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Name: Rosalyn Bria
Nickname: Rose

Age: 17

Birthday: June 22

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 5"3

Weight: 108 lb

Family: Ruling Family of Cloris
Father- King Emyrs - A strict king who worked in close relations with the orphanage he has immense magical powers which have the ability to even control entire forests.
Mother - Queen Primrose - A kind woman who seemed to run the kingdom with the inhabitants best interests at heart she was the one who insisted on curing Rose.

Species: She's often believed to just be a human.
Half Human, Half Nymph: Being half human allows her to travel outside of Rose Valor since Nymphs are generally bound to a certain area. However, nymphs generally can live for a long time and don't have many advanced usable Magical Powers as most magic is used as life force for a Nymph. Rose received immense magical powers from her father but the weakness of a human body is also something she inherited. From her Nymph mother's side, she inherited a long life and her specialization in nature Magic.

Nymph Details - Nymphs from Greek mythology are typically nature sprites or deities that have a connection to a specific part of the land. All Nymphs have an effect on the nature around them: some make the plant life nearby grow faster while others are able to heal plant life. Nymphs' long youth and age come from a trait that all nymphs and some half nymphs possess, freezing their age in its tracks around the age of 20-30 and resumes its normal speed of aging a significantly long time later in life, varying from individual to individual, or they may possibly never resume aging. A nymph can live as long as they wish, although diseases and injuries can still be easily fatal.

Dimension/World -
Cloris: A relatively small world made similar to earth in many ways.

Climate - The climate of the world was quite standard normal sunny climates with common light rain showers. Thunderstorms and such are vey rare.

Geography - The geography of the world consisted of flat terrain with very few mountains or non-fertile areas large freshwater lakes and rivers scattered around, few saltwater bodies of water. Also due to a large amount of the economy being based on farm labor much of the land is made up of farmland. Although there are few famous landmarks the ones that exist each have a unique and mysterious trait those landmarks being;
The Forest of Rose Valor - During some nights the forest emits a glowing green light and the trees seem to move so whoever has entered it often becomes trapped it makes a good defense as the forest surrounds the castle with one entrance which is heavily guarded.
Mount Sakura - largest mountain in the world and somehow there's Sakura trees growing close to the summit of the mountain however it's rumored this is where the orphanage had stationed it's headquarters.

Governing System - Monarchy being the Bria Family (Rose can still take over the throne after her parents step down) although everyone knew the true rulers were those who ran the orphanage. nobles being nymphs and satyrs, very rarely humans as humans were considered the peasants of the land due to their short lifespan.

Other Races and Cultures - Roses are worshiped in the dimension, there are many dark cults one of which is named the orphanage who takes children, most citizens were part of a cult. The dimension is full of Greek mythology creatures though mostly consisted of Nymphs, Satyrs, Lampads and Humans made up the civilian category
(The Orphanage - the largest cult in the world currently the people who run it are unknown but it's made up of an elite team of people as any who were deemed unsuitable were killed off upon entry.)

Oblivious (with people)- Not entirely surprising but she can miss the most obvious things about anyone.

Socially Awkward - Shes an absolute idiot when with people though she does enjoy being with others.

Glutton - Though she knows restraint to some limit she can't resist the strawberry tarts.

Kind - She always puts other's priorities before her own and sometimes that can make her appear forward.

Stubborn - She usually doesn't listen to people when they try to stop her even when its for best. Also gets extremely stubborn around people she considers friends

Clumsy - She doesn't have the best vision or coordination, she trips over everything and sometimes nothing at all

Overreacts - She does overthink things a lot...

Book Smart - was better educated than most people starting from a young age but when it comes to people shes completely, utterly an idiot.

Shy - She'll become a blushing mess the second she thinks she did something wrong or if you were to say something embarrassing to her

Curious - For the chance to be on the World Train who wouldn't be?

Nosy - Although she doesn't mean any harm by it she will sometimes try to learn about things that one may not want to reveal though it never has a ill intentions behind it.

Sad - She's usually quite cheerful though if you were to mention her past she would probably go in a state of depression and such.

Sensitive- Watch your words around her since the slightest of rude remarks can make her tear up and or burst out crying

Wimp - Rose can be a big wimp sometimes and she really cant deal with scary things though she can man up when its needed... most of the time

Dishonest - Shes dishonest to herself and others about her past always putting up a cheerful facade when it comes in question along with a random story to try to avoid the topic.

Impulsive - She does sometimes act on impulse and rush into something without thinking.

Intimidating- she gets like this whenever one tries to dig into her past against her will or whenever she meets a fire Mage/user

Age 0-8 - She lived a happy childhood though she didn't get many interactions with children or people other than the maids and butlers as she was extremely sheltered by her overprotective parents despite that she was often referred as the prodigy of the royal family excelling in her studies as well as magic and right on track to becoming the successor to the throne. However around that time of her professors, a fire mage named Ignagius was angered due to the royal family failing to save his wife, he went insane and blamed the royal family for his wife's death and did so not long after.

Age 9 - During her 9th birthday a great party was held the royal family made the mistake of inviting Ignagius who took the chance to add a poison known as Aidoneus to young Rose's drink, soon after she had the first magic leak into her blood causing a surge somehow not killing her but leaving her in a weak state however Rose's parents spared no expenses in treating the disease though unfortunately it was incurable no matter how many sums of money were poured into the cause so not wanting to become a burden for her family she left home able to escape the castle one night bringing a few provisions those being held in a enchanted pouch included rapier and the bow, Elixer, Rosewater Potion recipe, Brair Rose Amulet, money, and a bit of food.

Disease/Poison Aidoneus Details - The poison had been known to kill any Nymph who contracted as it De-stabilizes the magic flow in the body or in other words the life force of a Nymph. Humans however have somewhat less fatal effects the destabilization of their magic flow causes leaking of magic into ones bloodstream damaging some crucial systems. The effects of the disease on Rose include limited use of magic and stamina, the disease also left her immune system weak leaving her prone to diseases.

Age 10 - 15 - Meets Lilian a energetic social and kind human who also had some magical abilities. She and Rose became instant friends after Lilian saved her from a magic surge and helped Rose crawl out of her she'll a little. Lilian and her family took her in and the 2 became inseparable they took magic jobs for money it was fun she rarely ever had a magic surge during this time and Rose was happy however on her 15th birthday they went on an "easy" job of taking down a troublesome cult named "The Anarchy" that eventually led to Rose's meeting of her old professor Ignagius due to him being a member of so said cult, frozen in fear during this time she was only able to watch as Lilian jumped infront of her and was killed (burned to death) Rose knowing full well she could've easily saved Lillian, Rose subconsciously activated Blood Rune after being wounded in the left arm in attempt to kill Ignagius though it failed and the fire Mage was able to escape.

Age 16 - Goes back to the house she and Lilian lived in Lilian's relatives comforting Rose not blaming her for the death of Lilian. Recovery from using Blood Rune took up most of the year. To this day she believes it was her weakness that killed Lilian and never mentions it to anyone.

Age 17+ - After her 17th birthday Rose completely healed and left the house and just wandered around the world eventually coming in contact with a rumor of a Dimension Hopping train or in other words the World Train. Unsure and adventurous as she decided to board the train as a possible chance for a new beginning.

(Eyes glow a bright green whenever using magic. Too perform the manipulation spells Rose has to current her magic with the palm of her hand usually sending through the the palm of her hand.)

Physical Skills:
Chores- She's skilled in cooking, cleaning, tailoring, and etc. from her time living with Lilian since she did most of the chores.
Gardening- Magic and skill enhances this skill but not very useful besides for ingredients.
Art - She's a skilled artist, although not a professional she's gifted in using watercolors.
Medicine- ironic since she can't heal her own disease, but she has extensive knowledge of natural medicines.

Physical Combat -
Archery - Roses best skill on terms of physical work due to her inability to run and eye of the unseen she's become a great marksman. Similar physics to the rapier has magic concentrated blood although Rose perfers not to use it.
Rapier - Not Roses Strongest point but she's not horrible, it's used with the right hand while the left is for magic usage.

Nymph Magic Skills :
Healing Aura - Rose has always had a slight healing aura to those around her although she herself doesn't realize it, seems to drain her magic, it comes from her Nymph half. Can also direct it towards a certain place for a quick heal , although it takes a lot of stamina to do so.

Rose Manipulate - Rose's key move she seems to manipulate/enhance matter, primarily roses she typically controls the plant to attack with or to use if other purposes, with extra magic and concentration she can manipulate the rose's properties those including (works with other plants too) shape (not much though), temperatures, density, color, state of matter, and etc.

Human Magic Skills:
Eye of the unseen - Focus to objects far away not the most useful but it helps when looking for enemies, makes the eyes glow occasionally works to navigate areas. Skill comes from her father.
Enchant - A power up for an item or person other than herself which gives a boost to it/them, the time of effect ,power and etc. depending on how much magic was used.

(side skill - Blood Rune - (Use of this skill can and possibly will kill Rose when activated) Its a dangerous skill that can just about kill anything in a large vicinity of her if not controlled properly, it uses the concentrated magic that has leaked into her blood to attack the enemy.

Health - the disease leaves her health in no good state, Overuse of skills will sometimes injure her even.

Cold - She's not resistant to the cold...

Defense - She can barely defend self while shes casting

Stamina - She can't do much for a long period of time and that's about it.

Regeneration - Generally below average regeneration speed that takes even longer than a human unless magic,medication,etc was used on it though the capabilities are as capable as a nymph.

Fire - Rose doesn't like fire due to the fire mage professor she once had which gave her the disease and because of the she may freeze up upon witnessing it.

Health: 52
Magic: 240
Attack: 90
Defense: 57
Speed: 61

Main Weapon - Bow and arrow - Weapon of choice she's a great marksman. Like the rapier the bow is very rarely used.
Sub Weapon - Rapier - Rarely used, but can be used as a boomerang (of death) sometimes due to the magic concentrated blood stored in the hilt.

Items: Has a Magic/Enchanted Pouch to store items

Potions - Elixer and Rosewater Potion - Elixer is a powerful healing potion that helps lessen effects of Rose's disease has a limited supply of these so she rarely brings them with her unless going out of the train and there's a possibility of using up all her Rose water Potions

Rosewater Potions strengthen her immune system and also decreases the effects of the magic virus/Disease in Rose for about 8 hours, almost on par with the elixer she adds it to tea since it has a distinct taste of rose and honey she uses them as medicine it she's unable to at least drink a teaspoon of this 2 times daily while performing ANY extreme physical activities (such as running) she'll pass out and most likely get sick.

Cat Treats - for Eve or any animals

Sketchbook - Rose carries it around everywhere usually so she can sketch any unique plants she comes accross

Briar Rose Amulet - A painful reminder of her past that she seems to never throw away she keeps it in her Pouch all the time.

Clothing - The clothing she typically wears is enchanted with a simple protective aura and she prefers luxurious clothing out of habit.

Art - She's no professional but shes a relatively good artist and it also helps her relax
Animals - Animals calm her down and cheer her up especially Eve, animals seem to like being with her.
Sweets - She loves sweet food.
Herbs - She likes making concoctions or tea out of herbs her cooking also specializes in special herbs and spices.
Luxurious Items - Old habits die hard or so they say, Rose has yet to grow out of luxury
Adventures - Although she usually refrains she actually enjoys going on missions or adventures or etc.

Cold - she doesn't do well in the cold although its more of a preferance
Fire, Fire Mages/Users/Etc. - she despises fire mages though she knows better than to destroy friendships over magic.
Past - Don't speak of her past with her and it'll affect any bonds with her if she doesn't seem up to talking of it although information of her disease doesn't affect her much though she is quite weary of speaking anything.
June 22 - Her Birthday and probably the day she hates the most due to the Death of her friend you'll probably not see her this day and its probably best if you don't
People Fussing over her - she doesn't like people fussing over her disease mainly because she doesn't want to be a bother

Misc. Facts:
Stuttering Mess - When you 1st talk to her she will be a complete stuttering mess no joke...

never speaks of past -doesn't like to think of. The past she also dislikes being judged

Easily Cries - most sensitive person ever... But she can be quite tough when needed

She can be very cheerful- whenever you warm up to her then she acts less timid and actually jokes around or just seems a lot happier.

Her hair's soft and fluffy - but she gets rather embarrassed whenever someone touches her hair....

Pet: Eve - shown above
Weight - 1/2 lb.
Eve - a small cream colored kitten Found abandoned and half dead but after being nursed back to health it remans a loyal companion to Rose. though she usually is wandering or sleeping in Rose's room though it does join Rose occasionally on missions or though very rarely due to Rose's protectiveness towards the creature. Eve loves high places and has a strange habit of perching itself on people's heads or shoulders which is possible with it's small size. Eve also has advanced senses of taste,smell,sense(touch),sight,sound making her extremely useful when navigating or on missions.

Relationships: None so far

RP Sample -
It was close to sunrise when Rose crept through the halls of the Castle which was luckily quite empty the guards all exhausted from the nights work, only a few guards wandering the corridors, an occasionally guard lightly dozing against the wall, Rose passing them quietly her heart practically stopping each time one stirred as she slipped into empty lower level kitchen. Rose breathing a sigh of relief as she grabbed a few provisions and then escaped through the back door to the surrounding forests looking back at the castle, she checked for her belongings she'd barely realized how dirty and tired she was and she knew that she'd rather be in her soft bed dozing off, just thinking about it though made her sleepy as she dismissed the thought. Sighing again as she turned around and made her way into the forest the sound of crickets echoing through the forests, the light of the sun just peeking out from over the horizon being her only guide through the dark forest, and the taste of pine in the morning air as she heard shouts from the direction of the castle no doubt they had found she was missing taking that as a cue to run deeper and deeper in ignoring the pain her disease was starting to cause. She knew she would never forget that dawn, the dawn of which she left the castle.
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