Ares and Hephaestus Picture

My own version of the Gods of Greek mythology. I have portrayed Ares as a man who is forced to become the God of War and see the Hellish horrors of wars. The shackles on his wrists shows that he is bound to his unwanted title and the scar on his face is from one of the wars that he fought in.

As for Hephaestus, I made him an innocent boy of age 13-14 with his bangs to cover the right deformed side of his face. Like in the mythology, Hephaestus is crippled after his mother, Hera, threw him out of Olympus, leaving him unable to walk.

The myths didn't say what kind of relationship that those two brothers have, so I have Ares and Hephaestus having a very close, brotherly relationship.
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