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Jumping on the Bandwagon with the Inspirational Map Meme!

So in case you were dying to know what inspires me, well I have to say...A LOT, lol. I didn't put these in any order or make them bigger to show more importance than the others, because I feel that even the things that I am not that into any more, they at least got the ball rolling, and so make up the map of my creativity and such. So with out further ado here they are from top left to bottom right:

alvin & Hobbes : One of my first comic strips I ever read. Bill Waterson's work was way before his time. The humor was at times dark and complex, but truly reflected the innocence of a mischievious six year old and his best stuffed tiger friend. Waterson captured the joys of of play and child hood. Beyond his humor is the art. Calvin & Hobbes may seem sketchy but when you look closely the style is rich and full of detail. Waterson is truely a master of technical work and gesture.

Hayao Miazaki: It wasn't until recently that I really started to appreciate his works. I have great respect for a man in this day in age who creates inteligent animation. His stories, characters and settings stretch the limits of creativity, dares people to enjoy an animated film that is not filled with poop jokes, and "pew pew pew" action sequences. Miazaki's fills are filled with a lot of heart and beauty. And on top of that, all or at least 90% of the film is traditionally hand drawn, which I feel is becoming a lost art in a day and age where everything is lolAfterEffects and Shiny 3D.

Disney: "Let's us remember one thing: This all began with a mouse" <- Every animator and aspiring animator has this man right here to thank. Say what you will about the Mouse, Disney films brought animation into the mainstream and made people realise that animation was a legitimate art form.

Square Enix/Final Fantasy: I was a late comer to this brand and game franchise too. I have no shame in admitting I jumped because of Kingdom Hearts and Advent Children, however I was there in my cousin's basement when the bambi moment of video games happened, and despite seeing only that one scene out of 7, the imagery really stuck with me until years later when I finally got into Final Fantasy. What I love about Final Fantasy, is that the games from the start had emphasis on the story and characters, and with each game they were pushing the limits of gaming and the technology. One of the biggest things I feel what makes them so iconic is their treatment of women in the games. From the start, Final Fantasy's women have always been more than the proverbial princess in the castle. Whether they are sweet and gentle like Aerith or hard hitters like Terra or Lighting, each female character has had a major impact on the storyline and major protagonists.
To me Final Fantasy is the complete package of games: gorgeous worlds, extreme attention to detail, engaging story and characters, iconic music & themes, and the drive to keep making them bigger and better. Whenever I need a bit of inspiration I pop 7 or 10 into the playstation and just let myself escape into the vivid worlds.

Yoko Matsushita: Yami No Matsuei was the anime that sucked me back into anime, and showed me that yes, yaoi did exist outside of fandom XD What I love about her work is that she blends "shojo" style - delicate and detailed lines with macabre. Her characterizations are very complex and stories are engaging. I love looking through her art books.

Van Gough: I love post-Impressionism. There is something about the raw emotions in his works that draw me too them. Don't get me wrong Impressionism is gorgeous, but to me they're kinda static; just light studies really. But Van Gough really captures mood and emotion in his paintings, and the use of non-local colors in some of his paintings has really inspired me to get better about color theory.

Yu-Gi-Oh: One of my very first anime-anime's. Wasn't too much inspired by the style or the story, but more so the characters. This series brought me into yaoi, and prompted me to really start participating in fandoms, (especially with out mary sues lol). The series is also a good feel good show. Whenever I want something good to mindlessly entertain me, Yu-gi-oh it is.

Sonic the Hedgehog/Archie Comics: This is probably the biggest influence on the map. Sonic got me into video games, inspired me to draw, and has been a major part of my life. The Archie Comics version fully expanded on the characters, gave them fleshed out stories and more development beyond the games. More importantly the comics were my influence to really explore graphic novels and comics as an art form. With out Sonic or the Sonic Comics, I don't think I would have been moved by anything on this list. Thank you True Blue Blur!

Ubisoft: My close rival for Square Enix. They too create pretty shiny games that with emphasis on story and character. You're not just stomping through levels killing things, lol, you're stomping through levels, killing things WITH A PURPOSE! XD, that aside the Prince of Persia series and Assassin's Creed have to be some of the most gorgeous and well executed games out there on the market. What inspires me about their games is their attention to form and detail of the body. Yes, I know we all joke about Ubisoft being major parkour nerds, but their character models are spot on, and it makes me want to draw the body in dynamic poses...(in ancient settings :3)

Venice, Italy: There is something magical about this city. The architecture, the water, Carnival, the masques...I don't know where to begin. But there is just a feeling of mystery and romance about this great city that it truely gets the art juices flowing.

Yoshitaka Amano: Probably most recognised as the concept artist for Final Fantasy, but I feel like he is so much more. There is something gorgeous, noble and haunting about his work. The figures are scene and calm and his attention to detail is just overwhelmingly awesome. I wish to have a fraction of this man's talent.

Pixar: Pixar doesn't play. They make movies that happen to be animated. Thanks to them I have faith in the industry, and there is something about their "Yes, we can!" spirit that makes me love them. John Lasseter is so my hero. I love how all their movies keep pushing them past their mark and raising the bar higher, with out sacrificing the integrity of their style. You can definitely tell which character is Pixar, and you can tell that the story that it is Pixar movie. Sorry to sound like an animation snot, but to me there is no greater 3D animation studio out there that respects the art of animation and it's history, while trailblazing ahead of the others. Sorry, I'll take toys, a cute robot, monsters in my closet, racing cars, super hero families, and a house tethered to balloons any day over animals stranded in Madagascar or a giant green ogre. This comic right here sums it up for me
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