Theseus Picture

Name: Theseus
Nickname: Zeus, Hollywood, golden boy
(Theseus is the man from greek mythology who kills the Minotaur with help from Ariadne.)

RP: Fawnlings
Herd: Silverthorne

Age: 14 years (born late summer, year 745 of the New Age)
Gender: stag
Breed: Fawnling
Height: 13 HH
Body type: Medium

Color: Golden Palomino Smoky Fawn
Genotype: ee/A+A/nCr/ff/fwsfws

Bloodlines: Foundation
Design #5:

Fight Stat
Overall stat: 18 (born with 9+3 total)
Speed: 6 (max level 7!)
Stamina: 4
Strength: 7
Experience: 1

Herb Lore Level: Basic [2]
Magic Level, Fire: Medium [13]

Battles in his past:
0 wins of 1 battles
Unrun fight gainst Rowan - no stats yet

Slightly mad at the world and feeling a lot of weight on his
shoulder from what other fawnlings are expecting of the
golden boy. Zeus comes off as moody, serious, hard to get in
contact with and in general not someone easy to like. Although,
he always tries to do right by other fawnlings.
Because of the father's pressure, Zeus rather good fighter
and though dislikes taking part in an unnecessary kill, he will do
whatever nessary to protect someone in need. He loooves the
ladies, just doesn't know how to act around them yet, so can be
somewhat inappropriate.
Zeus has a great thought process, always thinking strategically
much like his father taught him. He is mentally strong and
constantly thinking and analyzing situations and surroundings.

Zeus was born a golden fawnling in Silverthorne, meaning he
was special even before he learned to walk. People have
always expected him to be great and become a good warrior
like his father. To be a good examples to those younger, and
golden child full of promise.

And Zeus has tried his best to be all of that and please his
parents. Especially the very strict and demanding father. But
no matter how well he has done in a fight or in anything at
all, he has always been told to do better. To try harder. To be
a better son.

When he became mature (5) things only got worse for Zeus.
He started hating his father and got issues with authority.
Being a soldier in training is not helping him like authorities
more - quite the opposite. Everyone is demanding something
of him all the time, and he feels like no matter how well he
does it will never be satisfying. And he has worked very hard.

At the age of seven he was a moody young stag, who feels the
weight on his shoulders. Slightly mad at the world, hating his
father and tired of the current path he is on.

Today(13 almost 14) Zeus has set some of his problems aside
and focused on a goal, becoming general. He has trained and
continues to train his fighting and magical abilities. He wishes to
settle down with a mate as well.

Mother: Farahmi (NPC) -> chestnut doe, still alive
Father: Kathar (NPC) -> palomino stag, retired general, still alive

Breeding info:
available to the public.

Art of Zeus:…
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