Luke Winston Time-Line Picture

Full Name [& Pronunciation] – Lucas Dallas Winston
Age in story - 3
Certified Birthdate – April 14th
Gender - male
Aliases & Preferred Nicknames –Luke, baby-boy
Sexuality: Bisexual

Distant Descendants: Japanese, Irish
Dominant Descendants : English, Russian

Physical Description
Hair Color – Jet-black with natural platnuim blonde streaks, usually styled in a messy combanation of shaggy and spikey.
Eye Color – Light blue that switches shades from Icey blue to electrike blue to dark blue depending on the time of day and lighting.
Weight – about 36/37 pounds.
Height - 40 inches tall
Typical Clothing Wear: Cameo t-shirt, dark blue jeans, red converse and a black and white wrist-band.
Figure/Build- By the time he's 13 he'll have a pretty good build similair to Soda's and will grow up to be a very tall man. Until then the 3 year-old version of him that lives in my story is a typical little, scrawny child.
Distinguishing Features/Scars/ or Birthmarks- by the time he's an adult his nose will have been broken in rumbles so many times that there's a perminate bump in the bone, and he'll have a large knife scar on his back shoulder-blade. He has a small birth-mark on the back of his neck.
Piercings: Luke will have peirced his left ear twice by the time he's 15.
Frequently Worn Jewelry: a silver cross with a small red ruby in the center that he got from Dally and a black and white wrist-band that he's had since he was born(It can be adjusted)

Personal Information
Current Living Arrangements – Tulsa, Oklahoma Greaser territory
Originated from – Born in New York City, spent the first 3 years in Dalton, Massachusetts then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Hobbies – Drawing, Sketching, singing, Writing songs, playing guitar and singing,
Fears – Claustraphobic, sharks, preforming infront of large groups of people, his friends and family dying.
Religion/Beliefs – Catholic but only goes to church on Easter and Christmas.
Why?: He had a fight with the priest's son when he was 12, since he goes to church almost daily Luke tries to avoid him.

Health Behaviors
Physical Ailments/ Disabilities/ Issues – Has Dyslexia.
Addiction(s) [Sex, Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, Other]: Used to smoke alot but eventually managed to kick the habbit when he was 17. Has been addicted to sex since he was 13 and lost his virginity.
Why?: When he gets fed-up(like about failing classes in school due to his Dyslexia) he'd have a smoke for the adrenaline rush and to sooth himself. As for sex, well, when he's older he becomes a very horny fella.

Chronological Information
Profession – right now, is a pre-school student.
Likes – His friends and family, art, music, dogs, mickey mouse, horses, cars and motorcycles.
Dislikes – Small spaces, sharks, preforming infront of people, when someone in the gang gets 'hauled in'.
Goals/Ambitions – Wants to be a either a proffesional musician or artist.
Weapons/Equipments – Right now, none because he's only 3 but when he's older Two-bit gives him a blade that he swiped from some store awhile back.

Personal Attributes
Personality – Creative, sweet(if he knows you), artistic, energenic, curious, funny and adorable.
Strengths – Loyal to his friends, faimly and loved ones, when he's older he learns to fight from Darry, Dally and Tim and Two-bit later teaches him the basics of shop-lifting.
Weaknesses – When he was younger he was sorta naive which, being involved in a gang, can get you into trouble and when he gets over, his recklessness.
Good Habits – Very creative, a fast runner, sweet.
Bad Habits – Stage-fright, smoking from age 11 to 17, sex since 13.
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors – Has a sorta good-cop/bad-cop fetish.
Stereotype - Greaser
As you know them better(and you like them) : Sweet, funny, creative, energenic and curious.
As you know them better(and you hate them) : Freak, Faggot, theif, punk-ass, drop-out.

Ratings on Personal Qualities(He's 18 in this part okay?)
Physical Strength : 7/10
Attractive : 8/10
Honesty : 5/10
Rule Abiding : 3/10
Sociability : 6/10

Language(s) – English, but uses alot of slang.
Schooling Level – Pre-school student.
Chemistry – Do pre-schoolers take chemistry?!
Math - low
English - midst
Geography – low
Politics/Law - Midst
Economy - Midst
Cooking/Culinary – low
Shop - Low
Botany/Biology - low
Mythology - high
Art – high
Reading Level – low

Relationships Statuses

Closest Friend(s)- The Curtis gang, The Shepard family/gang. More friends to come one here later.
Hated Rivals- Wesley Valance(oc) AKA Cherry's little brother
Worst Enemies –The Socs
Hot Encounters
Lover(s) – None yet but when he's older and in the future story of mine he will have some.

Extra Information
Eating Habits
Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore – Herbivore, He saw a video of a slaughter house once and it scared him right onto the Vegetarian path.
Favorite Food(s): Red-vines, Cheetos, Mashed potatoes, Carrots, Fruits.
Favorite Drink(s): Pepsi, lemonade, grape-juice.
Disliked Food(s): Meat-products.

Song(s) That Best Describes Character -
“Gay boyfriend" by The Hazzards
“I kissed a Boy" by Cobra Starship
"I set Fire to the Rain" by Adele
"We are Young" by Fun
"The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars.

Favorite Color: Red/Blood-red/Scarlet
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Music Genre: Rock and Roll

Most Memorable Quotes –
"I am swear to god I'm gonna kill the next person who call me a faggot!" 16-year old Luke
"Daddy, I think Soda's dying." 4-year old Luke.
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