Ref- Hidhaegg the Nidhogg Picture

Reference of my OC, Hidhaegg the Nidhogg (Haegg for short). I was far too lazy to clean it up and make it look pretty. Thus it is horrifically sketchy and flat colored. XP

Age: Ageless, but he's been around less than a year, and looks about 16.

Character type: Flight.

Special abilities: He can fly, obviously. Haegg can summon lightning and sometimes, when he's really angry, fire. He has rather sharp teeth and horns, and is quite a good singer, although he has a tendency to burst into flames at a loud, high-pitched or dramatic part of a song.

After he lost his powers, he had to drastically improve his hand-to-hand fighting and aerodynamic skills in order to make up for it. He relies on his horns and tail a lot more as weapons.

Weaknesses: He's not physically very strong or fast. He also has a REALLY low stamina and gets tired easily. He's not very loyal - would save himself before others, even his own allies.

Personality: Haegg is evil-oriented, hates pretty much everyone. He has a tendency to be pointlessly cruel, and can be quite ruthless. He's serious most of the time, has a quick temper, and is also stubborn. If he doesn't like someone or disapproves of their actions, he won't hesitate to hurt or even kill them. He's also very independent and helps himself before others, he's rather selfish; and doesn't expect anyone to put him first. He doesn't like being touched all that much, especially around his head/hair.

Team: Team Tyranny- Hidhaegg, Oquor, Pi.

Alignment: Evil

He was created by Eggman, and works for him (I know, gary stuish, but Eggman's pretty much the only canon character I used anyway).

Soon he's going to leave Team Tyranny and be on his own... sadness.

Character Quotes: Taken from various stories/fanfictions I've written that have Haegg in them:

Haegg- "Not. My. Fault."
Icy- "Why. Are. You. Speaking. Like. That?"
Haegg- "Cause. I. Feel. Like. It."

Icy- "Gosh. There's a large wet patch on my pillow."
Haegg- "Just the contents of your salivary glands."

Haegg- "A pox on this stupid electricity saving. I hope the globe warms up and all the penguins die."
Oquor- "What about the slugs?"
Haegg- "I don't care about the slugs."
Haegg- "Can you hear it?"
Oquor- "The drums! The drums!"

Oquor- "Dude! Dude! You can't just leave! Blah blah Eggman blah!"
Haegg- "Blah blah I don't care blah!"

Oquor- "Ooh. Eggman will be ANGRY about that…. THAT is why you should not sit in the middle of the road. Lucky you don't weigh, like, 100 kilos or something, or we'd both be roadkill."
Haegg- "I like roadkill…"

Oquor- "Gosh! Haegg, did you eat my donut? You SLUG!"
Haegg- "Your donut… was HORRIBLE!"
Oquor- "Tasted fine to me. Maybe it just tasted weird to you cause it had my spit all over it."

Haegg- "Go away! You're annoying me."
Oquor- "Actually, I was here first. You came along by yourself. So I wouldn't be annoying you if you hadn't come."
Haegg- "Fine. I'll go away then, and you can stay here. That's the same thing as you going away and me staying, only I'm moving and you're not."
Oquor- "Exactly. Wait no! Eggman told me to bring you back to him before you EXPLODE! Well he didn't say 'explode', but the implication was clear. I'm sure your brains will blow if you keep running around."

Haegg- "I hate people whose hair is lighter than their fur/skin color. Wait…. MY hair is lighter than my fur. Uh..."

Haegg- "Still."
Icy- "Still what?"
Haegg- "What?"
Icy- "What?"
Haegg- "WHAAAT?"
Icy- "…" *nods slowly* "You are random."

Haegg- "Gah. Stupid. Excuse me? You see something you don't like?"
Areiv- "Yeah, your face."

Icy- "Hi! How was Home Duties?"
Brie- "Kicked out-eth, we were. By the curly Pa-man."
Ashlyn- *nods*
Areiv- "Golly! Kicked out on your first day..."
Brie- "Twas Haegg's fault. Speak-eth of the devil..."
Haegg- "Hi."
Areiv- "Hi."
Haegg- "Icandri…"
Icy- "Hidhaegg. Are you in Ashlyn and Brie's class?"
Haegg- "Duh. I got a DETENTION. Whatever that is, but I think it's bad."
Areiv- "Something to be proud of, I'm sure."
Haegg- "It is indeed. You two are probably gonna get one as well. Pa wanted you two to return into the class room. I told him you'd left."

Brie- "He needs to piddle!"
Bruce- "SHHH! No needa announce it to the whole world!"
Haegg- "What is a 'piddle'?"

Haegg- "Stop copying me."
Areiv- "Imitation is the highest form of flattery!"
Haegg- "Maybe I don't WANT to be flattered."
Areiv- "Good for you!"
Haegg- "Why are you so sarcastic all the time?"
Areiv- "Why are you so emo all the time?"
Haegg- "I'm not emo."
Areiv- "Do you even know what emo means?"
Haegg- "Umm…"

Art, quotes, Haegg and all my characters belong to me
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