Hailie Miss Hipster And Loki Picture

So this is mainly inspired from the latest journal entry ([link]) in the fantastic #TomHiddleston group that, summed up quickly, said:

Draw Loki with an OC who is also a supervillain or superhero.

And I could not resist even though it seems a little unclear if there really is going to be a contest with that theme and if the OC have to be related in some way to Loki or anyone else from the Marvel-universe(I feel that it would be a little unfair because I am a total Marvel-noobie.).

So I created a(half-parody) OC inspired from my own current looks(the hipster-glasses, lilac short-shorts, purple and black knee-socks and t-shirts with something from the Meme-universe. Also the hair, even though mine is a lot shorter but when it's a comicbook/manga character they have to be a little extra perfect.). Her real name is Hailie Sternwood and when she's "transformed" she looks like this and have the name Miss Hipster or Little Miss Hipster.

Her powers are pretty out of context: Whatever she touches, turns older or younger, of course she controls it and has in addition great knowledge with technology from any age and time. She build a jetpack that is hideable in her shirt and sneakers, and she can see through walls with her glasses. And she has a ton of small weapons hidden on her just in case ^3^

She isn't a superhero, but she's not a villain either. She only uses her powers for her own fault and doesn't really care that much that there are two sides and she must be on one of them. She is very interested in mythology and Loki because his mischieviousness is fascinating to her(she wants to be more like him: Rude, tricking and smart). She fights off her own bad guys like muggers and thieves, and she helps people that need it.

Other facts: She is 17 years old, her favourite color is purple and she loves warm blueberry poptarts with sprinkled frosting(all like me, with the exception that I am 14).

Hope you enjoy! I tried to do it in another style than I usually do, but I don't know how different this is...(It probably isn't that much, and that's fine, I really like the result!)

Another big shoutout to the people that fave my stuff: Thank you so very much! <3
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