Griffon Picture

Name: Griffon (Gri-fon)
Ht: 5'11"
Wt: 180lbs
Age: Unknown
Likes: friends
Hates: Unknown
Favorite Shen Gong Wu: Da Hippa Hoppa
Powers: Light beams

(The following is in my Xiaolin Showdown movie)

Griffon made his debut in the second movie, siding with Werewulf, Basilisk and Spectre. He, along with Basilisk Spectre, Werewulf and Scorpius are the feared 'Anti- warriors'- The second generation of Xiolain warriors who defected because of thier leader, Scorpius. Grffon, like the other three warriors, are fiercely loyal to Scorpius. about 1500 years ago, the Anti warriors were said to be utterly invincible, but for some unknown reason, were sealed inside an ancient tome. They were later freed by Apocalypse in the current century. It is also said that the combined might of the Anti warriors could easily defeat Apocalypse.

Griffon is the cheerful one of the group (however this changes drastically upon entering State Two), and actually puts honor and repects above all other traits, which usually annoys one of the others.

Currently, Griffon has entered "State Two", and is Fighting Raimundo in Origin Tower.


Griffon was awakened by Apocalypse to fight for him, instead of thier true master, Scorpius. He highly repects his opponents, which annoys fellow anti warrior Basilisk to no end.

He speaks in an slightly excited and honorable tone.


-Enhanced Speed and Strength
-Light Ray manipulation form his fingers and wings

Attacks known:

-Telepathy: Griffon can recieve and transmit thoughts to the other Anti- warriors and Scorpius

-Light beam: A simple light enrgy beam fired from Griffon's fingertips.

-Light Cannon: A large beam of light energy fired from Griffons hands.

-Multi ray: Four beams of light are shot from Griffon's hands and wings to the opponent.

-Laser Fist: Griffon charges light enrgy into his hands, and attacks with them.
Creation and Conception

Like the other Anti- warriors, I base Griffon of a mythological creature (the Griffin). I wanted him to be different from all the other villains I've made so far, so I made him honorable. He was also made to serve as the direct opposite of Basilisk.

Body Style wise, I made him have the body of a man with the head of a hawk, and wings from his back. The long hair came later, as did the pants.
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