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AGE: 16
WEIGHT: 138 LBS. / 63 KG.

[ Dream Imprisonment ] - In essence, this ability allows the user to cause victims to fall into a deep sleep and keep them there in a sleeping state for longer periods of time. They trap these victims in either the users dream or the victims dreams; and takes the victim into a trance like state. However, this does not work on people with higher will powers, or to those who can see through the dreams and escape. The user is kept under a similar trance and cannot see in the process. First, he has to touch the main parts of the nervous system, the spine or head.

When using his ability, he cannot actually see as he is mentally in the dream as well.
Kamil also has a rather rough time of getting out of the dreams, as well as allowing the victims to leave the imprisonments; this problem brings a physical ailment more extreme than the inability to move, and brings about cracks underneath his eyes as he is dragged into the dream as well. These cracks can stay up to three hours after the use of the ability; however, after the first experience the cracks remained permanently, and he uses makeup to cover it.
Beings with a similar mind ability can break free of the imprisonment with little problem and can get people out of the dream as well.
Despite being able to imprison people- and himself- in dreams, he cannot seem to be able to control everything he wants in the dream, he has yet to grasp the manipulation of a dream.
When imprisoned, physical bodies remain in the physical world.
To inflict his abilities he has to first touch them skin to skin and closer to the main parts of the nervous system( spine or head)
The way to get out of the dream is to actually wake up the person he is trying to imprison.

◆ || Clinophobia] || By definition the term means the fear of going to bed; which develops insomnia and a threat of the mental well being of the person. Kamil is afraid to fall asleep or else he might imprison himself on accident and never end up waking up; though that is not going to happen. He doesn't want to sleep because he doesn't like being nervous and generally sleeps when forced to or from absolute exhaustion.
+ Sensitive, nervous, passionate, determined.
= Perfectionist
- Condescending, short tempered, doesn't really trust people, private.

Kamil comes off more so as a condescending, self-centered teenage boy; which is mostly due to his face blank face and raised eyebrow in suspicion at others. The boy is rather short tempered and easily annoyed by the antics of others in the Institute, he does not like to tolerate bad behavior and habits( tapping of the fingers, beat boxing, those things). He plays off as a cool, condescending person because he doesn't like to display himself as the actual person he is- utterly sensitive and nervous.
Similarly, he is very passionate and determined to follow his passions. His passions drive him and he enjoys to have some sort of meaning in what he is doing, and tries his best to look for the goals in everything he does. Kamil is HIGHLY goal oriented and hates when there are no goals presented in the remedial task.
He tries his best to trust people, but cannot seem to understand why he would trust half the people he currently knows, and tends to see the faults in whatever someone does. Kamil is also a very private person as to hide how he feels and his current life. The teen tends to hide how he actually feels because he is very sensitive, often times very affected by what people say or think about him.
When he gets too nervous he tends to be more short tempered and move faster than normal, as well as grow very erratic and twitchy. Often times stuttering and blinking erratically, and rushing around more so than his general lax movement pace. As he is nervous he also tends to binge eat to the point where he cannot eat dinner/meals afterwards for a while. However reaching this point in his nervousness is very rare and occurs when he is too stressed out. Has been

Big Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fan
Fast Food chains
Big Dogs, he doesn't like the yappy Chihuahuas
Tatiana and his family.
He really loves the 'oldies' music; aka Build me Up Buttercup on repeat for life.
Take out, particularly Chinese take out
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