Concept Art: PJ Party Girls Picture

Concept art for a comic idea. They are 4 supernatural friends in their early teens (mentally at the least, not all of them age the way humans age).
They are based on supernatural creatures from Danish folklore. In fact, all of these four girls are pretty dangerous, should someone manage to piss them off.

In the actual story they are having a slumber party together at the little witch's house (placed at the edge of the forest).

Siri: The witch is pretty much following normal witch clichés. She's a cute little rebel, and - somewhat ironically - pretty much a carbon copy of her witch mother (nice rebelling there, Siri).

The elle girl: Needs a proper name. This is basically the Danish mythological version of an elf girl, from before Tolkien came along and changed everything about how elves should be perceived.
The elle girls would come out and dance at night in the forest, and could danse men to death from exhaustion. They could also drive men insane (for instance by shooting them with their enchanted elle-arrows). Elle girls are usually beautiful blonde girls dressed in white with hollow backs (the back was how you could tell they were not human). The myth varies on how that back affects them, but in my version they disappear if you look straight into it.

My character is basically just your fun-loving and mischievous little soon-to-be man-eater. It's easy to convince her of doing stupid stuff, as long as it sounds fun and exiting. True to myth, she also knows how to use a bow.
I've given her pointed ears just because elves today need those (and they're fun to do), but mythologically speaking that's actually incorrect.

Cherry Plum: Named from the fruit (Mirabel in Danish). My troll girl is a geeky little fur-ball. Don't ask how they have gotten internet in the troll hill, but she sure knows how to use it.
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