My Icarathian Picture

Name: Eugenios (Name subject to change)
Nickname: Eugene
Breed: Polar/Feral
Sex: Male
Age / health: 10 Years, Generally Healthy
Parents: Unknown. Markings are polar, body type is generally feral, although there is a touch more fluff due to polar genes.
Packs/status: No pack, Generally doesnt hold a place of power
Colors: Navy, White, Black, Grey
Height: 3'5
Length: 9' 7"
Weight: 230 lbs
Intelligence: Highly Intelligent
Personality: Eugene in very, very intelligent and due to this, he has very little patience for other icarathians who do not, in his mind, stack up against him. Therefore he comes across as pretentious and snotty. Because of this, he is quite lonely so once an icarathian or a human has earned his respect by proving themselves to be mentally competent, he is loyal, even to a fault and will do almost anything to keep them safe and happy. He can understand human but due to his pride, he wont speak it. He is has a very dry sense of humor and is generally very witty.
He is a loner and wont stay in a pack for very long. He is a touch smaller than most icarathians, almost about the size of females and dosent mesh too well with other icars who have power above him, so hes always the low man on the totem pole. Most often he will join a pack when he is exceptionally lonely but will leave within a month or so, either due to impatience or the leaders will chanllenge him for not knowing his place. He frowns upon most fighting and even keeps his beak (no idea if thats whats its call lol) ground down so its smoother than most but is still enough of a weapon if he needs it for self defense. He is mostly a scavenger, but enjoys catching and eating birds.

History: Eugene's egg was abandoned for unknown reasons. It was found by a woman (woman not created yet
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