Maia Reference Picture

Name: Maia Ikeda
Age: about 22
Race: human
Birthday: March 14th

Hair: Deep chestnut brown with silvery bangs. She usually wears it down (unless training, etc.) and it reaches to about the middle of her shoulder blades. She doesn’t spend much time on it and it has a slight natural wave.
Eyes: Dark brown with flecks of gold and green
Height: 5’5”
Clothing: Maia will wear almost anything comfortable and easy to move in. She will wear long or short skirts as well as any sort of pants/shorts and seems to prefer short or ¾ length sleeves. Dislikes wearing the color orange or yellow, but will wear almost any other color. Likes to go barefoot in the house and if it’s warm out. Not very big on jewelry, she will wear the occasional bracelet or anklet. While she does have pierced ears, she doesn’t wear earrings very often. However, she never takes off her necklace - a silver celtic moon pendant with a black pearl on a thin chain. (a present from Levi)

Interests, etc.: Though she likes to cook and paint, she is not very good at either. (P’akanar is trying to teach her, though!) Maia is good with her hands and likes to make things and work in the garden. Very fit and active, she likes to exercise and stay in shape. She has been learning karate since a very young age and is currently a black belt. She’s trying to get Senin to teach her judo (with some success). Loves ancient mythology, legends and the like. Collects stuffed dragons and butterfly-themed items.

Personality: Upbeat and positive, she tries to not let life get to her. At first glance, she appears quiet but in fact she can be quite lively. Somewhat shy, it just takes a little for her to open up. Once she’s comfortable with you, she’ll gladly talk or hang out any time. Feisty, she does pack a verbal (and physical!) punch and will not hesitate to speak out if she doesn’t like what you’re doing or saying. Once she has set her eyes on a goal, she has the bad habit of working herself to exhaustion and giving up prematurely.

You may not, I repeat, MAY NOT pair Maia with anyone other than Levi! The man is rather jealous and gives me hell whenever he’s upset. So please, please dooon’t do eeeeet. Or I will FIND a way to give you the migraines he gives me! >:C

Maia (c) me
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