Thrud Picture

The daughter of Thor, he wanted her to be tough and so she was trained to fight at a very early age. Growing up she admired Loki as her father spent more time with the trickster than her and so she sought to be like him. When she was only 16 she thought it would be clever to travel to Svartalfheim and tell the drawfs her mother had told her she was to marry the dwarf that made the finest blade for her. Being young and very pretty the dwarfs were keen to impress and so a huge competition was held.
Her father had ensured she knew a lot about weapons and so she made a very good judge of blade and selected the finest sword made by the dwarf Alviss. She told him they would leave together in the morning than ran away in the dead of the night having never told the dwarf her name.
Unfortunately Alviss means all wise and this particular dwarf, although pretty stupid, had an incredible memory and knew almost everything so he soon tracked her down. Luckily her dad was home for once and took care of it for her. ^^
After that she decided tricks weren't for her and began to rebel against her absent father's expectations more and more. She began to wear girls clothes instead of the simple trousers and loose tunics her farther bought for her. They began to argue all the time, when he was actually home. Her new look got Loki's attention and he began to get interested in her. As an ultimate act of rebellion and slightly because she still admired him she made the frankly pretty stupid decision to sleep with the trickster. Her mum knew about this, mothers always know, and was furious largely because she hated loki for the whole hair thing and resented the time her husband spent with him but decided telling thor would not be smart as she feared he would fly into a rage and might hurt someone. (someone other than Loki, she was fine with the idea of him hurting Loki) So Thor never found out. (much to Loki's relief)

Thor: Really why do you have to dress like that?
Thrud: I can dress however I like.
Thor: would you at least go back to your warrior training you were doing so well. Just man up and stop acting like such a girl all the time.
Thrud: I am a girl genius, and therefore I don't have to man up XP
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