manipulation ranging from earth quakes, earth constructs, and with enough concentration able to make low grade diamonds he is able to sell for money. he finds himself aided by the x-men who agree to help him with his memories and his harnessing his powers. he eventually hooks up with an american mutant fresh from a rough relationship and begins to fall for her unaware that she is using him to try and coax her ex in to coming back to her but also finding she might have feelings for the irish boy herself. (oh the little shadow was supposed to be a little earth golem)

Atlos: you can say is my God of War inspired man in ancient greece. unaware he is a descendant of the mighty titan Atlas he walks a path trying to find his destiny where ever it be. he does what jobs he has while still paying homage to the gods mainly Athena and Hephaestus. on his journey he finds a female tree nymph who seems to have fallen for him and travels with him either by her nude form or by magic as a red cardinal all the while helping him with her rejuvenating kiss or pleasing him if he so desires her.

Crix: is my newest Star Wars OC. Crix is a mandalorian barbarian on a planet deep in the reaches of the outer quadrant where the world is a harsh jungle filled with beasts. raised by barbarian mandalorians he honors the codes of ancient mandalorians priding himself as a warrior and hunter. him and his tribe despise technology (blasters) as they are extremely rare as the weapons there range from stone, wood, and animal remains bone/fang/tooth. him and his people are at war with a tribe of warriors who have broken sacred law and taken up the forbidden weapons (though on the verge of breaking), blasters. while on hunt of a great beast if killed single handily would make him the Mandalor of his people uniting the clans to battle their enemy he is nearly killed but is saved by a female spacer who killed the beast with detonators earning his spite for her use of weapons. having rely on each other a few times in combat from his enemies and beasts they have developed a hate/lust bond for each other though he disposes her use of technology he lusts for her after seeing her show her own tribal skills from her homeworld showing how much of a warrior herself she is. and her despising him for him being a male as her tribe look down on males as slaves and lusts for him being a prize if taken as her slave on her own planet.

Andre Devoux: is a Spaniard in the times of the french revolution in a assassin creed like world. he is brilliant researcher and somewhat inventor after being rescued from the Illuminati by the guardians he has agreed to help them find what both sides have been waring over for the base thousand years. the cup of Christ, the holy grail. he is rescued by a female guardian and after a few encounters with her finds himself drawn to her and while visiting the guardians base of operations a bordello falls for a whore as well. with his heart split in two for the whore and guardian he struggles to be with them never knowing they are one in the same.
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