52:39 - Insimbi Picture

I delayed finishing this particular sketch for personal reasons, but now that's it's finished, I'd like to present Insimbi to you. Insimbi is Bhawodi's father and one of the two last (known) remaining 'true born' Sangoma's, meaning that they possess true mystical abilities, rather than charisma and farcical placebos. While being old and frail, Insimbi is by no means incapable and has mastered the skill of crafting muthi to the point that he can channel energy from it and use it as a massively powerful weapon.

The catch, though, is that using the power like that takes a massive toll on his body, and his age prevents him for using it all that often. The father and son travel the country with a mission to protect the people from creatures like tokolosh, as well as muthi-induced aberrations. I rather like this redesign, because he initially looked like a lollipop with braids, but nowhere near old enough (he's in his late 60's).

More Wanton stuff to follow soon.

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