Steve Ward's Influence Map Picture

Decided I should try one of these. Although this is chock full of pop culture I've tried to go beyond simply things I like and what influences me thematically and more about what influenced me style wise. How I draw rather than what I draw.

Left to Right.
T-Rex Jurassic Park concept by Crash McCreery. This particular image I remember from a coveted magazine my mum bought me when I was 8. It was 1993 and the biggest thing to hit cinemas in my eyes was on it's way, Jurassic Park. This one picture probably inspired me to draw hundreds on dino-pics.

The Simpsons by Matt Groening. I can't denie the style of the simpsons influenced alot of my early art, I spent ages trying to draw each character till massive over bites and no chins made their way into all my drawings. Although now I love Family Guy it hasn't had quite the same influence on my drawing.

Looney Toons by Chuck Jones. I was a Looney toons kid not a Disney kid. Mr. Jones' style from all the Looney Toons characters to Tom and Jerry was also a huge influence on my cartoon drawing, the style is classic, the quintessential cartoon.

Batman by Bruce Timm. Batman TAS was the reason I got outta bed on Saturday mornings. Now I liked Spider-Man TAS just as much but as far as the one I wanted to draw, Batman with it's film-noir retro stylized look was the one I wanted to copy.

Conan the Barbarian by Frank Frazetta. There are people I am always in total awe of, Frazetta is one of those. I can never in a million years come close to his work. This kind of hyper real heroic mythology is something I've tried to emulate but failed miserably. His work is always in my head now when I read Howard's work.

James Bond poster art by Robert McGinnis. I have a real love for this kind of sprawling art book movie poster, Bond movies more or less made this the standard for Action/Adventure/Thriller movies from the 60's right up to the 90's. McGinnis' template is something I've tried to use to create my own poster book look.

Judge Dredd by Simon Bisley. Another pure awe artist. His work sometimes seems to me to be like Frazetta on crack. It's a super hyper real style that summs up 2000AD to me. I even tried to do a Judge Dredd style comic for my final art project, I failed grrrr...

Indiana Jones concept art by Jim Steranko. There is alot of concept art on here. I love the feeling I get from concept art, the excitement of visulising a film. Being a film maker I have done many drawings of my own stories.

Star Wars concept art RalfMcQuarrie. Again more Concept Art, I remember this image from a Star Wars exibition I went to in Edinburgh when I was 14 or so, Something about it made me want to run home and concieve of my own universe.

Sin City by Frank Miller. The confidence to use extreme darks and lights is something I've lacked, I look at Miller's monochrome stark images with wonder and hope to play with silhouttes like him.

Terminator concept art by James Cameron. Cameron is a hero and his imagery has been playing in my head before I knew who he was, as Terminator was my favourite film since I was 5. When I got the DvD I was amazed at Cameron's artsistic background and by his concept images based on a nightmare he had. This image stuck out to me by how so like and unlike the finished project it is.

Metal Gear Solid art by Yoji Shinkawa. Okay so it's one of my favourite games by the art is even better. Again it's something I've tried to imitate but failed miserably. The sketchy yet precise look of it is a total unique.

Hellsing by Kouta Hirano. Hellsing is probably my favourite anime and the art both the manga and series is based off is inspiring. I love the design of Alexander Anderson.

Lastly Jason and the Argonauts by Ray Harryhausen. Ray Harryhausen's creations wether his sketches, models or animations are always alive in my head when I'm drawing any kind of creature. Theres a real personality brought to everything.

The bottom quote is mine, It's how I defended all my writting, Art and Films while at college.
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