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General information

Name: Denis Nevit
age: 21
birthday: 21 October
zodiac sign: Libra
gender: male
Race: Caucasian
sexuality: straight
Current Residence: Manor
Relationship status: Single
Social Status: patient

Physical Appearance

height: 5'7
weight: 156lbs
Hair color: black
Hair style: Messy, badly cut
eye color: Pale blue
skin color: Pale
shape of face: Oval
distinguishing features: He has a small birth mark on his face, much like a mole, but lighter. He also has a small scar going from his tum joint to his wrist, and another, less prominent above his eye, making a small line across his eyebrow. Whenever you see him, he will most likely be chewing his fingers, or his lip.
complexion: mostly clear, but has freckles over the bridge of his nose and some on his cheeks. He has dark rings under his eye's form were he has missed out on sleep.
posture: slouchy, and hunched over at times. Hes also slightly fiddly and twitchy, and hardly ever keeps still.
tattoos: n/a
piercings: His ears used to have small studs, but now there are only holes were they used to be.
body shape: Tall, thin, and rarther gaunt. But hes surprisingly stronger then he looks if he needs to show it.
Attire: (clothing) He usually wares a buttoned down shirt, with the cuff buttons undone, letting them flap. He also puts on a dark blue/green sleeveless jumper with a soft purple, green and red markings, the bottom of which it frayed from constant battering. On his legs, he usually wares his favorite, and very well worn jeans. These are also slightly frayed at the bottom, as the hang over the backs of his shoes. The only unscuffed part of his clothes are his smart, leather shoes. They are always shining from the way he polishes them.

Personality: (be as detailed as possible) Other then his paranoia and very silly fears, hes nice and polite once he starts to talk to you. Hes guarded about most things, quiet, and his presence is slightly unnerving at times when hes uncomfortable. He never likes being in a crowded room, or in a large open space. If he finds himself in one, he will find a corner and sit down/stand in it.
summary: paranoid, quite, polite, guarded, nice. Also, he can be stubborn
Likes: Rats, Horror stories, books in general, soft sounds, drawing, dull objects, knowing what is in the room or place he's in.
dislikes: cats, dogs, crowded places, parks, not knowing were everything is, loud noises, sharp objects.
fears: Dogs, trains/subways, teeth, that someone is watching him, his farther, cattle.
personal goals: He has never really had many goals, but his main aim is to get over his paranoia, and make something of himself in the world.
general attitude: Twitchy and fearful
Social intelligence: He is fairly intelligent, with a good range of vocabulary. In an immediate situation, he could handle himself well.
Religious values: He is antagonistic, believing that there must be some kind of "god", but not the ones we have created.
Sociability: He's not very social, and will only ever really talk to himself. But he will talk to a person if the need arises


Illnesses (if any): Insomnia. Mild case of OCD.
Allergies (if any): n/a
Sleeping habits: when he thinks that something is watching him, he will sit next to the nearest wall and stay awake until the feeling passes - witch could take hours. Normally, if his fairly calm, he will sleep for about seven hours, then wake up again. If he'd stayed awake, then he will sleep for a shorter period of time, if at all. He enjoys sleeping on a sofa or a chair more then he does in a bed; he hates the fact you can't see under a bed, and the fact that there is a large gap under most beds.
Energy level: He is usually a rather calm individual, never getting hyper as such. However, his energy will rise slightly when hes out of his comfort zone (places where he knows were everything is), making him move around a little faster and more frequent.
Eating habits: Despite his wait, he does eat quite alot. He eats the normal amounts of food that anyone would. One of his favorite "food" is mint flavored chewing gum; he likes it because it stops himself chewing his fingers/lip.
Memory: He has a good memory, but not for spelling. He may know alot of good words, but he can't spell most of them.
Any unhealthy habits: n/a


Place of Birth: Northamptonshire, England
Hometown: Banefield, Northamptonshire
Childhood: When Denis was little, his farther and mother were nice enough. He lived in a house next to the village church near were they lived. Everything was happy. But when he was five years old, he wandered into the shed in the back garden where his farther used to work on his "projects". It turns out the Howard Nevit's long journeys away from home had to go hunting, also training the family dog to attack anyone who came in if it didn't know them. Not being around the dog much, meant it Didn't know him very well, so as little Denis had opened the door, the family dog and leaped out at him, snarling, thinking he was a thief. He ended up being covered in scratches with a bitten hand. His farther, instead of blaming the dog, had yelled at him, telling him it was his fault that the dog attacked him, and finished off his wounds with an angry slap. This is how he got the scratch above his eye; the dog attack when he was five. This also started his fear and dislike of dogs. A few years on, when he was eleven, his mother and farther split up, his mother having enough of Ho wards violent tendencies. This had ended in a large financial and corporal war between them both, resulting in Denis having to be taken into care by a nanny for about a month and a half.
Teen years: His teenage years were no different. The only change really for the first few years, was that he had moved up to a secondary school. From the time of when he was thirteen to when he was fifteen, his farther had continuously bullied is mother into giving him more money then agreed to keep Denis's custody, and, after a time, his mother had began to dislike him for that reason. Another out come of this was that most of the children at school stayed away from him as the beginning of the dark circles had started to appear under his eye's, and his hair started to become less neat. He went from few friends to none at all in a space of two years, and during the next year, the loneliness had started to slowly eat away at him. It was round about the age of sixteen, when the stress of home life and the stress of the scoring well on the permanent GCSEs and A levels that had passed and were still going on, had started to make him paranoid, and twitchy from lack of sleep. When he left school, the thought of University, or even collage, was completely out of the question for him. He got a job in the local cafe, and moved out of his mothers house as fast as he could.
Adult years: Having struggled with money, and finding a good place to live had caused more stress. His mind had become so muddled over the years that he had started having stress endorsed hallucinations, making him think he was being followed by some imaginary creature, or person, thinking it hid in the shadows and watched him constantly. This made him gut his entire apartment, making sure that he knew what exactly was in every nook and cranny of his small home; even going as far as to try and hammer through the wall in a paranoid fit, convinced that the thingwas hiding there. He was evicted after that, and he lived on the streets for a few days before a work friend let him stay with her for a few days. By this time, he was a quivering wreck. Buy this time, he was now nineteen. On his birthday, the few colleagues that were friends with him tried to take him on a train journey to London. But he freaked out at the concept of the crowds, repeating the phrase "I won't know if it's there or not" or "No, I'm sorry,". After that, while his friend was out, he freaked out again, ripping her house apart trying to find an alleged 'series of cameras' that he thought were watching him. His friend, very worried about him by this time, emitted him into a special clinic that specialised in metal disorders. His psychiatrist advised him to maybe leave to country for a while, and suggested the Tallula Lake Manor as a suitable place for him to stay. He agreed, and the man gave the place a call to be expecting him. He decided to visit his dad to try and make piece, but... it all ended up in a monumental rowel, that ended in a fight. He left his father's house, twitching madly from anger. After that, he went on living in the clinic for about two months, saving up the money to travel. A few weeks after that, he had arrived in Silent Hill. Hes been in the Manor ever since, his damaged state of mind seeming to fit in here....
Past places of residence: Marble Arch Residence, London. A large house somewhere in Banefield, Northamptonshire, exact location unknown
History of family: Denis had two grandparents, on on each side. Fraternal grandfather Dave Nevit(diseased), maternal grandmother Jakie Stone, 93. Dave and his wife, Helen, had Dave. Denis didn't really know his Grandfather while he was alive. He only knew that he had one. Jakie Stone and her Husband, Charlie had his mother Sharron. Jakie knew Denis better, getting a little closer and there for knew him better. But, like his mother, also started to dislike Denis after a time, blaming him for him for her daughters un happyness and her divorce.
Brief life story: Happy up to the age of five, when he entered his dads hunting room and god savagely attacked by the family dog, then hit by his farther. When he was eleven, his mother and farther split up, causing a huge rift begin in Denises world. During his early teenage years, his farther bullied his mother to the point of tears for money, causing her the start to dislike him, causing him more stress. Becoming tired with lack of sleep and growing paranoia, making everyone stay clear of him, making the stress of exams, home life, and the growing loneliness make him more and more paranoid. After school, he got rented a flat and moved out of his old home, paying for it by the money he earned from his job in a cafe. Thinking he was being watched by something, he decided to gut his flat, going as far as to smash the wall, convinced it was hiding there. He was evicted, and lived on the streets for a while before going to a stay with a friend. After a few weeks, for his nineteenth birthday he was being taken to London by his friends, but freaked out and refused. Shortly after, he ripped his friend's house apart and, worried for him, they sent him to a special hospis. His psychiatrist advised him to get out of the country for a bit, and so he advised The Toluca Lake Manor in Silent Hill. He had a large argument with his farther before he left, but about two moths after that, he arrived. He's been there ever since.


Parents: A very bad relationship, especially his farther.
Siblings: n/a
Relatives of interest: His farther, and fraternal grandfather
friends: Shelly Walsham - work colleague
best friend: Matt Reed - friend that left him.
Enemies: (also add why) None that he knows of
Love interest: Shelly Walsham


Peaceful or violent: It would depend weather it had caused him to have a fit or not. If he thinks that its really going to kill him, or snaps under pressure, then he will grab whatever is nearest to him and bludgeon it to death, and even carry on hitting it until his adrenaline goes down. Normally, he would prefer to stay as far as he could get from the creature/person and either throw objects at it or shoot it. Anything that he could kill with that would leave him at a distance.
weapon of choice:
Fit weapon: Anything he could grab at the time (metal pipe, plank of wood)
Normal weapon: Gun, Axe.
fighting style: Stay away from the creature as best he can, and beat it with alot of small but powerful hits, that way, he wont lose as much health.


current residence: Toluca Lake Manor
occupation: Mental patient
Favourite types of food: Pasta, cheesy chips, biscuits.
Favourite types of drink: Dandelion & Burdock, Bucks fizz
Hobbies/past times: Comic books, reading, studying mythology and folk laws, collecting odd objects - one of his favorite is a small model of llama made of a murky, Jade like stone.
Guilty pleasures: n/a
Pet peeves: a loud ticking noise, shouting, when people scrape something with there nails.
Pets: a violent dog owned by his parents.
Talents: history, art, animals.
Favourite colours: Pale blue, dark greeny/blue, checkers, tartan.
Favourite type of music: Mostly pop and Folk like bands, such as Gorillaz and Imarobot, Fleet Foxes, Travis.

Reasons for going to "Toluca Lake Manor" (be very detailed) As advised by his Psychiatrist, he needs to take a brake form all the bad memories of were he lives, so a brief stay in another country would be perfect. He did not, however trust Denis to be alone, so already making arrangements, he made it look like it was Denis's choice to go there, when really he was just transferring him.

Obviously, I DID NOT do the picture in the background, however I DID do the boy in the middle ^^ This is for a group I'm hoping to enter.
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