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So, for past few months I've been having horror/fantasy/supernatural RP with ~R-Robatic. Since we recently decided to end RP 'cause it became slightly boring and repetitive and she just had no more time for it, I decided to draw my characters since I actually liked them ahah~ Maybe sometime I'll get around to drawing hers... but I doubt it, honestly, I was barely able to survive mine |D

Sorry it's a huge file, I wanted to keep them in original size ; v ;

So, left to right, top to bottom:

Iivari Lautturi; The Ringmaster. Looks around 35, however he is probably older. Extremely pale with strange features (hair, eyes) and rather... quirky. His saliva and blood are black, tar-like substance. He is supposedly descendant on the Finnish god Tuoni. 'Lautturi' isn't his actual surname, it means 'Ferryman' (kinda like Charon in Greek mythology... I'm not sure if Finnish one has a figure like that ; v ; ) His abilities aren't really clear... But he may or may not be magically gifted.

Enfys and Emlyn; conjoined twins. Although, recently the medic of circus (who happens to belong to ~R-Robatic) has separated them. They are around 20 years old and been in circus since childhood. They come from a strange line of genetically gifted demons. Twins weren't unusual. Those demons were able to merge with those of the same line. The only difference between Enfys and Emlyn from their family is that they couldn't separate from hips to shoulders (until recently that is). Thanks to their genetics, they can look completely human or get conjoined at will.

Samael Finn Oram or simply Sam/Sammy. He is basilisk and the man-eater of the circus. Let's say he just... takes care of those who break rules or go into forbidden sections. His age is unknown, but he is at most 18. Perhaps he can petrify with his glare, perhaps he cannot. He avoids those parts of circus where there is any - if any - poultry and he isn't kept in cage, like he should be. The only person he listens to are Iivari Lautturi and Raguel. Very spoiled though; he was in circus since he was a child and most of the people still view him as a child.

Valpurga; stilt walker. Gets as much respect as Blythe does. She is a human, although she is accepted into circus because of her past. She is around 18, pretty much like Samael. Very quiet, although she has phases of insanity. It is said her hair is white because of shock; the story goes further, saying that she had somebody murdered in front of her, but who can prove that? She certainly doesn't deny it, but she has never confirmed it either. Born with heterochromia. People are usually used on her walking on stilts, however when show isn't going, she walks normally.

Blythe, the tightrope walker. Around 28 years old, a woman that once (at the beginning of RP lol) was a human. She came to circus as a guest and ran into Sammy. She was then genetically modified but a clown and later a medic (both belonging to ~R-Robatic), so that she would survive Samael's attack. They removed what little was left of her skin, hair and eyes, replacing everything. Very agile and light, she was made the tightrope walker. Often referred to 'toxic waste' since rumor goes that her skin is poisonous and, if touched, can cause various skil ailments, starting with rash to more serious ones. She has less respect than others since she was born human.

Alvah, the knife thrower. He may be 19, he may be 49. It's just that nobody knows anything about him. He joined circus tad later, however he is still rather respected, so he might not be the human. Raguel seems to like him, for one reason or another. He has extremely good aim and is seen working only - and ONLY - with his assistant (who belongs to Nancy/~R-Robatic). Very self-centered and extremely confident of himself; to the point only one he responds to is Iivari Lautturi.

Tzilla, contortionist. She joined circus with her husband contortionist (belongs to Nancy), however soon afterwards she stayed his widow. Some say it was her fault he died. Which isn't unlikely - he was merely human while she is Jorogumo (spider) demon. Her last name was never mentioned since her husband died. She is greatly respected at circus, even though very small. Her reasons for joining are unknown, however many suspect it was because she couldn't settle on one place and her husband was against the circus, so she killed her when she found the chance. She has huge love for sparkles and usually has her hair in a bun.

Raguel Lautturi, of unknown profession. Nobody actually knows just WHAT exactly he's doing in circus... He occasionally greets guests or snoops around the two they are in. Looks around 26-27. He claims that he is Iivari's younger brother, with only eyes to prove that. Several times it had been concluded that he can actually change shapes, so this doesn't mean much. However, Iivari Lautturi lets him stick around and do nothing for one reason or another. Often seen in shirt or shorts only; very careless about looks (hence the long hair). He is usually one that 'saves' other members of circus when they do something wrong, as Iivari Lautturi apparently favors him.

If anybody wants to RP circus with me, I'm open e v e
Since I really don't know what to do with them and I want to keep using them Not another group LOLOL /shot

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