Serena and Hathor - double profile Picture

Name: Serena Crimdon

Age: 17

Birthday: August 16th

Astrological Sign: Leo

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 118 lbs

Personality: Serena’s overall personality is very confident, expressive, and social. She can always be counted upon to start up a conversation and will say anything that’s on her mind. Just about the only things she won't bring up in everyday conversation are her darker secrets or certain parts of her past. People often have to coax information like that out of Serena, but it isn't because she refuses to ever speak of them, it’s only because she prefers to wait until a situation occurs that would “force” her to speak of it. As confident as she is with most things Serena would rather wait for the opportunity for past sharing to come to her instead of vise versa. That and love… Serena is one of those people that clams up when it comes down to truly expressing your undying love for another. As much pride as she has anyone out there with more of it than her is in for a lecture because pride tends to lead to stubbornness and that’s one thing Serena can’t stand for very long. I guess you could say stubbornness is something she hates about herself as well. She tends to have violent mood swings if provoked and can even hurt people physically.(*Mood swings further explained throughout)

Things she likes: Sour candies, collecting magical figurines (wizards, fairies, ect.), action movies, Taekwondo, horror RPGs, and (later on in life) Egyptian Mythology.

Things she dislikes: Ballet, needles, scented candles/incense, rodents, being taken advantage of.

Deck: “Spellcaster Spectacular”

((Endymion, the Master Magician
Dark Eradicator Warlock
Dark Magician
Hannibal Necromancer
Chaos Command Magician
Dark Red Enchanter
Chaos Sorcerer
Skilled Dark Magician
White Magician Pikeru
Old Vindictive Magician
Ebon Magician Curran
Magical Marionette
Rapid-Fire Magician
Breaker the Magical Warrior
Mystical Space Typhoon
Mythical Beast Cerberus
Premature Burial
Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers
Heavy Storm
Magical Citadel of Endymion
Diffusion Wave-Motion
Magicians Unite
Dark Magic Attack
Mist Body
Spell Absorption
Giant Trunade
Lightning Vortex
Nightmare's Steelcage
Swords of Revealing Light
Call of the Haunted
Mage Power
Spell Shield Type-8
Divine Wrath
Magical Blast
Magical Dimension
Field Barrier
Tower of Babel))

Background: Since she was very young Serena was made to dance ballet. She was fine with having this chosen for her and turned out to be very good at dancing until her mother became obsessed with it. Her mother wanted Serena to be the prima donna. She wanted Serena to become famous, make the family famous, so that their name would be known throughout not only America, but the entire world. She forced her daughter to spend hours practicing her routines until Serena would collapse from exhaustion.

In troubling times like those Serena turned to her older, adopted brother Jeremy. He introduced her to duel monsters and they played the game as often as possible. He bought her cards in secret and helped her build her very own deck a little at a time. Eventually the pressure she got from her mother was wearing down not only on Serena, but on everyone in the house. Serena’s parents got divorced and her father got full custody of the kids. At age 11, Serena went to a museum where the sight of an ankh necklace caught her eye. She immediately bought it only to find out that it wasn't just a trinket, but was actually a priceless Egyptian artifact that somehow got mixed in with the gift shop goodies. But things got stranger… A spirit dwelled inside the ankh and surprised Serena with conversation. Wearing the ankh eventually gave Serena some bad issues with anger, but the voice urged her not to remove the artifact. Serena continued living with her internal anger, but did get herself into taekwondo as a means of controlling her urge to snap.

At 13 Serena said goodbye to her brother when he left to travel the world as a nature photographer. Before leaving, however, he left Serena with the cards White Magician Pikeru and Ebon Magician Curran, saying that they were another big step on her way to completing her deck. Serena took the time to improve her dueling skills when she could, but she always seemed to be average at best. Three years later, and being the highly skilled businessman that he was, Serena’s father landed himself a job in Japan at the famous Kaiba Corporation. It was certainly a big change from Colorado, but luckily the probability of them living in Japan was high, so Serena learned a good amount of the language before going there.

Six months before Duelist Kingdom, Serena and her father stop hearing from Jeremy who normally would have checked in with them every other week. He goes missing and Serena just hopes that he’s still out there alive. His body is found just before the Millennium World arc, making that trip more emotional for Serena than she wanted it to be.


Name: Hathor (Hasina)
(Hathor is her real name, but Hasina is the nickname she was given by Mana. It’s an Egyptian name meaning “good”. It’s also who she introduces herself as in the 21st century.)

Age: Looks around 19~20

Birthday: May 11th

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 126 lbs

Personality: Hathor’s personality is a rather complicated one. She started out life being jubilous and full of laughter. She responded positively to almost any situation except for the obvious bad ones. She was always up for mischief and made friends easily with those that were, of course, friendly towards her in return. After a certain event in her life, Hathor’s personality almost completely changes. She becomes moody and irritable, even going as far as to lose her temper and fly into rages. Hathor also gets bored with things much more easily and is possessive of anyone she feels strongly towards.

Things she likes: Dancing, music, children, turquoise stones, violence, bloodshed.

Things she dislikes: The color red, harm brought upon those she cares for, feeling smothered.

Background: As a little girl Hathor was trained as a dancer. It was something that came naturally to her and she always looked forward to it. However, when she wasn't training in dance then she was getting into trouble with Mana and sometimes even messing around with a young Prince Atem. The two of them were always sneaking in and outside of the palace and, more often than not, got caught doing it.

Before the creation of the Millennium Items, as the palace was under siege one day and the lives of many were being threatened, Hathor unleashed an immeasurable amount of power that slaughtered every enemy in sight. However, this amazing power also killed many innocents. All those who tried to approach Hathor to get her to stop were all killed or injured as well. A powerful sealing magic had to be used to keep her power at bay using a simple ankh as a catalyst. Once the items had finally been made the priests attempted to look inside Hathor, but all they saw was blood and not only that, they could also feel the blood and smell it too. The realistic illusion of blood covered the entirety of the palace. Suddenly Hathor began to attack the priests and surprisingly she was starting to win. The only choice was to increase the magic used to seal her powers away instead of removing them from her as desired. Hathor’s fearsome power gained her the nickname “Sekhmet”, meaning “the powerful one”.

A year passed without much incident, but Hathor did start to feel smothered and controlled by the people in the palace. They constantly kept an eye on her, making sure that she still had her ankh and that no dead bodies were littering the area. She couldn't stand not being out of anyone’s sight, so by dark of night she managed to pull off a daring escape. She figured that as long as the ankh remained around her neck she would be just fine. Around this time the rumors of “the girl with the destructive powers of a goddess” had reached the ears of a certain Thief King, and his interests were most certainly piqued. Luckily for him he wouldn't have to go to the palace to find her, Hathor was already speed walking her way out of the village and thanks to her more than suspicious behavior it was easy for him to determine her identity.

Although Hathor was given many opportunities to flee back to the palace she never did. There was something about the thief king’s presence that drew her to him, but she was also repulsed at the same time. This man who tempted her to use her destructive powers to kill the Pharaoh wore the color red. Being the colour of blood, Hathor often felt slight irritation when ever around Bakura. Her hands would twitch with the desire to strangle him, however, whenever she tried he could easily stop her. When Bakura finally put his plan into action and Hathor met with Atem for the first time in a while, she yelled at him for not caring that she left and that he didn't even bother trying to search for her despite how watchful everyone was of her. Using her anger as a distraction, Bakura took the ankh from around Hathor’s neck and absorbed the power of Sekhmet into the Millennium Ring, causing Hathor to collapse. She woke up once everything was over, but did not return to the palace. Instead she wandered through the desert for 2 days before finally dying from exhaustion.

A quick look at Serena and Hasina’s love lives: Most of Ryou and Serena’s relationship would be consummated post-series. The only real “relationship” interaction they would have is when they first meet on the ship to Duelist Kingdom, when he comes back from the shadow realm and Serena is so happy that she hugs him, and when the final arc is over Serena freaks out because of the unconscious Ryou at the RPG table and cries for him to wake up before the others tell her that he'll be okay. At first she believes that her feelings for him are influenced only by Hasina’s feelings for the Bakura of the past, so she hesitates to reveal them to Ryou. Now for Hasina…well, there isn't much of a “love life” there. By that time she’s spent 3,000 years hating Bakura and regretting her choices, so she wants to see him defeated by the pharaoh this time around. There’s a little bit of love in the back of her mind, but really it’s just one-sided hate/love.


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