Osprey Picture

Concept History:
Osprey was actually a character made by my older brother, Sarge Ray. Originally head of a team known as The Hero Squad (WE WERE IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, OKAY?!), he was originally called Caped Pokemon with powers of a good many generation one Pokemon. Due to the fact of copyright, Ray made a story where he lost his powers, but continued masked adventuring as a martial arts-based hero. While making Vigilantes, I brought in a few heroes we made, Osprey being one of them as Skele-Man's partner. However, when this new hero universe came to be, he had pretty much become a staple of the team with Skull, so he got revamped as well. I decided to make him Native American because I'd had a few Native co-workers and because I found that, in the mythology of Coastal Tribes, the osprey is a keeper of order.

Real Name: Sky Redtail
Age: 30
Personality: Out of all the members of The Masks, he's viewed as the most normal. He fights crime in Stanton City because he believes it to be the right thing to do. He was raised by his grandfather to have a keen sense of justice, leading him to become a police officer and getting trained in self-defense. However, he was discharged for refusing to arrest an innocent bystander. He chose to name himself Osprey, the beacon. He's considered the only person The Skull fully trusts, even though they disagree on a number of issues (Skull is an outright anarchist, Osprey's simply libertarian). He's in a relationship with fellow Mask member, Desesperado.
-Is rather knowledgeable in multiple martial arts
-A bo staff and tonfa
-Lightweight metal wings for close-quarter combat and for gliding.

Intelligence: 3
Strength: 2
Speed: 3
Durability: 2
Energy Projection: 2
Fighting Ability: 4

Inspirations: Dick Grayson/Nightwing from DC
Continue Reading: Ages of Man