Damian Picture

Name: Damian Datenshi (also known as Demon)

Age: 21

Height: 6’2

Nationality: Bloodline wise he Is a bit of a mutt. But his original home was in callifornia.

Tenant Position:
Sadist (though he is a bit of a masochist as well he is more sadist)

The Master would love to know what they're fetishes are . . . any skills they might have upon coming to Lanua Peccati, or any equipment they liked to use . . .

Aphrodisiac- It is his favorite tool for torturing his partner. Being able to keep them from coming when they really want to. Both liquids and aromatic forms able to sneak them in foods as well as into incense to drug his partner.

Massage- He is good with his hands at working his partners muscles to relax and turn them on. Good for both sexual and none sexual situations.

Maestro- He plays the cello rather well, he writes songs for it and loves to play them in private. He hates for people to know thought, he thinks it go’s against what he is normally scene as, a vicious fighter with a ‘don’t fuck with me’ attitude.

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