Akio Picture

昭雄 久志 - Akio Jun Hisashi
Nicknames: Stuck up Prick, The Perfect Child, Aki
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Secretly Gay
D.O.B: June 23rd - Cancer
Age: 15
Year: First
Badge: + (Prodigy)

Higher Education

Height: 6’0 ft. - 182.88 cm.

Personality: Akio has always been the ‘perfect child’ compared to his twin sister Aikochou, he’s always gotten decent grades, and worked well with others. Due to that his parents spoiled him rotten, and he’s a bit stuck up now. He’s very protective over his sister, even though they are what people say, ‘complete opposites’.
Akio is very down to earth, and a bit of tree hugger once you get to know him, he never raises his voice, and it’s difficult to make him mad or even irritated. Once he does get to that point he’ll make himself distant until he works things out in his own head, he’s a bit of an introvert.
On the outside he strives for excellence and is a very hard worker, but deep down he’s actually very depressed and only aims for high dreams because he feels like that’s what his parents would want. The only person he would ever vent to is Aikochou, but even that is rarely ever. He’s a bit depressed and gets a bit fussy when people find out that he’s not all happy-go-lucky like he would like to be seen.

Shared History: Akio Jun Hisashi and his twin sister, Aikochou Kin Hisashi were born on June 23rd 1998, on the island of Japan called Shikoku. Their parents (whom are still alive today), love both of them very much and would give their own lives in keeping their children safe. They tended to favor Akio much more over his sister, but raised them equally as much as they could. When Aikochou started to get in trouble, they would ridicule her and expect even greater things from Akio, their ‘perfect child.’

Personal History: Akio strived to be better than his sister at all costs to keep his parents happy. They wanted him to be the perfect lawyer or judge and make great money for his family. What they didn’t know is that his uncle had been teaching Akio piano to try and relieve some of the stress that this caused the boy. Once figuring this out his parents no longer allowed Akio to see his uncle. On his own he had saved up and bought a keyboard and furthered his learning.
His parents didn’t seem to mind as long as he had lots of time to study and keep his grades up, but even though, he was not allowed to see his uncle, he still wanted to play the piano. After lots of begging and convincing he finally talked them into sending him to Misidori High, along the terms of he took his sister, and would help her get better with her own grades, as well as keep her out of trouble.

Why They're Attending Misidori: Akio is at Misidori High due to him begging his parents to come to this school for a higher education including college courses, and to further his learning in the arts.

+ His twin
+ Sushi
+ Sunsets
+ Piano
+ His Python Orochi

- Dogs (Allergies)
- Being talked down to
- Sports (Even though he’s pretty athletic)
- Failing classes
- American music (XD)

~Obviously a twin to Kitty-the-Dinosaur’s character Aikochou
~ Has a pet Albino Python named
大蛇 (Orochi) Translation: Japanese name meaning "big snake." In mythology, this is the name of an eight-forked serpent who demanded virgin sacrifices. He was killed by the god-hero Susanoo. (So original XD)
~Has the family tattoo on his left shoulder blade (koi fish) – besides this, no body modifications.
~Hates admitting his sexuality (his parents don’t even know).
~His name translated:
1st name meaning: 1) "glorious hero" or 2) "glorious man."

Middle name meaning: Japanese unisex name meaning "obedient."

Last name meaning: Japanese name meaning "long-lived."

Theme Song:
An original song by Glee – Pretending

Animal: The Snake
Food: Kamaboko Kani Sushi
Anime: Currently: Fairy tale or Attack on Titan
Color: Orange

Relationships: TBA

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