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Return of the random girl, who is now my OC. Her name is Horus (potentially with an alternative spelling). She lives in an ancient egyptian society, only the gods truly are present in this world. Horus is the result of a bloodline descending from the god Horus. Each new child obtains his predecessor's eyes, which are akin to the Eye of Horus that was placed all over boats and walls to keep a watchful eye out for danger. These eyes are implanted into the new Horus when they are an infant, and are pretty much all over his body. These eyes allow the bearer not only to see far off and into the intentions of others, but into the realm of the gods as well. Thus they are prized among pharaohs for their use in information gathering as well as spiritual attacks. This however, puts a heavy strain on the body of the Horus, and they typically die before reaching the age of thirty, as they often are overcome by fits of madness and choking. Generally the Horus will be made to mate with either the pharaoh or his sisters as it is believed that Horus will reject the child if it has no royal blood. This has led to some inbreeding over the years, and has shown itself as a mutation in the current Horus. It started in her own right eye, but all of her implants are beginning to fade into black and blindness.
17 years old, Horus was never called by her birth name: Risica, she is nothing but a tool or hound kept solely for the hunt. When the pharaoh suffers from insanity and an early death, he is replaced by his son, 20 year-old man by the name of Kerro. He seems bent on changing the system of rulers, and this lifts Horus's hopes of being free from her duty. But the throne is being controlled from the shadows, and things are not as they seem. As the war with Rome approaches, Horus is put more and more into use, and the strain is speeding up her already rapid blinding. The officials want to hurry the passing of the eyes so the line won't end with her. Only both pharaoh and Horus are dead set against it. Horus wonders if this is truly the will of the gods, and uses her already dwindling stores of power to investigate. Turns out it was not Horus who implanted the first eye or gave birth to the first Horus, it was Set, who'd long ago stolen Horus's eye who had started the chain. Horus is also beginning to find she has a connection to the previous owners of her many eyes...
What is the purpose? Does this story have love? Blood and Guts? Divine entities?
You decide?

Drawn during physics with a mechanical pencil on graph paper
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