Prometheus Picture

My current deviation is from a directive on Caprica to bring a look to the fully digital cities we were developing for shots in Season one.

I managed to sculpt a number of statues for the show - most of them based on mythology of one kind or another.

This particular statue started as just a style sketch - sort of Greek statue meets the digital age. It was supposed to be just a style exercise but ended up actually in production though I don't remember which episode it was in or which part of the city it was used in. When season 1.5 starts, it might be a game of "here's Prometheus."

It's not as clear from the images I have but as the legend of Prometheus goes, he gave fire to man and if you look carefully i sculpted some flames onto his chest. Tastefully mind you - I think the idea was to have at one point some flames burning in his hands but like a lot of things on the show, I was pulled away to animation duty when time for sculpting ran out.

It's sort of nice stepping away from animation to work on a single pose - digital sculpture really took over the scene very quickly a few years back. And it did so much to make the medium fun again. Building something like this before would have been much more labor intensive and require substantial editing.

One of the benefits to the digital sculpt is that it can be animated. In order to use this particular statue in multiple poses, the original mesh is rigged normally for animation but without the higher level controls. It can be posed and sculpted at the same time, and the pose and sculpt can be altered at will without competing or hindering one another. In the end, I liked this pose for it's simplicity and since the idea was for this guy to be very large - 30-40 feet or so - anything too dynamic might have been stretching the limits of believability. But then again, the show was about killer robots.

Till next time.

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