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August 6th




6'1 (6'5 in heels)




Lillkie( mix between a Selkie and a Lillend)

Lillend- The lillend is described as both a lover and protector of music, art, clothing, literature, and all other forms of culture. In addition to being fine at these things themselves, they defend others who create it, and seek out and punish those who despoil it.

Selkie- Selkies are creatures found in Faroese, Icelandic, Irish, and Scottish mythology. They have the ability to transform themselves from seal to human form. Selkies are able to shapeshift by shedding their seal skin, a risky endeavor because they must reapply the same skin in order to return to seal form. Stories surrounding these creatures are usually romantic tragedies. They are allowed to make contact with humans for only a short amount of time before they must return to the sea. In many cases humans have unknowingly fallen in love with selkies. Other times, humans have hidden the skin of the selkie, thus preventing it from returning to seal form. Male selkies are very handsome in their human form, and have great seduction powers over women. If a man finds and steals a female selkie’s skin then she will be under his control and is often times forced to become his wife. The creatures have been known to lure humans into the sea, by creating illusions and a false sense of reality.


Mysterious | Elegant | | Beautiful | Introvert


+ Will not hesitate to kill anyone who disrespects the arts/ and or touches his wooden box. The box is what holds
his seal skin, and if someone gets ahold of it, they can enslave him and he won't let that happen.

+ Being alone

+ People who don't treat him like he's fragile

- Being lied to

- People touching his instruments or his box



Extra Information:

- His cane is a sword, and the wooden box he had is sealed by a key that he wears around his neck at all times.

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Notes | no
Skype | ✔
Chats | ✔ (but rarely)
Comments | no

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G/PG | ✔
PG-13 | ✔
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