'Egyptian Royalty' Fin Picture

Name: Runihura (AKA: Runi or Hura)
Age: Stopped aging at 23, FAR older however
Height: 1.94m
Weight: 110kg
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual (Leans towards Males more)
Likes: Spending time in his personal Library, reading about Mythology, Egyptian Clothing and long strolls along the beach.
Dislikes: Humans, Old World Gods, Being called Pregnant after a big meal, New Technology, Having to eat people to Live, People who think they 'know it all'

Diet: Humans and small, unsuspecting creatures
Things He Cannot Eat:
- Any and All fruits and veggies (They give him a bad case of gas and indigestion)
- In-edible objects/things (He ain't a goat, shark or Croc people)
- Fur/hair/Feathers (He generally skins creatures and shaves humans since Hair also gives him indigestion)
- Extremely bitter/sour things (HEART BURN! And an awful taste in the mouth D= )

Species: Appears to be some species of horse but it isn't known what he is.

Important Features:
- Typical Horse like build
- Each ear has 3 Skewer Piercings and 1 regular piercing.
- Eye Marking curls around ENTIRE eye
- Wears Eyeshadow
- Mane has a natural curl to it, and often times is braided
- Teeth form towards the back of his throat, teeth are also found throughout his entire throat down to the stomach where they end.
- Often times braids his tail
- Mouth Opens and unhinges like a Serpents making swallowing of larger prey far easier.

Some Extra Notes about Runi
- Runihura's body is covered in a VERY thin, semi-invisible slime. This slime acts as both a Sedative and a Lubricant. It also gives his body a metallic sheen to it (Silver), the Slime has a bubbly, fruity taste to it.
- Runi must lick off all the slime if he doesn't wish for someone to get affected by it. Namely for the sake of sex (He isn't affected by the sedative like effects, however licking it off makes him rather randy)
- When Ingested the Slime works within a few minutes (Smaller Prey) to Thirty Minutes (Humans/Larger Prey) before they are out cold and snoozing.
- When Asleep and after ingestion of the Slime, Runihura's play is slowly being dissolved from the inside, much like a spider's venom does to insects.
- Bones are dissolved and turned into a 'soup' like substance inside of the body, Runi will then proceed to remove and Hair, Fur or Feathers from his prey so that he can swallow it easier as well as not get sick from them.
- Smaller prey is swallowed whole, but Larger Prey must be taken in chunks.
- Runihura's throat acts as a Secondary Mouth, the fangs at the back of his throat latch onto what goes inside and forces it down. Fangs outline each segment of his throat but the rest of the way down to his stomach lacks them.
- Runihura's stomach takes up 90% of the Abdomen, and lives very little room for other organs. He does have the standard amount of intestines for a horse (70 feet) but it's all compiled up towards the back of the body, along with other organs.
- Runi's stomach skin and the areas there are VERY flexible and stretchy, so when he has a big load it balls out... making him look quite pregnant.
- Digestion Time varies depending on size of prey, generally an Hour or two for smaller prey to fully go through his system, to a day or three for much larger prey.


Hoozah colors! And he's quite the sexy beast now I'll have to say. His coloration is based off Cream colored Horses and a Bay marking style, his markings are an Aquamarine whereas his mane is a Zebra striped Purple/Neon Green. I have a thing for greens lately... well greens and purples >_>;;;;;

My little Merciful Man-Eater's precious <3 I loves him so much <3

Edit: Reposting this because of a set of comments that annoyed me. Excuse me, just because he's an ANTHRO doesn't mean he has to have a raging 10 foot cock hanging out between his fucking legs! *end rant*
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