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Name: Li Xiao Jian, from the Li household
Nicknames: Xiao, Ji-Ji (only from his mother)
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height/Weight: 5’10”; 175lbs
Birthday/Birthplace: March 30th, Fire Nation Capital City
Nationality: Fire Nation
Bending Status: Firebender

- Xiao Jian prides himself in his tongue (no, not like that). His grandparents constantly refer to him as their silver-snake grandson due to his ability to talk and manipulate his way out of most situations.
- For whatever reason, Xiao Jian has a difficult time bending through his arms and hands (his mother says it’s because his arms are crossed all the time), but is extremely proficient at bending through his legs/feet and mouth. Because of this, he’s quite adept at combat poised from low stances: propping himself on or off the ground with his arms, and using his legs to do the work.
- Cooking. You would think that – with his family being of wealth – he would never have needed to learn to cook at all. Regardless, he likes sneaking into the main house’s kitchen at odd hours and between meals to whip up some Fire Nation favorites. The man’s always eating.

Physical Appearance:

It’s difficult to look more obviously Fire Nation than this guy does – complexion, hair, eyes, height, poise and posture, down to the sharp cheekbones and slender hands. He sports more traditional clothing from his home nation than he sees most people in Republic City wearing, sans the usual top-knot hairstyle that a lot of his family members still wear. Xiao’s face looks strikingly similar to all of his older siblings’ faces, the only difference being a slightly flatter nose and more dramatically angular eyes, which his oldest sister likes to say makes him look perpetually like a pissed-off cat. He prides himself in a complexion and body without any birthmarks or scars, but really, it also makes him feel a bit boring. His height allows him to tower over most people (particularly women), which he gets great amusement from and uses to fuel his ever-present goal to be as better-than-everyone as possible. Like most of his family, too, his metabolism is something fierce and keeps him in a near constant state of eating without gaining much of any sort of weight – this will probably diminish as he gets older, much like it did for his father, who slightly resembles a roly-poly.


Being the center of attention, complaining, overly decadent furnishings, cooking, extra-spicy food, snark & sarcasm, his many siblings, using the excuse “because I said so”, well-tailored clothes, cleanliness, feeling superior, being taken care of by anyone/everyone, his home city, bending training, hot springs, seasonal festivals, night-time, bladed weaponry

Swimming, dirt, animals, being ignored, “quiet time”, compromising, having to listen or follow instructions for long sessions, most water benders (on the biased idea that he finds the whole spirituality of it “hippie-dippie”), cars (freaks him out, he’ll just walk or take a carriage, thank you), doing laundry, loose threads in his clothes, reading books, meditating, naivety, mythology and legends


His grandparents call him their silver-tongued grandson, but his bending trainers prefer to call him the “brat-bender”; when he’s not listening, of course. Being the youngest of seven children has given him the worst sort of attention complex – meaning that he needs and wants attention, all the time, from everyone and anyone, or else. While Xiao Jian’s not prone to throw tantrums or be particularly loud and vocal about his need for simultaneous approval and social superiority, he is not above making his sentiments (negative and offensive, usually) known through biting remarks and quiet, harsh sarcasm. Despite never wanting to be considered a baby, he loves being babied and spoiled by family members and the few close relations he has. Somewhere in that annoyingly haughty little heart, Xiao desperately wants friends to dote on him and to be around (one of seven children makes him quite dislike solitude), though he’s been hard pressed to find someone that can stand him for more than five minutes. On the rare instance he makes a friend or forms a relationship, he shows great capacity for affection (regardless of how passive aggressive it actually is) and secretly enjoys doting on loved ones equally as much as he enjoys being doted upon. He is capable of being very professional and regal when the occasion calls for it, but for the most part, his emotional and coping maturity is several grades below his intellectual maturity, and it shows.


The Li family – aside from having a painfully generic last name, so much so that it was a process trying to explain which Li family one descended from – was a family of old money. Old money, old power, strong firebending roots and deep-seated tradition. Xiao Jian was born as the last child of seven to Bao Zhai, politician, and Mei Fen, housewife extraordinaire, of the Li household. Specifically, he was born on the East wing on the third floor of the Li estate, overlooking the courtyard where the family’s indentured servants were already preparing a formal celebration to welcome the new baby Li to a household that, as Xiao’s grandparents would argue, already had too many children to deal with. The six older children, to the dismay of the family and their personal doctor, had all been born quite sickly with health problems that would follow them through the rest of their lives. It came, then, as a great shock to the parents that Xiao Jian was, in fact, healthy. So much of a shock that his name’s characters literally mean “little healthy one”.

Being the ‘little healthy one’ of the family, Xiao Jian got to experience opportunities, achieve goals, and endure intense bending training from a young age that his siblings were incapable of participating in due to their health. While this kept him quite satisfied in his quest to be his parents’ favorite, it simultaneously alienated him from his brothers and sisters, particularly as they married off and left the estate. During his elementary education, he had difficulty making friends due to his brutally competitive and insolent behavior, and was eventually put into homeschooling in his adolescent years (his parents gave him many reasons for the change, but he most prevalent was so he would just stop making the other children cry and want their mothers). Through the years, as the political powers in the Fire Nation began to migrate to Republic city, his family’s social prowess began to deteriorate significantly. With only three of the seven children still living at home, it was a simple solution to contact former political allies and relocate to the bending-friendly half of Republic City to attempt to claim some of these peace profits for themselves in the hopes of rebuilding a dying family legacy.

The Li family moved to the calmer of the city with great difficulty adjusting to not every living soul being pompously loyal to the Fire Nation (“And with only two indentured servants and three maids, Bao Zhai, how will we live?”). Xiao Jian continued to be homeschooled mostly for the reason that he didn’t want to have to co-mingle with anybody that may have touched a water-bender (a long standing family bias, due to the two elements being the opposite of each other), and lived in silent displeasure towards his family for the relocation. At about the age of twenty, having had no tragic life experiences except for that one time he got grounded for stealing his brother’s wheelchair and painting it pink, he moved into a flat style apartment (financed by his grandmother) with the blind and rather stupid idea that doing so would grant him all the freedoms he desired. Once he realized that work was required to keep up the maintenance of his own living quarters and that there was nobody there to give him attention, he moved back in with his family. The whole rebellious escapade lasted exactly 12 days.

Currently, Xiao Jian continues to live with his parents, grandparents, and two siblings. He spends most of his time either with his bending trainer, his grandmother, or exploring the streets and stores of Republic City with as critical an eye as possible. Over the past couple years, he tried to pass time with dating, but neither attractive men or women found his ability to pay for everything alluring enough to put up with him for any significant amount of time, so he’s given up entirely on the notion of a romantic relationship.

RP Sample:

“That’s a freaking lie.” Xiao Jian counters, staring down his brother who was currently in the process of trying to convince him that the origins of Firebending came from fire toads instead of dragons. Based on the smile creasing Chong Lin’s face, it’s obvious that he’s not completely serious, but his persistence makes the youngest sibling puff up in annoyance anyway. Xiao gives up on the conversation, opting to push his wheel-chair laden brother down the hallway and exit before his parents can voice their disapproval. He pushes open the back door of the West wing, the hot air hitting his face like a brick wall, and he grimaces as he starts on his daily walk around the city. A couple steps in, he spies a quaint little tailoring shop that he must’ve looked over on previous routes of the town. He allows himself a pause to think ‘how tacky’, before he pushes open the door. “Hello?”

Additional Information:

- Really, really hates carrots
- Is the closest with his eldest sister, and the brother closest to his own age
- Most of his clothes are traditional Fire Nation pieces, or modern takes on them, and range in the same color schemes. It’s sort of boring.
- Strongly dislikes change of any sort.
- Rarely ever gets sick, to the jealousy of six sickly siblings
- Adores his grandmother
- Has a strong superiority complex, which lends to his dislike of most other elements other than his own
- Hates being alone or feeling left out, and will absolutely torment the nearest person for attention and inclusion by any means necessary.
- His grandfather was supposedly born to both a fire bending mother and an earth bending father, so there are some traces of Earth in his bloodline. He will never admit to this.
- He will never vocalize any sort of emotion, and choses to express affection, apologies, or anything of the sort through purchasing items or cooking food for the person in question.
- Finds jewelry of any sort to be distasteful and tacky, unless the item is a traditional piece for ceremonies or marks of stature (ex: the fire symbols that nobles wear in their top-buns in the Fire Nation, or the spikes on the shoulders describing social rank).
- Has no real sexual preference whatsoever. He likes who he likes, and that person is just going to have to suffer under his less-than-polite advances and pestering for attention.

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