Art the Piasa Profile Picture

Full Name: Art the Piasa Bird
Gender: Male
Current Age: Unknown
Species: Piasa Bird
Ability Type: Fly and Power
Specialty: Trucking and Traveling
Personality: Calm, independent, friendly, quiet, insecure at times
Likes: Traveling, Trucking, being the navigator
Dislikes: Being concealed, being judged, dark past memories
Family: Treats Casey (… ) like a sister since his original family is gone
Friends: Flair (… ), Sasha (… ), Liza (… ), and any traveler
Enemies: Arrogant humans
Crushes/Loves: N/A
Important Details:
- He was a part of a Piasa colony in which forever stayed in hiding since human warriors had finally put an end to the original Piasa, and the humans believed that there was only one in existence. In this hidden colony, he stood out by making a man powered truck out of wood, sticks, rocks, etc. He always had a dream of traveling the world in big trucks ever since they were invented and having a life on the open road not worrying about being spotted and feared by humans.
- Whenever the colony went out to raid various villages empty (as in one Piasa per village), he would never go out to collect the victims, but get off track and explore more of the area. On one of these raids, he was spotted by a young girl, who was separated from her tribe years ago, and still searching for it. After much convincing that he was not evil, and ripped out his longest fangs to prove it, the two finally became good friends and he led her back to her tribe. When the girl told the head warriors and chiefs how she found her way back by a kind and gentle Piasa Bird, they have searched for the colony, using the girl as a prisoner until she told them what area he was spotted. Following tracks, the giant army of warriors and chiefs finally found the colony, and a bloody war began. Meanwhile, he was out on another traveling spree close by gathering nature supplies to work on his man powered truck. When he returned to the colony's nest which reeked with the scent of blood and decaying flesh, most warriors and everyone he knew including his family and the girl were gone. In eternal sadness, he finished his truck over the years since he had nothing no one else left to care for. When he was finished, he left the nest to lurk dark roads in the dead of the night, and run drivers off the road followed by getting out of the truck and attacking victims in his blacked out rage whenever he thought of his family being killed by warriors and his confusion of if his only friend either being forced to or volunteered to reveal the colony's nest.
- Recently in that time frame there have been reports of an evil piasa and it's mysterious truck, as well as other confused mythical creatures and their killing sprees or rampages. These newspaper headlines reached the Mobian press and specialists so rapidly that society had a confinement built to forever lock in these mythical beasts because they were so dangerous.
- Being one of the first ones captured and locked up, he has been one of the longest staying inmates since the confinement was built. He has stayed there long enough to think killing victims is just as tragic as having family killed, and death in general is hard on everyone. These thoughts led him into a deep depression of agony which even caused him to break a little bit of his antler. Through the time of being locked up in the cell next to the security office, he met his cell mates Sasha and Liza, and the new security guard Casey who was especially nice to him. Him and Casey became best friends like brother and sister after they shared their past lives of bloodshed and families being taken out by warriors or in Casey's case, cave men. Casey taught him to get out of his past and look towards the future with his dream to be what he always wanted to be; a real trucking traveler. He remained a little doubtful, but happy to not be alone again.
- After Casey was transferred out of the confinement, him, Sasha, and Liza were most upset. Him and the others waited and hoped she would get out of her situation and return or maybe even free them. Casey met Flair's community in the event of escaping the jail and meeting Randall (… ). Later that night, Ginger (… ), who volunteered to help get the others out, found her way in the confinment to guide them all home where they can be happy and not hurt anyone. Him, Liza and Sasha were led to the community, but not sure why. When the they arrived, they saw Casey and Flair and instantly they knew they were welcomed for the first time. Therefore, him, Casey, Sasha, and Liza all joined the community. Later on through time, the confinement mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Rumor has it the other mythological creatures took it out after they were freed by Ginger.
- After he joined the community, he got the proper equipment and attire to finally be a trucker. Now days, he travels in a genuine semi truck on all highways alone, and with friends. He his a head navigator and great helper whenever anyone gets lost.
- Although now with a lot of new friends, he still usually remains side by side with Casey. He is a bit over protective with her whenever she's around Randall.
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