Cresark-Acdemy appsheet. Miu Koru Picture

Name: Miu "MIdnight flower" Kuro
Age: 17
Creature Type: Siren ( she was born as siren )
(Are greek mythology, beautiful, man- eating creatures. Will sing songs that will lure men to them , where they would usually kill and eat them. Are more mature and beautiful, and can sometimes have a mermaid like tail. )
Year: 3th
Gender: Female
Height: 168
Personality: miu is a quiet, but cheerful girl, but she is couris about how males/men are and meeting other creatures mosly , but she is a sweet girl which love to read and talk about the book she read or about feelings but then she fanilly have been in trouble she the oppitise, she will be one mean bitch but she always try to think clear to
Powers/ Abilities: she uses her singing voice to lure the males over to her and starts seducing them (mostly not always)
Bio/ History: Miu was always wondering who her father was and every time she asked her mother she didn't get a answer from her sadly... after many years miu saw an Academy named Cresark Academy and she thought why not trying joining it since she was about to move from home anyways and she wanted to know males and other races to ( sorry if the story is crappy)

to myself about name meaning kuro is black where miu is beautiful feather
this oc is for
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