Balaue the Kite Mistress Picture

Tauagan: BALAUE (hawk/falcon)
Real name: Tanya Tayag
Age: 21
Kalam: Apung Namalyari
Recruiter: Galingaldo
Occupation: arts and crafts teacher for children
Areas: kite, strings, aerodynamics

This is BALAUE, one of the blessed soldiers of Apung Namalyari (the only female in the first seven!) in my comic book story KALAM (gift).

A serious and deadly woman in combat, balancing well strategy and brute force.

Daughter of a self-made businessman, she has gotten used to city life and is working as an arts and crafts teacher for children in Clarkfield. She and her single father used to live in a not-very-modern area along the plains where crimes such as rape, theft, and arson were frequent.

In fact, an attempted rape of her when she was in her teenage years has made her personality mutate from cheerful and carefree to serious, straightforward, and merciless. Instead of fearing men, she has developed a sense of feminism, which allows her to blend well--and even rule over--groups composed of men.

Fond of "burarul" (kites) and often winning in "saklitan" (kite flying tilts) in the province, she possesses skill inspired by kite flying. She summons pseudophysical strings from her wooden rolls, which allows her to route the direction of her "panyaklit" (kites used in contests, with pointed ends and sharp strings) in combat.

With enough energy, too, she can tie her strings to any object and make it fly.

His counterpart in Apung Sinukuan's side is SUNDANG, a metalcraft and blade master.

BALAUE will have a love-hate relationship with the reckless, unruly, and non-strategizing DAPU. Apparently, it takes a principled and strong woman to tame the crocodile in him.
Do watch out for the other Sun and Moon Warriors:

Apung Sinukuan's Kalam receivers:
1. Timaua ("free man")
2. Barangge ("captain's boat")
3. Dayat ("sown field")
4. Sikatuna ("radiance")
5. Sundang ("dagger")
6. Kamamalu ("venomous snake")
7. Tagimpan ("dream images")

Apung Namalyari's Kalam receivers:
1. Batanglaua ("spiderweb")
2. Dapu ("crocodile")
3. Kalamba ("a large jar")
4. Agunias ("bell ring for a deceased rich person"
5. Balaue ("hawk")
5. Abad ("slight wound")
7. Galimgim ("tremble in fear")

Daughters of Apung Sinukuan
[based from actual Kapampangan mythology]
1. Muklat Sumala ("daybreak")
2. Abak ("morning")
3. Ugtu ("noon")
4. Gatpanapun ("afternoon")

Daughters of Apung Namalyari
[based from actual Kapampangan mythology, except 3, 4]
1. Silim ("nightfall")
2. Bengi ("night")
3. Kapitnang Bengi ("midnight")
4. Galingaldo ("past midnight")

Guardians of Mount Alaya
[based from actual Kapampangan mythology]
1. Kargon Kargon the Strong
2. Punta Punting the Sniper
3. Supla Supling the Rainmaker
4. Miran Miron the Clairsentient
5. Kuran Kurin the Dasher

Guardians of Mount Pinatubo
[based from actual Kapampangan/Aeta mythology]
1. Wasi the Air Elemental
2. Blit the Hunter
3. Aglao the Spirit Chieftain
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