OCA: Umino Lucriditus Picture

Name Umino Lucriditus
Age ??? (76.6 billion approx)
Gender Female-passing (she/her/hers)
Species Lucridite

Form Staff
Role Head of Combat

Strong Subjects
+ Combat
+ Magic and Alchemy
+ Gym
Weak Subjects
- Religion
- Mythology
- Astronomy

Personality Umino is snarky and witty, almost always able to come up with a good comeback. She has quite a few problems trusting people, and is terrified of sleep or becoming unconscious, due to past occurences. Though she may appear emotionless at times such as during combat, she buries a lot inside, and definitely loves her kids very much. Quite self-conscious because of her burns, but puts on her snarky front over all of her issues in order to make it seem like everything is fine
History When the universe was formed, the planet of Kzixa was one of the first to be created, and the Lucridites came with it. Though Umino - originally Aequoris - was initially unable to form their own body due to their true form being at the bottom of a lake of lava, they were able to observe the goings on of Narayal for brief periods. At the Turn of Ages (also known as the start of the Common Era and marked by the birth of Jesus), Aequoris' true form was mined, refined, and turned into a spaceship known as The Conqueror by the Seiryan armada, lead by Jakuuna Zehones. From there, the Seiryans forced Aequoris to create a humanoid form for themselves by sacrificing their lower men to create a supply of Life Force large enough. Once Aeqyuoris had made themselves a form, Jakuuna captured them and made them the Seiryan fleet's slave, and the unwilling pilot of The Conqueror. A few years later, Aequoris was visited by a mysterious man who was to be dubbed as Enigma by the Seiryans (as well as "that nuisance human" by people such as Taurou and Akude), and Enigma gave Aequoris the name Origine, providing them with a mask that would prove to aid as both an identifier and a confidence boost. The Conqueror went on many adventures, and Origine was abused quite a lot for about five years, before gaining enough confidence to turn against their masters and detonate the ship, killing all Seiryans on board and crashing the remains of The Conqueror into what would become Lincoln Junkyard, with a smaller segment landing in the Egyptian deserts. The way Origine had caused the detonation was by forcibly splitting their soul into two - good and evil - using a Lucridite technique known mainly as a Stress Split. The "good" half, landing in Lincoln Junkyard with the bulk of The Conqueror, became the being known as Umino, whilst the "bad" part, landing in the Egyptian deserts, became the supervillain Caeruleus, though both beings remained dormant for almost two thousand years. The ship parts that had landed in Lincoln were used by the duo Alex Valentine and Suzaku Que to build a spaceship, which was completed in 2009. Alex caused Umino to awake by activating the engine of this new ship, which was later named SCSS Unity. Umino travelled in the Unity to many places, and got into quite a bit of trouble quite a few times along the way. The first thing Umino managed to do was get arrested by the very racist StarCore leader Alan Samberg and be placed in the StarCore jail for a full five minutes before being rescued by Suzume.When the SCSS Unity headed to Sayoran Headquarters to rendezvous with Aaron, Umino was caught in the moonlight, transformed into a werescorpion, and tried to kill Aaron, entering a battle with Suzume, which Umino eventually lost. When the crew of the SCSS Unity headed off to the Scaldor Quadrant, Umino was lulled into sleep by Qilin and Umino's nightmares came to life, severely harming Umino before attempting to terrorise the hotel lobby with guns and shit. When the nightmares had been eradicated, the crew worked together to restore Umino's form, and Umino became female in the process. When the crew encountered Caeruleus for the first time and the SCSS Unity was forcibly docked onto an abandoned satellite, Umino fought and nearly defeated Caeruleus, before being intercepted by Anna and kicked into her own attack, giving her severe burns, blinding her in her left eye, and severely limiting her power. Her power slowly returned over the next year or so as her hair grew back, but her burns couldn't be healed and her sight in her left eye couldn't be restored. During the crew's encounter on the K-0 ship, Umino was attacked by Band E's Aitch and she left the encounter with a scar across her face that she didn't wish to be healed. During the Battalion of Death, Umino managed to get to the finals, where she had to face "Alex" (who she knew all along to be Aaron), and trounced him with a powerful Hell's Barrage manouvre before blacking out due to doing too much pseudoteleportation without vison stabilisation. Umino contributed to the massacres, focussing on killing corrupt officials. When Alex went powermad, Umino tried to snap him out of it, and was heavily abused before he put her into a coma using a potentially dangerous mix of medicines. During her time comatosed, Alex used her DNA to create two Hybrids - Wycliffe and Yara - using Rekmah technology he'd stolen from the K-0 ship years prior. She was eventually woken up by Wycliffe, whi possessed the spirit of Caeruleus within his body by that point, and she made one last ditch attempt at trusting Alex, by protecting him from Suzume, but he threw her out of the way and attempted to attack Suzume himself, but Suzume diverted, going to see if Umino was okay, leaving Alex to be incapacitated by Suzaku for going too far. After Alex recovered his sanity and sent himself away to become Enigma, Umino aided Suzume in the creation of the Academy, and became the Head of Combat
Immortality - Complete, Non-Regenerative
It is incredibly hard to kill Umino, so much so that it really isn't worth bothering, and she will live forever if undisturbed. However, her body doesn't regenerate by itself

Umino can manipulate energy in many ways, allowing for energy blasts, control of aura, and conversion of energy into elemental power

Umino can move at speeds so swift she appears to teleport. However, she has trouble seeing whilst doing this if she isn't wearing her goggles

Superior Strength
Umino can lift quite a lot of weight without much effort, and finds it relatively easy to throw the weight of a human quite far

24/7 Function
Umino does not require sleep, and is very much afraid of sleeping

Transformation - Were (Metal Humanoid Scorpion... thing)
When exposed to any light with the qualities of moonlight, Umino will transform into a weird metal werescorpion thing and become beast-like and destructive. Will only turn back when subdued

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